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The Black Market.

Unexpected can of worms

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So, I spent a great deal of my night with some fine company, on the Black Market, when just before I was going to leave, Corporal decided to change his name to Siren, since she hadn't been on forever, in an attempt to give 1990's Television a shock. I joined in on the fun, changed mine to Foxyfluff, to be like "hey guys", before letting people know it was a joke. Needless to say, no one was fooled. 90's joined, and was not in the slightest bit convinced, laughed at our silly ploy, and we all had a chuckle at how frivolous an attempt it was. It then it turned into a change your name to whomever-fest, which lasted roughly around five minutes before concluding. It was all in good fun, and nothing more than that.


I decided, the one person who might not get it, and see the name change, but whom I also hadn't spoken to for years, was Foxyfluff. So, to be fair, I thought I'd let him know just so he doesn't freak out. Then, the most unexpected conversation transpired. Enjoy:


Never tell your password to anyone.

Foxyfluff: Ps don't freak out that you see my name as yours. Corp and I are trolling people, and I'm hopping in like "hey guys!" then telling them it's not really you <3
Foxyfluff: I'll change it back afterwards


Foxyfluff has changed their name to 1990's Television.
1990's Television has changed their name to Ryuke & Evangelion.
Ryuke & Evangelion has changed their name to Arrow Prime.
Arrow Prime has changed their name to Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa.


Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
Connected again and rejoined chat.
Your state is set to Offline.
Foxyfluff is now Offline.

Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
Connected again and rejoined chat.
Foxyfluff is now Away.


Foxyfluff: Heyo.
Foxyfluff: I have reported you for using name as a possible trade-reputation related fraude.
Foxyfluff: I'll keep you updated on it.
Foxyfluff: fraud*
Foxyfluff: Usually takes a few days, but..
Foxyfluff: I know a few people.
Foxyfluff: Wait a minute.
Foxyfluff: You didn't go to the black market with my name, did you?
Foxyfluff: What exactly is your address again?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Woah don't report! I chose to tell you that I was just tooling around on the server
Foxyfluff: Would make it easier to deliver this death warrant you're about to sign.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I don't get why you're angry, I thought we were good x
Foxyfluff: I'm not angry. I'm disappointed.
Foxyfluff: And I'm going to do everything I have in my power to get back at you.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: But I don't get why
Foxyfluff: Oh you don't get why.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I didn't do anything, I'm just confused now
Foxyfluff: You can not give me an explaination for the usage of my name
Foxyfluff: That isn't either fishy or insulting to me.
Foxyfluff: You can't.
Foxyfluff: And if you can, it's a lie.
Foxyfluff: Face it.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I just messaged you earlier saying I was trolling 90s
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I didn't even have to, but I did, in case you saw me change name, and I didn't want you to worry :/
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Then you come back saying you're reporting me for something?
Foxyfluff: I don't give a f*ck, you don't just use my name to walk in to trade servers.
Foxyfluff: I expect a proper apology right now.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I don't think you get the joke.
Foxyfluff: I get what you're trying to make it sound like.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Corp changed his name to Siren to troll 90s
Foxyfluff: But you could tell me anything, or get whoever you involved to vouch for you.
Foxyfluff: I'm not going to ask you again.
Foxyfluff: Apologize, properly.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: and I changed mine to Foxy, so 90s would think you were on.
Foxyfluff: Last chance.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I apologise, but I don't understand still
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Why you're upset
Foxyfluff: I told you to apologize properly.
Foxyfluff: Do it now.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Sorry
Foxyfluff: I'm sorry I stole your name is what I want to hear.
Foxyfluff: Well?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I just need to know first, is everything okay?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: You seem to be accusing me very quickly, and I'm just really surprised :/
Foxyfluff: You're not in a position to make demands here. You two used a veteran trader/ex-admin and an active admin's name and used it for whatever purpose it may be in a trade server.
Foxyfluff: If you don't understand that, the SteamRep mods will explain it to you toroughly.
Foxyfluff: Trust me.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I'm an admin too though :/
Foxyfluff: Now I don't want to see anything but that proper apology.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: As is Corp
Foxyfluff: I don't care. Small time private server that refuses to side with SteamREP (resin dispises it)
Foxyfluff: Means nothing.
Foxyfluff: I'm not going to ask again.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I'm just confused though
Foxyfluff: I don't care.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: You're angry with me
Foxyfluff: If your next reply isn't what I want to hear.
Foxyfluff: I hope you have a good lawyer, figure of speech.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: And I'm here wondering why you're upset :/
Foxyfluff: Posting thread now.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I don't get why though
Foxyfluff: Impersonation.
Foxyfluff: http://forums.steamrep.com/forums/impersonation/
Foxyfluff: Keep an eye on this
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: But it was a joke. There was nothing malicious about it.
Foxyfluff: Just have to type a little, sec.
Foxyfluff: So you'd rather not have me report it?
Foxyfluff: Is that what this is?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: It had nothing to do with trading, or anything else, et cetera.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I'm still confused
Foxyfluff: If you keep being blissfully ignorant to what I'm saying to you.
Foxyfluff: You're going to get blocked.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I didn't have to say anything to you, but I chose to so you'd know it wasn't malicious
Foxyfluff: Your sentences arn't even coherant anymore.
Foxyfluff: Are you scared?
Foxyfluff: Thaha. :3
Foxyfluff: This is how you really troll people, by the way.
Foxyfluff: I'm obviously just pulling your leg.
Foxyfluff: So how'd it go?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Actually, I'm just still confused.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: However, you were very convincing.
Foxyfluff: Even though I was kidding
Foxyfluff: You should never take other names
Foxyfluff: Especially when they are traders.
Foxyfluff: And ESPECIALLY when they have admin priviliges somewhere.
Foxyfluff: No matter what your position is.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Well I don't usually.
Foxyfluff: And
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I feel like you're missing the context
Foxyfluff: When it's Foxyfluff
Foxyfluff: No, you're wrong.
Foxyfluff: Stop thinking that for crying out loud.
Foxyfluff: I get that what you did is innocent
Foxyfluff: But then, it isn't innocent at all.
Foxyfluff: It was a mistake, you just don't realize it.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Corp changed his name and told me he'd tell 90s she was on,
Foxyfluff: Jesus
Foxyfluff: Do you even listen to what I say?
Foxyfluff: Like ever?
Foxyfluff: What are you, 12?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: So he'd have a heart attack since she's never on anymore
Foxyfluff: It's like you have the attention span of a fly.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: And I chose yours since you aren't either
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: In the contrary
Foxyfluff: Friendly reminder
Foxyfluff: I was forced to quit like what
Foxyfluff: 2 years ago now?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I'm a critical individual, which is precisely why we're discussing this
Foxyfluff: I hate half of the admins in the black market?
Foxyfluff: And they hate me.
Foxyfluff: I don't want anything to do with them anymore.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: You were kidding, however it's important for me to defend myself
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Yes, I remember, however I thought you had all moved past that
Foxyfluff: Oh I've moved past it.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I always thought you were okay, so I gave the benefit of the doubt
Foxyfluff: I moved past it until Resin promised me he wouldn't make a big deal out of it, because he used to be my friend and all that.
Foxyfluff: But then he'd call me out in the server anyway, so I was told from my personal reliable source (alternate account).
Foxyfluff: So yeah.
Foxyfluff: After asking to get back in and prove my worth again (even though I already was the only admin that actually -worked-)
Foxyfluff: Resin stated it needed more time, and then I just dropped the idea as a whole.
Foxyfluff: [/storytime]
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Yes, it's rather epic almost.
Foxyfluff: Oh and when you see Nite.
Foxyfluff: Say nothing.
Foxyfluff: :3
Foxyfluff: Funny how the group still has the same amount of members as when I left
Foxyfluff: Ish.
Foxyfluff: Never forget.
Foxyfluff: Foxy handinvite 2011
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: People come and go all the time.
Foxyfluff: 1000+ people.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: There will always be those interesting people from the past who have left, and other new members whom you'd never expect to one day consider quality company.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Nice cycle.
Foxyfluff: Yeap.
Foxyfluff: And then there's those people who plan on returning with a big blast and a bunch of gifts.
Foxyfluff: And then there's kids who ruin it by stealing said person's name.
Foxyfluff: KAIZA
Foxyfluff: You little bitch.
Foxyfluff: Yeah I said it.
Foxyfluff: I'm just kidding.
Foxyfluff: I could teach you great things you know.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Well I'm not a kid, and I didn't steal it, but yes, there are those people who are genuinely like that.
Foxyfluff: Great things.
Foxyfluff: Buuuuuuuut you just don't have the spark.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: That's very condescending but sure, maybe.
Foxyfluff: Think about it.
Foxyfluff: I don't even remember who you are.
Foxyfluff: The disadvantages of not being notorious.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: You know, there's more to Kaiza than the words you see on a screen, but sure, think what you like about little moi ; )
Foxyfluff: You're the type that finds "humor" (or should I say attention?) in changing names to those of others, probably with limited (failed) reaction from those you desire to receive e-peen from.
Foxyfluff: I mean that says enough.
Foxyfluff: About little Kaiza.
Foxyfluff: Let me see..
Foxyfluff: BUYING: Steam Trading Cards (0.11 ref each)
Foxyfluff: So you're a trading douche as well.
Foxyfluff: Interesting.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Actually, don't forget that one can take a lot from very little, and make a greater deal out of something than what it was.
Foxyfluff: Jesus christ do you upload a screenshot of everything?
Foxyfluff: I bet you take a screenshot and upload it after you've taken a poop.
Foxyfluff: God..
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: All this took place in only a few minutes, I changed my name back, messaged you to let you know, and suddenly this conversation
Foxyfluff: But it was interesting
Foxyfluff: Am I right?
Foxyfluff: Admit it.
Foxyfluff: You wern't bored.
Foxyfluff: That's for sure.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I'm not denying that
Foxyfluff: At the cost of me having to be insufferable.
Foxyfluff: But, still.
Foxyfluff: When you said you gave me the benefit of doubt
Foxyfluff: That was really rude.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Yes, you were quite. I remembered someone friendly, from years ago, and instead got someone who accuses me, and condescends to me unexpectedly.
Foxyfluff: Because it implied you think it possible that I actually did something that could be considered a serious offense against our community.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I wasn't trying to be rude
Foxyfluff: I digress
Foxyfluff: -the- community*
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: On the contrary, it implies the opposite
Foxyfluff: It doesn't.
Foxyfluff: You're saying you believe me, but you keep the fact I might be lying in mind.
Foxyfluff: You shouldn't keep that fact in mind, because I speak my mind.
Foxyfluff: c:
Foxyfluff: Always.
Foxyfluff: Not really.
Foxyfluff: Most of the time.
Foxyfluff: The bottom line is I'm very straightforward.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: You seem to assume a lot about me, instead of trying to understand me, in an open and welcoming manner.
Foxyfluff: I think after I speak. I chat, I don't send messages like you.
Foxyfluff: And you are capable of telling whether or not I'm serious by..
Foxyfluff: Smell?
Foxyfluff: Maybe I just have a fetish for human beings trying to use logic against me.
Foxyfluff: :3
Foxyfluff: I could be jacking off right now.
Foxyfluff: Oh yes Kaiza.
Foxyfluff: *wiggles eyebrows*
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Hot.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I mean
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I AM SHOCKED
Foxyfluff: ME TOO
Foxyfluff: I mean
Foxyfluff: Asdf
Foxyfluff: Okay.
Foxyfluff: We all get a little cocked sometimes
Foxyfluff: Shocked*
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Seriously though, very well, whatever pulls your levers though.
Foxyfluff: >//>
Foxyfluff: Typo
Foxyfluff: Hey fuck you man.
Foxyfluff: Fuck you.
Foxyfluff: You can't just imply I pull levers like that.
Foxyfluff: I'm not a slut.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Yes please.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I am.
Foxyfluff: You may enjoy pulling levers at random.
Foxyfluff: I pick mine with care.
Foxyfluff: But I am blissfully good at pulling levers.
Foxyfluff: Oh yes I handle knobs well.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: We'll not that random, but mostly so.
Foxyfluff: If I catch you using my name again..
Foxyfluff: I am going to give your babies aids.
Foxyfluff: Okay?
Foxyfluff: And on that bomb-shell
Foxyfluff: Good night everybody.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Deal. If I had children, I'd probably shoot them.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: So AIDS also works.
Foxyfluff: That's a lie. [Harry Potter Scene]
Foxyfluff: Your babies, if any
Foxyfluff: Would actually be black
Foxyfluff: And already have aids standard
Foxyfluff: Cuz
Foxyfluff: u GAY
Foxyfluff: I was talking about the ones you were going to adopt.
Foxyfluff: And do the rest of Steam a favor.
Foxyfluff: Get that stupid shit out of name. Nobody wants to see that crap.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Oh right, well it's better for me if you choose.
Foxyfluff: Trust me.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Which one, the fetch statement?
Foxyfluff: Everything that isn't Kaiza = cancerous.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Oh 1930's Burlesque. Well, that was just for giggles regarding 1990's Television.
Foxyfluff: Oh hold on
Foxyfluff: Looking in my files here for a fuck to give
Foxyfluff: Erm
Foxyfluff: Nope
Foxyfluff: I got nothing.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: And sure, good night.
Foxyfluff: No doubt you have a 90's indestructable shitphone that somehow has android
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: When you find one though, I'll be here.
Foxyfluff: Because your replies are grandma-slow.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: iPhone 4S but okay.
Foxyfluff: Hahahahaha
Foxyfluff: Ohahaha.
Foxyfluff: Wait, you're serious?
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I am a grandma though

Foxyfluff: > iPhone 4S
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: So I'm not doing anything outside of expectations.
Foxyfluff: Confirmed pathetic life.
Foxyfluff: You're not doing anything outside anyway.
Foxyfluff: Basement dwellah.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Outside is overrated.
Foxyfluff: Oh yes please
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: I wish I had a basement.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: To dwell in.
Foxyfluff: Make a "I tried real life once, that game sucked"-related joke.
Foxyfluff: Nobody has ever done that before.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Yes, but it's better when it's not a joke.
Foxyfluff: Stop talking to me.
Kaiza "1930's Burlesque" Killa: Okay.
Foxyfluff: Fine.


I had only just woken up from a nap, to see that I had been messaged, and I won't lie, I was struck by the insane troll logic of it all. For example saying "You can not give me an explaination for the usage of my name, that isn't either fishy or insulting to me. You can't. And if you can, it's a lie." Is like saying "I won't you to tell me something I want to hear, and if your evidence and facts conflict with my feelings then you're definitely wrong, WRONG I SAY!"


I'm just still so surprised by how serious he thought this was, over a very transient exchange that took place over a period of a few minutes, before we all parted ways and went about our day/night, then to be messaged with this was just a very huge "what just happened" kind of moment.

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"Okay." "Fine."


You two women stop fighting.


I was just happy to leave it there when I said "okay", that "fine" at the end there was so passive aggressive though lol. I told Evan I wouldn't turn this into a psyche analysis, but I get a lot of NF (intuitive feeler) underpinnings from what he focuses on his arguments. I suspect dominant Fi (introverted feeling), and most likely an INFP, probably one of the types through which I have the most disagreements. Dominant Fi can be difficult to reason with, once you've struck a cord with their sense of values, and clearly I had unintentionally stepped into a minefield of refined feelings with very black and white conceptions of what sets him off.

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"It doesn't matter if you're famous or infamous.

All that matters is you're a celebrity." -Willie Geist


Sometimes being known for being a complete faggot isn't the best course of action.
But being the honest, nice guy hasn't been very profitable for me...

Guess I just gotta be an asshole and steal from a bunch of people.

Wait... That's why Foxy is a complete faggot!
Meh, being poor with a ton of friends is better than being Foxy any day.

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Notice he literally would have kept talking until he was allowed to have the last word.

Perhaps he's lonely and projecting his introverted anxieties onto you.

Or maybe he was spoiled as a child and now he's a full grown little shit who needs to be beaten like a dirty rug.

Either way, He's unstable and fucking stupid. "Trolling" isn't seeming genuinely butthurt about something,

It's making someone else genuinely butthurt. That's why to successfully troll you must be a soulless husk

willing to go above and beyond the call to achieve your goal of making someone momentarily angry at you.


See, Kaiza, you and Corp aren't trolls because you didn't even take the time to change you're profile pictures.

You're just shitty friends, and I'm ok with that. But foxy is a shitty human being.


In summary:
Git rekt m8

Git fukt m8

Ur mum m8


Jolly good show my friend.
Just like a Jewish convert being circumcised tomorrow, you stand a few inches taller today.

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Precisely, we didn't go the extra mile to change our entire profiles, and avatars. We did this just as a chuckle full knowing you'd likely be unconvinced, and it was so. You laughed at our ill-conceived ploy, called us idiots, and left. No harm, no foul.

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