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Hello there fellow reader? Do you want action? Perhaps a little drama? Competition? Then I welcome you to the offical page of my events, news, and more. 




(CREATIVE) Minecraft-za - Two platforms. 2 teams OR 2 people. 1 judge. 1 winner. This event allows 2 teams of SIX to build a specific thing only on their exclusive 20x20 platform! The time limit shall be 1 hour,  but if one team finishes earlier, they must wait and can not adjust their build. The other team can have a advantage and adjust all they want. Also, there is a time where each team stops building. Normally when 30 minutes has passed. Each team can destory the other team's build in under 10 secs. Then when the time is up, each team must rebuild and continue on from there. At the start, players are decided to be on a team. Then each player must decide who is the team leader. After that, team leaders will name their team and the game will begin.


For example of a game:

Two teams (The Alphas and Bravos)


Build a medieval castle with 4 towers on each corner.


Times up when 30 minutes has passed.


Each team destroys and 10 secs has passed.


Each team rebuild and continue on from there.


Each team must stop building when a hour has passed.


The builds is judged by me and other judges.


The winner will get a stack of diamonds for each person on that winning team.


(CREATIVE) Spleef-o-fate - A arena with MANY THEMES....A free for all 12 player....one will win....

The main objective is to eliminate players by digging sand/gravel underneath them and win the game.

There is no time limit, The prize will be a shower of gems in the arena.


For example:


12 players in a cave themed inner arena


They digged and digged until there was only one left


Winner gets a shower of gems


The 'for hire' post!


I need someone to raid valve HQ and get me a pink frosted cookie.


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