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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, remember that janitor application I did a few years back? Well, I'm doing another one. Age: 17 Country: USA Steam Profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thokity On average, how many hours are you on our server(s) a week?: I haven't been on much lately, nobody has really. From what times are you usually on? (Please include time zone): Are you an Admin for any other servers/games? If so, which?: I use to co-own a Rust server. Do you own & use a mic?: Own yes, use no. Sound Card is busted. Sourcemod Experience?: I know how to do basic commands. What other multiplayer PC games do you play?: DOD:S , Dirty Bomb , Killing Floor 2 , Insurgency , Rust , Reign of Kings , minecraft , Payday 2 , Warframe , Heroes and Generals , Garrysmod , Starbound , Resident Evil 6 (Some times) What would make you a good Janitor?: Because it pains me to see the server so empty, and I'd love to try to help. You are now a Janitor and someone is being verbally abusive over voice chat to a community member, how do you handle it?: First, I would warn them. If they continue, Mute 'em. If they bitch in the chat, Gag 'em. Evade mute/gag kick. Keep being a general dick, Ban 'em. Bonus Question - You have the opportunity to speak to Gaben, what do you say?: I would ask for an autograph. Or just stand there awestruck.
  2. Fucking Ruskies got into my steam account somehow, and removed all my friends, what an asswipe. Re-adding everyone. Add me if I forgot you. STAY AWAY FROM FUCKING RUSSIANS!
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