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The Black Market.
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Janitor application

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Hello! My name is Speedy (Dean) and I really enjoy the server, and would like to contruibute more to it, to make up for what it gave me. I met Rykue, while I was stumbling through a server, he invented my to join his, and I did, recently today it was exetremly active, and I thought to myself (this is an amazing server, with a lot of potential) so I decided I wanted to do more for it.



Country: U.S

State: California

I am active every single day, from about 4:00 plus. I would be active on the server, for almost every hour I'm on my computer. I would like to help this growing community, test out maps, whatever they need me to do. I hope the best out of your community, and thank you for taking your time to read this.


Edit: I'm reworking this, accidentally submitted it before I was done, please ignore

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