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The Black Market.
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TF2 Server Rules

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These rules are in effect as of July 31st, 2015. By clicking continue and entering our servers, you are agreeing to abide by these rules.

  • General Server Rules
    • Spawncamping is allowed on RC4 and on. There are multiple exits out of spawn on these versions of the map.
      • On RC3, spawncamping is not allowed, neither is shooting into spawn.
    • Teleporters leading into spawn are not allowed.
    • Do not mess with people spycrabbing or dueling for bets.
    • No sprays are allowed that are offensive, inappropriate, or pornographic in nature.
    • Do not impersonate an admin. All admins will have either a [Janitor] or [Slumlord] tag on the server, not in their actual steam name.
    • Don't be an asshole.
    • Do not hack, aimbot, triggerbot, or use any third-party software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Use of said software will be met with a permanent ban with no appeal.
    • Purposefully attempting to crash and/or break the server will result in a ban. Length of ban is left to the discretion of the server admins.
    • Admin's say is the final word. Do not argue with it.
  • Communication Rules
    • Text chat is only to be used once per chat cycle. Do not spam advertisements or binds.
    • Do not interrupt anyone on the mic.
    • Don't be a mic hog. Let others talk as well.
    • Micspamming is allowed only in the Donator voice channel (use the !vc command to switch channels).
  • Trading Rules
    • Do not random trade.
    • Any player found to be scamming or attempting to scam someone will be permanently banned from our servers.
    • Do not beg for free items or donations. Doesn't matter if it's your birthday or not.
  • Betting Rules
    • Spycrabbing / Heavy Boxing for bets is allowed.
      • Standard Spycrabbing rules apply (first to three crabs loses). Standard Heavy Boxing rules apply (stock fists only, first to beat their opponent three times wins).
      • If you spycrab / box without an admin middleman, we are in no way responsible for your loss if someone runs. The runner however will be permanently banned.
      • Any item(s) being crabbed / boxed which are worth over a total of five keys require an admin middleman. You can use an admin middleman for any amount of items however.
      • An admin middleman is anyone with the [Janitor] or [Slumlord] tag on the server. Only admins can act as middlemen on our server(s).
      • Tips and/or donations are not required or expected for middlemen.
    • Other betting games are allowed, e.g. Huntsman dueling, Cleaverball, etc.
      • The rules must be made clear and agreed upon by both parties before the duel takes place.
      • All other standard rules apply concerning bets and middlemen. See above.

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