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The Black Market.

trade_alley Progress

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rc4p work so far (probably will end up being rc5)

-Doubled the size of the club

-Split up building in main area like how the pawn shop is in it's own apartment building

-Heavy remodeling of the pool

-light level tweaking (building for mat_monitorgamma 2 from now on)


Still left to do before release:

Fill the last 2.5 buildings in main area

More seekrets

Expand pawnshop into vacated pool bathroom area


Balance pass on spawns

Karting area?

Spawn area ceiling height adjustment (No more artificially black cosmetics)

Complete pool remodel


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The Road to Rc5:

Clearly differentiate between buildings (done)
Remodel pool (done)
Remodel pawn (done)
Remodel club (done)
Remodel Spycrab area (done)
Increase contrast between indoors and outdoors (done)
Update soundscape (done)
Fix arena spawntimes (done)
Add additional car paths (done)
Fix collision errors (done)
Remodel spawn exits (done)
Add lightcones (done)
Lighting fixes (done?)
Illuminate posters (done)
Spawn ceiling raised (I done raised that roof)


Rename Siren's Cinemas(no good ideas)
Karting area(scrapped)
Readd hot tub (likely scrapped)
Admin Hall of Hatz (likely scrapped)

Add rain (50%)
Add new stores (incomplete)
Decorate Event teleporter room (incomplete)
4 Billboards, 4 signs in subway (incomplete)
Write manual for admin controls (incomplete)
Redo Tom's Specials sign(incomplete)
Refix Chuckvision for rc5(incomplete)
Seekrets (incomplete)


Screenshots available on my steam account.

Edited by Ryuke

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Props to Ryuke for running with trade_alley, considering making modifications to trade_alley is similar to running with scissors :wacko:

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Decorate Event teleporter room (done)

Write manual for admin controls (done)

Add new stores (50%)
4 Billboards, 4 signs in subway (50%)

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For rc5c:

DONE-remake automat lighting system with a selfillum square to save on polys
DONE-Reclip tops of buildings
DONE-Vault entrance
DONE-lip vault door
DONE-fademaxdist and fadestartdist on billboards lights
DONE-Make elevator One-Way
DONE-Fix spawn doors not blocking sentry line of sight
DONE-nodraw unseen faces
DONE-redesign pool
DONE-Remake doors as a prefab
50% - Needs Art -drink machines in Crimson
-Detail new shops
-boxing tournament tanks for participants (be cool if it was progressively better looking rooms as you progress through the tournament)
-pattern display for Genki Topikku
-set lights in arena stands to fade out after xx range, sick of shit going across the world.
-fix lighting in HDR

rc5d-Jump map
rc5d-Remake Scoreboard as a Prefab 
rc5d/test - vpk loading/chuckvision work


I've also closed the roofs, fixed the windows in the teleporter room, fixed the wall in the teleporter room not blocking explosions, removed collision on lights on billboards.

Rc5d will be the last content update to trade_alley, after that I'm going to be working on trade_alley2.

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