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The Black Market.

rosin_ pls

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Here's what I think of RC4H.


  • Put the bus back in, it did nothing wrong and was a guideline for sentry placement.
  • You can move the cars to the back where the boat is, it'll fill up empty space and make room for the bus.
  • I'm not sure why the jacuzzi was removed, but if I could have a reason that would be cool
  • Something that won't really set me off if it's not added but would be awesome if it WAS, is to remove the walls around the lower rooftops and let us rocket/sticky jump on top of them.
  • Not sure if you removed them for some odd reason or you haven't gotten around to putting them in yet, but the health/ammo in the alley would be fantastic.
  • What happened to the fight club? I would think if you removed it, you would remove the door and/or the stairs in the alley, but they seem to be boarded up. Is it stylized or are have you just not finished adding it?

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Thanks for the feedback!


-The bus bus's original purpose was to break direct line-of-sight between spawns. With the redesigned spawn exits in the pipeline, there may not be a reason to have the bus. However if the demand is there, I am not opposed to reworking the cars.

-The cars will more than likely change. In their current state they are for testing how damage is distributed, players interact, etc.

-Jacuzzi was removed during an earlier revision when water was causing problems building reflections. It will be re-added/replaced.

-Playerclips along the rooftops will unfortunately never be removed. This is because of how large the map is, and how 3D skyboxes function. Seeing what is over the edge of those roofs would not only be immersion breaking, but the "ceiling" of the map is not high enough to warrant rocket/sticky jumping around up there (for optimization reasons).

-Health an ammo are still currently spawning in the alley, it will be re-distributed towards the end of development.

-Fight club is up in the air. I thought my original placement was excellent and convenient, however the community said otherwise. It will probably be relocated, or replaced. I plan on adding a bit of nostalgia in its current place.

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