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The Black Market.
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DGG PugLord

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Age:13 Yes i am young but very mature for my age




Steam Profile URL:STEAM_0:0:37256859


On average, how many hours are you on our server(s) a week?:7-10 I have No life


From what times are you usually on? (Please include time zone): 5:00Pm-8:00Pm Time zone:(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Are you an Admin for any other servers/games? If so, which?: I'm admin on a Few Minecraft servers. and have been on Gmod


Do you own & use a mic?: Yes i do own a mic


Source mod Experience?: 


What other multiplayer PC games do you play?: BF4 Gmod Terraria starbound wait lets just say i have 90 games on my steam so..


What would make you a good Janitor?: I am a nice guy and try not to piss people of i work well with people. And Like to help And have all ready made friends with some of the Admins Such As 90's Tv And Wallace. And Have made friends with Some Non admin. I am Also a Donator.


You are now a Janitor and someone is being verbally abusive over voice chat to a community member, how do you handle it?: Ask Them to stop. Warn them not to. Find the reasson for the fight a try to resolve it such as a scam. And look at the proof


Bonus Question - You have the opportunity to speak Gaben, what do you say?: I would ask What does the Fox say.Jk i would ask him WHEN IS HL3/AC4. 

#ForThePugs Bye now :D


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