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The Black Market.
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[Stable] 0.2.5 Changelog

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  • [New] Custom single seater "Mosquito" Light helicopter.
  • [New] Consumables can now give the player multiple attributes on use.
  • [New] Honey can now be consumed and an empty jar is returned.
  • [New] Empty Food cooler added. To be used with food crafting.
  • [New] Metal Scraps added and can be found in many places as well as crafted into Salvage Metal.
  • [New] 3 new Soda cans some with unique attributes.
  • [New] Player Krypto account added. Accessed by pressing the Inventory key next to a phonebooth or an ATM. Larger the transaction the longer it takes.
  • [New] Custom Weapons: AK47, M14, m249, m107, m4a3 ported from Arma 2.
  • [New] Camo version of female wetsuit.
  • [New] Female Ghillie Suits Tan, Light Green, Dark Green.
  • [New] SteamAPI support added for future features and VAC ban check system.
  • [New] In-game Admin Panel cleanup and features added: Spawn Menu, 3D ESP, Map ESP, Basic Admin levels.
  • [Changed] Removed all "Take" and "Rearm" actions to prevent taking items from locked vehicles. A new take option will be added soon to allow item access underwater.
  • [Changed] Sledge Hammer damage increased 2x.
  • [Changed] Loot now spawns more readily.
  • [Changed] Loot table tweaks to increase building materials.
  • [Changed] setTimeMultiplier 4x enabled by default. Can be changed with timeMultiplier in epochconfig.
  • [Changed] Shelf, tipi, and Frequency Jammer are now built using the physx build mode.
  • [Changed] Combat Logging: Players now leave a Doppelganger behind for 60 seconds after disconnect. This can be changed or disabled in epochconfig.hpp server side.
  • [Changed] Death trigger now spawns shark if player is killed at sea.
  • [Changed] Added Override vars to epochconfig that control object expiry. vehicle, building, storage (7 days), players (30 days).
  • [Changed] Vehicle slots limit now based directly on total of per vehicle counts in allowed vehicles list.
  • [Changed] Reworked backend of NPC trader mechanism to be more accurate and optimized.
  • [Changed] Land vehicles now spawn in cities near roads instead of anywhere on roads.
  • [Changed] Many performance and security changes server side.
  • [Changed] Vehicle save queue system for better performance.
  • [Changed] Seasonal items like Meeps and Halloween masks removed from loot tables.
  • [Fixed] UAV's are no longer static and now move like they are supposed to.
  • [Fixed] Fully disabled thermal equipment for all vehicles.
  • [Fixed] Geometry of walls changed to help reduce glitching.
  • [Fixed] Disallow Holster and GetOver action near base walls, to reduce wall glitching.
  • [Fixed] Global setdamage event with Communication towers.
  • [info] Reworked server configs. InstanceID is now set in EpochServer.ini and the rest in epochconfig.hpp now found in @EpochHive folder.
  • [Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first).
  • [Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.

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