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The Black Market.
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4:02 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Hey
4:02 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I have a Stormy Storm Stately Steel Toe.
4:02 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: He has a Nuts and Bolts Glengarry Bonnet.
4:02 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Should I 1:1?
4:02 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: Dunno, tell me about Bonks
4:03 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: What do you mean?
4:03 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: he said you were going to broker for him?
4:03 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Uhm, what.
4:03 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I'm legit lost.
4:03 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Copy/Paste the messages.
4:03 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: If you don't mind.
4:03 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: :P
4:04 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I didn't save them, it was on a trade server
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Ah.
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Alright.
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Well. I'm confused on what you mean by that.
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I know he got kinda frustrated with me.
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Because I bought his backpack.
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: For my Spec KS Aussie Axe.
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I genuinely thought it was worth that much.
4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I thought the Spec KS added more.
4:05 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: So when I traded it for his backpack
4:05 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: He got pissed at me for not trading back.
4:05 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: There's a couple of things wrong with that. For one, if he accepts the trade, he accepts the trade.
4:05 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: No retrades are legitimately required.
4:06 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: For two, he could've done simple pricechecking (then again I should have too to be fair) to know that.
4:06 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: what about the value of this axe
4:06 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: What do you mean by that?
4:07 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: 4:04 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I genuinely thought it was worth that much.
4:07 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I thought it was worth his backpack.
4:07 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I just thought Aussies were Aussies.
4:07 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I've never done Aussie trading before.
4:08 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: how much did you think it was worth?
4:08 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: At least 14-16 keys due to the Shine in correlation to the Gold recolor.
4:09 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: It was Deadly Daffodil.
4:09 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I know I have the history open right now
4:09 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: So the Yellow Shine on Gold I thought would've made it worth more.
4:09 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: OK.
4:10 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: So, at any point did you tell him that that was the value of the item?
4:10 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: That what was?
4:10 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: your 14-16 key estimate
4:11 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Nope. I didn't because many people take things the wrong way and would've blamed me for some idiotic shark or something.
4:11 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I honestly say I did nothing wrong there than solely being misinformed.
4:14 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: My friend didnt' quit tf2 because nothing happened.
4:15 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I don't have the information on exactly what he traded you, but he went from a $50 backpack according to backpack.tf to a 8 key weapon
4:21 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Alright.
4:21 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I understand this.
4:21 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: But still, nonetheless, to be completely fair, we did trade.
4:27 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: While I can't prove you told him your weapon was worth more than it is, that doesnt' mean I'm going to forgive you for getting my friend to leave tf2. Bonks has been pretty depressed lately and was thinking about getting his first unusual.
4:28 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: That's on you, even if it was "just a trade", even if he agreed to it.
4:28 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: He said he wasn't having a good day. I'm not God.
4:28 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Can't make his day magically better.
4:28 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: Nobody asked you to be, I'm asking you to think about your actions, think about what you do to those you interact with.
4:29 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I was about to let this go till you asked me, ME, for advice.
4:29 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Dude. It was a trade. Neither of us knew the prices.
4:30 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: My advice is think about what you're doing. Good day.
4:30 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: How about you tell him he can have my Unusual if he gives me the Aussie back.
4:30 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: he sold it on the market to the person ranked #125
4:30 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Alright.
4:30 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Well.
4:30 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Hm.
4:30 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I don't know much else to do then.
4:31 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I apologize.
4:31 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I wish I could help.
4:31 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I'll try to pass the apology along.
4:31 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Alright. Thanks. It means a lot.
4:31 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Sorry if I said anything offensive. I was just... Upset.
4:31 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: :/
4:32 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I'm kind of upset about it myself, but I know it's easy to forget you're dealing with other people on the internet.
4:32 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: Personally I just allow people to reverse the trade and then block them for being so wishy-washy.
4:33 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I have no problem reversing trades myself, no trade is worth this converation you and I are having.
4:33 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I'll try to start doing that from now on.
4:33 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Yeah... :/
4:33 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I can't help but feel bad now.
4:34 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: Especially if the person who was me was affilliated with any of those watchdog sites.
4:34 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Well... I'll give him the rest of his stuff back. If he wants to join again. I'll gladly give it back.
4:34 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I didn't know it would do this kinda damage...
4:34 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: I'll see if he's open to that next time he gets on.
4:34 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Alright.
4:34 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: Thank you very much.
4:35 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: though, he did change his profile name to (dead) so who knows really
4:35 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: ...
4:35 AM - Ryuke [TBM α]: yeah, unsettling.
4:35 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: That genuinely concerns me.
4:36 AM - [TF2β] SenseiPyro: I'm so sorry...




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That's a bummer. It sounds as though it wasn't entirely malicious, but still a bit trade-rude. Life goes on.

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