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The Black Market.
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Hey where's Resin_? (said nobody ever)

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Some of you may know me from the 80s porno flick "Mustache Rides and Booty Glides", but I'm more commonly known as that silent jerk that barely works. Recently you probably noticed that, well, nothing is going on. Sure we got a new sexy Janitor slave and maybe Hatrix's testicles finally descended, but beyond that? It's lookin' pretty dusty.


Now you're asking yourself: "Resin_, what's the deal bro? Where's my RC4 and why am I so bored?"


The answer is simple, I'm busy moving again and your life is meaningless!


Now you're scratching your neckbeard and thinking: "But Resin_, isn't that just a terrible excuse for you to continue to be a lazy asshole?"


The answer yet again is simple. Yes.


With love,


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