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TF2 Server Commands Guide

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New to our servers? Trying to figure out these commands? This guide can help you understand!

As a general rule, most commands start with either ! or /. ! will let others see the command when you type it, / will execute the command silently. (e.g. !menu versus /menu)


Public Commands

  • !trade, !trade <target>
    • Trade can be used as an easy alternative instead of going into the TF2 menu to trade. Type !trade and hit escape to select a user to trade with. !trade <target> can be used to select a specific target instead of using the selection menu. Confirm the trade request by selecting "Yes! Send a trade now."
  • !pm, !pmsend <message>
    • PM, standing for private message, is a method of privately communicating to other users on the server that you might not have on your friend's list.
      •     Inbox - Your inbox of PMs. You can delete messages by selecting them and choosing the delete option.
      •     Outbox - Your outgoing PMs.
      •     Friends - Your friends list for PMs on the server. You can send a PM to any user on this list.
      •     Blocklist - Users on this list cannot send you a PM.
      •     Groups - A list of groups that you are a part of or have created.
      •     Help - An FAQ about the PM system. If you have a question on how to use the PM system, the answer is probably here.
  • !admins
    • View who the current admins on the server are.
  • !pc, !pc <target>
    • Check the price of an item.
  • !ks, !ks <number>
    • Give yourself a killstreak. Used to activate particle effects on professional killstreak items.
  • !tp
    • View the world and your player model in third person.
  • !fp
    • View the world in first person.

Donator Commands
Modest Donator Commands

  • !vc, !vci
    • VC is used to change Voice Channels in our TF2 servers. Currently we have Public, Donator, Admin, and Announcer channels. When in a voice channel, you can only hear voice chat from players in the same voice channel. Users start in the Public channel. The Announcer channel can hear and speak to all channels. !vci will invite someone to your current voice channel.
  • !noisemaker, !noisemaker <number>
    • Use a noisemaker! Select your noise from the menu and it will play. !noisemaker <number> will play a noisemaker based on the number you choose.
  • !rocketme
    • Launch yourself into space! Ka-BEWWWWWWWWM!
  • !marry
    • Marry your lover on the server. Married couples are ranked based on time spent together and points scored on the server.

Noble Donator Commands

  • !resizeme
    • Resizes your player model. Size is preset.
  • !robot
    • Makes your player model into a robot version of yourself! You retain your cosmetics while in robot form.
  • !trailme
    • Adds a smoke trail to yourself.
  • !rainbowize
    • Turns your chat text into a lovely rainbow.

Towering Donator Commands

  • !buildinghats
    • Gives any sentries and/or dispensers you build hats! Hats may be unusual in quality.
  • !mypitch <number>
    • Raises or lowers your character's vocal lines.
  • !kartme
    • Puts your character into a Halloween kart. Beep beep!

Benefactor Commands

  • [Reserved Slot Access]
  • More to come...

If you have further question, feel free to direct them to any admin.

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