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The Black Market.
Dr. Xeno Pootis

Feedback on Trade_Alley RC4H

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I am honestly not too surprised. The map has a lot of potential, but its just too spacious. There's not a lot of "life" in the map, and the RC3 lighting has been somewhat downgraded. The bus has been removed in favor of the Pootis Car Simulator. Sigh. The cars are way too fast. I didn't get run over by a car that was going at 120 mph. Besides that, the brick textures on the building makes the map look bland and not much of a unique look. The decals (sign, movie, menu, whatever) were removed as well. So far I saw 2 error signs, one of which was a car and a prop on a roof. If you want, Raisin, give me the map file and I'll put my suggestions in Hammer.

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Hey Pootis,


I agree that the map is rather spacious in it's current state. Unfortunately, expanding in the other direction and redoing the spawn exits was the best solution is had to change the "flow" of how trade_alley is currently played. (It's very robotic) I'm assuming the amount of "life" you referring to is how much detailing is missing along the new parts of the street, etc. Detailing is the last stage of development for me, for it is by-far the hardest. It is however, what most people love about a map, moreso than layout. In time it will vastly improve. The cars are purely experimental at this stage, they will change. Not much I can do about the brick texture unfortunately, there are very limited materials in TF2 for an urban atmosphere. I did go through the entire map and update every brick texture with Valve's newest brick texture (that repeats better), so it looks better than it did. All signage is removed in development to shrink map file size. Errors will be resolved, they did not display for me locally.


Thanks for the feedback! Please keep in mind that this is by far the largest revision to the map I've ever made at once! 

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