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The Black Market.
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Mario Kart Maps

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Hey fagbags, Ryuke and myself are letting the .vmf files rot working on some Mario Kart maps for TBM. Personally, I'm working on Ghost Valley 3 from Mario Kart for the SNES.

Any feedback, ideas, or other garbage you guys wanna say is welcome.

Progress on Ghost Valley so far: 1, 2, and 3.

I'm gonna try to post daily updates so I don't abandon the project because I'm lazy.

Planned Features for Ghost Valley:

  • Lakitu "picking you back up" should you fall off the track.
  • Spells used as power-ups / pick-ups.
  • An NPC Kart Racer driving around the map, pushes other players out of the way.
  • Tower Spawn points, used to spectate other racers.
  • Admin room?

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New video! 3d skybox is finally working right. I fucked up. Then I unfucked up. Then I refucked up. Then I fucked up fucking up. Somewhere, the karmic balance between these fuck ups resulted in everything finally working.

I do realize these videos are real shit quality, but free software is free software. Video updates are better than shitty .pngs anyhow. :P

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Video updates are better than shitty .pngs anyhow. :P

Shots Fired

Thoughts Mired

Hobbits Shired

I've seen a lot of people making webms of their gameplay through the nvidia's shadowplay technlogy. Controls for it, if you're using an nvidia card, are in the geforce experience application. As far as I understand it can work like playstation's share button, always recording, then when you activate it it saves the past XX minutes of gameplay. I don't really know shit else about it

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