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The Black Market.

TBM Minecraft Beta Sign-Up Sheet

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As the title says, this is where I'm gonna have you all sign up for the beta. Simply post that you are interested.

Do not make multiple posts or post anything otherwise. It's basically like signing your name on a sheet of paper, that's all.


We strongly advise you to join the mumble server and let either I or Sinch Fett know as well to speed up the launcher distribution process. The IP and port for the mumble is

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Pootis that is because it is in beta and you need a Launcher that auto downloads the mods to play -- I hope to open the beta up sometime this weekend as I work though hopefully the last of the server crashing possibilities -- also working on ensuring I blocked everything that has the potential to break items into the islandworld/acidislandworld depending which skyblock/acidisland plugin I choose to go with based on how they actually work/function without crashing :)


Pootis if you are up for it, I will accept your application to be a beta tester based on your previous contributions to the minecraft community of TBM.

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at the time of the opening of the Beta I will send out links -- at that time you download the launcher, sign in with your forum login and let it download.  you then follow onscreen directions and click play.

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Please do not try to speed up the distribution process - good things take time to complete, when the beta is actually completed and ready, I will message each person that signs up and is selected for the beta a link that will be able to download the launcher; however, until I deem the beta ready to launch I will not be distributing the downloader as I do not want to have to deal with cleaning up errors/bad configs on a lot of machines.  I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm, but as we move forward please wait for an official update on this - I am working out the last of the server crashing bugs and plan to have an update for this weekend, which if all goes well could mean a beta weekend for those of you who list your names here or message me personally that you want to be involved in the first look at the server.  Until that time, sit back, relax and do whatever it is that each of you do while waiting for an update.

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"Betas are made to be broken"

Or was that rules?

Upholstered furniture?


I'm gonna say: All of the above.


I'll be great for a beta tester!

And don't worry, I won't secretly plant TNT or light anyone's houses on fire. (P.S I'm totally going to do both of those things like all the time. GG)

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Ok so as of this moment beta testers include:

1.) Shooter_Magavin

2.) XxEnigmaticxX

3.) Scumbelina

4.) AcheronTheFox

5.) Night_

6.) 1990's Television

7.) Vengeful_

8.) Dr. Xeno Pootis

9.) Omgsasquatch

10.) OfficerSweetBoy

11.) Resin_


I would entertain the thought of accepting a few more if there is interest but as of now we are off to a good start to make the launcher work smoothly, and to ensure there are no server breaking bugs or major client side crashes to contend with --


As of this moment only known crashed caused by a mod deals with rendering stargates -- occurs randomly usually only within a specific proximity to the gate an only to certain players can take hours within proximity to actually occur. -- this is a client side crash due to casting an air block incorrectly which is a 1.7 change that will hopefully be addressed by the mod developer.

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