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The Black Market.
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I hate the coin laundry

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I hate the fuckin' coin laundry, that place is boring as fuck and nobody even knows what half of the shit in there is. Those big cylinder shits? Industrial laundry machines. It being one of the few places big enough to actually have a shootout in, AND YET NOBODY FIGHTING THERE, it fairly annoying. People say the pool is a maze, and sure, it might be, but the coin laundry is an empty fucking room with no effort put into it at all. Guy puts up admittance to authorized personnel signs up, who does he think he is? God? How's he going to enforce that shit? The building is one of the shits unlocked by default when you stroll into the alley, but the only shop in memory that you can get behind the counter of without having to some some special snowflake secret. Nothing to rob in this crapshack, I bet the owner runs it as a turnkey operation. Fat fucker named Sal, probably some italian mafioso type. Guy's got some poor decoration taste, got signs he doesn't even take care of, an atlantic sign and two combine signs. Human-race traitor, I hope his ass has been chosen to relocate to c17.

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Also, if you have any good ideas for what to replace that shitty crapshack with, send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your suggestions below.

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Well, all the stores are practically crapshacks that nobody goes into. Hell, this story was better than half the crapshacks in the alley. If Sal got off his fat fuck ass and decided to renovate the goddamn place with the help of that construction company, "Hammer" or some shit maybe this wouldn't be an issue would it? No it probably wouldn't. Oh and the pool IS a maze, last time I checked I wasn't a goddamn European. Who the fuck goes through the fucking bathrooms anyways? Only pedophiles that's who. Back to the coin laundry, who the fuck works there? Ghosts? Maybe that's the reason why no one goes in there. It's probably haunted by some spooky shit. I ain't into that. Hell, all the fucking stores are ghost towns. Why don't we actually hire some of those blue suit shit shows from City 17 to work for twelve cents a day. I'm sure that'll fix some issues.

Hell, call the Ghostbusters, Build a fire department, I don't know!

And one more thing. Whoever owns the alley needs to build a fucking sewer, I'm sick of the shit piles on the side of the road. I'm not a goddamn indian. The ones with the dots not the feathers in case you nerds were wondering.

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Yeah, what's the deal with that, there's like one fucking basement in the entire area, we used to have a fightclub where people could box, but that was closed. Whoever owns Collapse took over most of the building he's in, now his club is a fucking mansion. I saw a buch of contruction workers in the fucking subway, but nothing but the lighting in there changed, maybe they should try doing some more work. I don't know what's so hard about elevator mechanics but I hear that the one in the apartments fucking broke. Slumlords don't care about their tenants, they just want to make money off of the people forced to live in squalor.

The only way I'd put a gun shop in the map is if I had the ability to put weapons you can pick up there, now that shit would be hot, walk into a shop, pick up a Factory New War Room Minigun, wreck some faces with a gun nobody on the map has. Like a pawn shop you can try the weapons out in.

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