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The Black Market.

And So It Begins.

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Hey Everyone,


It's been a hectic month for us all, especially with the Holidays. We would however like to get the ball rolling on some things we've been working on (mostly Sinch), and set ourselves up for 2015.


You've all noticed a change around here in the last couple months, and it hasn't been for nothing. Once Magnum and I get settled with our personal lives, we hope to have some exciting stuff rolling out beginning next year. While the two of us finish up our branding work, Sinch has been slaving away on our first project. The Distributor has made massive progress in a short amount of time (because Sinch is a freakin' beast), and it will also take on a new name before its public beta release.


Sooooo... what's going on with The Black Market? TBM isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately, my personal life has left me with very little free time as of late; but I am still keeping an eye on everything. Our donation systems have been down for a while now, in anticipation of moving to a better method. Game servers will continue to sprout up when desired, as of now we're sitting on 3. The community has always been very vocal and helpful on moving TBM forward, and hopefully we can get back to that "feeling" in the near future.


For now, please feel free to respond with any comments, questions, or concerns and I'll address them to the best of my ability!




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Good afternoon,


Due to the recent server move, we are currently in the process of updating small bits of code of the Distributor in order to bring it online and have it ready to go in order to best serve our community.  It will begin as a way to distribute our mods for our Minecraft server which is also currently under reconstruction due to the recent move, but will one day serve as the means by which users can download, install, update, and play the games we release.  I will list some features here but will release more details about the various features in the Distributor Section of the Forum as we move forward.  The Distributor, uses the same credentials as the forum so as to save you time from having to create a new account and remember 2 different logins when visiting our site or using our products.  Furthermore, the Distributor features chat, clans, private channels, clan channels, and much more to give users a large amount of control over their chat experience.  With the ability to create Clans, users can create groups within our community that are associated with their clan, allowing them to have the ability to have full control over their channel - Inviting users to their clan, kicking users from their channel, banning users from their private clan channels, etc.


As life quickly become more complex, we appreciate your patience in waiting for releases such as this, we would rather release a solid/stable product than ask that all of our community members deal with an Alpha version of the software.  Will there be bugs, most likely, but as we move forward, we hope that we can build this software into a product we can all be proud of.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here as we are always watching, even when we aren't.



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Currently (re)building out our donation system, a little more seamless this time around. Steam IDs can now be added via your profile here on the forum. Inevitably donations will be handled via the forum, and your server rank will be automatically updated alongside your forum rank. Our bot *may* make a comeback.

Also (re)building our server management page for Slumlords, hoping to add a few more features this time around.

I'll keep you posted.

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