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The Black Market.
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1990's Television

The new boxing room

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Okay, I built a version of the ring in minecraft. It's a bit rough and I'm not certain I used only items from vanilla minecraft, but if you put it in /users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves/ it should load up as a single player world.

On this version I tried to have both teams control viewing of their corner and the two attached sides, as well as I put a viewing area in the main spawn room. Heavies would be teleported into their spots in a manner similar to how they are now. The fall from the elevation would be about the same as from the battlements on 2fort to the ground, long enough to be a story beneath but not enough to cause damage unless you jumped.

Heavies will remain undisturbed by onlookers
Heavies will not be able to hide in spawning area mid-fight
Visibility is higher both for onlookers and combatants
Hitting the post will reset the round, allowing accidents to not force everyone to suicide or wait for a sandvich timer
Doesn't use any elevators

Requires more space than the current ring
Rotated exits suck
Breaks up the simple window between spawn rooms


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Thanks for the ideas guys! So I take it we like the idea of the ring remaining under spawn? I had contemplated moving it to the soccer field area.

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Well the main problem with it being moved to the soccer field and in fact the problem with the soccer field is that usually the spectating devolves into semi-participation. One engie builds a dispenser so his team can get ammo back for the "festivities" of duels and so forth, and eventually somebody comes along to sap it, and then somebody kills the spy, and then it's pandemonium in the stands.

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resin I think we would all prefer that you keep the boxing ring where it is, I don't leikkkk chengeeee

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