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Found 3 results

  1. So, it's about time when we had a topic for Mourning and Crying about prices of keys and the economy, also discussing new items which are added in the game almost frequently.! This topic will help fulfill that need of ours to tell our feeling about the new items and stuff added to the game and their prices and trade advices! :) THIS TOPIC IS OPEN TO ALL, SO DON'T BE SHY, tell everyone how you feel about the team fortress 2 economy current stage and future or past stage etc..   I hope we have a happy debate on such issues and please please please Behave yourself regarding this topic, i know what you all feel about the economy it is advised that you keep those happy words inside you ;P
  2. Hey der,   Tired of waiting in long times and then getting a hopeless team with which you can't even win a single wave, Tired of people who avoid team works and go every man for himself?   Well here's your chance, now u can go PRO with us. I and Kaiza have started a MannvsMachine team to battle those filthy robots and send them back where they came from.      to  join my team so that we and you can have a good MVM experience, you can either leave your name with your PROFILE URL here or you can add me , i will be making a group as well so that it is easier to get backups when you or anyone of you is not available to play.     THIS GAME WILL NOT REQUIRE YOU TO PROVIDE A TICKET :P   -Corporal Raptor
  3. so what do you do on the map except trading, do you swim in the pool or party in the club or play a game on the grounds or do you relax at the fireplace?    post your answers below :P
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