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The Black Market.
Dr. Xeno Pootis

TBM Offical Community Made Trailer Applications

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Hello there! I am making a trailer for TBM. But...You can be part of it for 100% free! I am directing, writing (admins can help writing and fix), recording clips in our servers (scripted scenes and dialog), and of course doing editing. I am posting more information about in the making. There is a bloopers, but don't mess the trailer up.


A black screen
A community with favor....
(Show hilarious moment in tf2 server) SCRIPTED
A black screen
A community with a fun sense of humor....
(Show hilarious moment from servers) Not scripted
A black screen
TBM logo text shows up giant and standing out being slanted backwards
(Show serious, hilarious, gameplay, feature text clips, videos from servers) SCRIPTED and non scripted clips.
A black screen
IDEAS yet to be added

Will be thinking of some.

I'll need several voice clips from mature, non distorted, serious, adult/teen people.

Games included: dayz, tf2 p, minecraft

Music during black screen and tbm logo clip: mind heist - inception if i can time it and cut it right.

I'll need the following from you, you awesome wits.
Voice actors
Editors amd revisors
Semi director

This trailer will be worked on with effort and will be completed by the time of 2-5 months.

Leave a suggestion in a post, but also recommend some video editing:making sowftware i can display text with. I have sony vegas pro, but it won't be enough to cut and edit a whole lot.

If you post tl:dr, i will kick yo ass (jk, but really, learn how to read.)

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Wait, wait, wait, so no nudity?


What kind of trailer for the Black Market is this!? Don't you know most of us play nude?

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First Scripted Clip:

(I need a good, old fashioned joke relating to TBM)

A heavy shows up saying it

Spy offers high five

Heavy uses voice commands: jeer and negative while he runs and more people come out using voice commands: jeer and negative from various places (we'll be shooting from the diner, movie, and club), everybody screams and camera changes to infront of spy offering high five with his face sad.




Ham (if possible)

Other volunteers from regulars on the server!

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