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The Black Market.
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rosin_ pls v2

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Moar suggestions:


  • Keep the rooftops open, it's real fun to jump around on them.
  • Make them a no-build zone so people can't put sentries on them.
  • Put the wall back into the spawn window.
  • Raise the skybox so it's easier to get from roof to roof.

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Windows and all clip brushes was a compiling error, shouldn't have gone live. Roofs will return to inaccessible shortly, enjoy it while it lasts.

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1. Engineer rockets to top of roof

2. Engineer builds teleporter

3. Every other class teleports to the roofs, including sniper

4. Boom Headshot, repeat.


So you put a nobuild zone, okay, that just leaves Demoman and Soldier to camp above spawn and rain down explosives like they do on Neonheights.

So you reblock those roofs, because attacking from a completely unattackable point with explosives is unbalanced. Now you have 2 blocked roofs in a map full of unblocked roofs. Doesn't make much sense, it's not consistent. So you block all of them again, and think about building something more interesting on those rooftops to use as events.

>That's the joke.

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