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Minecraft Server Is Back

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After having several runs with Beta Testers in order to test mods, a short break, and a complete rebuild of the server due to the loss of MCPC+ and Cauldron, we are back with a Pure Forge Server. 

To Connect, Simply Download Socket, Click Minecraft in the Socket Library, Choose Install, Let it do its thing, then follow the directions located under the Manual Section of the Socket Library to setup Minecraft and you are good to go.

What this currently means for players:

1.) The Worlds are Completely Fresh, New, Clean, and Uninhabited.

2.) Players are Free to Build Pretty Much anywhere - as long as no major mod updates come out the majority of the world space especially the main overworld is completely safe to build in

3.) The worlds are all Survival Based

4.) Users can now use the majority of Survival Based items as long as no major amount of griefing or intentional lag creation occurs, users are free to build, mine, loot, and play uninhibited to provide a more realistic style of gameplay

5.) Elimination of Lockette - Though Lockette was a good chest/door protection module it relied on a bukkit based backend on the server this has since been eliminated due to a DCMA notice issued in late 2014 - That being said many of the mods introduce lockable equipment, ways to build area protection etc - search for a way and you are likely to find one

6.) Introduction of several dimensions - meaning more gameplay options - Lord of the Rings, Atum, Erebus, Elysium, Twilight Forest, Overworld, the Nether, and The End

7.) Way more blocks than you could possibly imagine - Imagine being able to fully customize your creations - well now you can with the introduction of thousands of new blocks, hundreds of new food items -- Feeling overwhelmed - use the built in Crafting Guide to look up recipes

8.) Introduction of a Mapping Mod - Journey Map tracks where you have been and provides a good in game map - also if you are looking for a more antique view, craft an antique atlas and check out the old school mapping style

9.) Metals stronger than Diamond - With the introduction of so many mods, it only seemed right that diamonds would no longer be the end game material - experiment while mining, smelting, and creating alloys to create the best armor and weaponry.

10.) Travel the worlds, discover their secrets, and most of all have fun!

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Is anyone interested in the attempt to move the server to a 24 Hour Real Time system in at least one of the worlds?  I have a config that suggests that it is possible, what this would accomplish is to give a 24 hour time clock for the various pokemon spawns in order to attempt to replicate that of the Pokemon games.

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I am working on bringing Socket back online to push the required mods/updates to minecraft clients - the minecraft server should be back up and running - it is running on a slightly different connection protocol due to the current server specs.

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If anyone is interested in playing or if there is a feature that would potentially draw in more players, we are open to suggestions -  all suggestions will be considered by myself and if I view them as a reasonable addition/change I will then implement them on the server and push out the new update using Socket

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