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The Black Market.
the docter

the great war of the black market

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     The Great War of the black market

It was a normal day here on the black market trade server or so we thought. It all started when I Derp came on since we both have a profession in engineering we headed to the soccer field. We built a small but effective nest and took over the soccer field. After a few minutes more we heard the scream of a horn we knew what was coming it was the blue. I told Derp “we have to defend the nest” but we weren’t alone we had the entire red team behind us. Blue was pushing us back but we had to great of a foothold but they did have a tele but that didn’t do much good until the pushed us with uber. I was sure it was the end and sadly it was looking over everything body’s building parts blood it truly was the great war of the black market. After blue crushing victory the 2 teams met in the middle of the streets and from that day on they sighed a treaty that forbids the 2 teams until the man know as Hatrix found the and burnt it and from that day on. The blue and red continue to fight forever and ever.


THE END for now.


Creator {TMC}the docter



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I rather be in the electric chair while getting raped by a 60 year old pedophile than read this story again.

I accidentally the whole tl;dr.

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Hmm, an exquisite story of a particular taste. There seems to be a budding author among us. This story made me fear the Blu menace, made me feel the pain that those Red soldiers felt that day. The eerie feeling of death and destruction that only a veteran can speak of. Thank you for sharing this story with me, you will be remembered as a hero.




My feelings in real life.

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 I feel horrible, I yet to witness in my strange and adventurous life such a horrid event occur in my two eyes. Watching my allies, my machines which I worked hard on fall before my eyes and than DIE.. 



4596783+_6bb5146208049ccec6fe06450f7eec3 You heard the man!

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