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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there you fat ass! Here in the Black Market, we hate you and discourage you everytime you come on our servers! We recommend to go fuck yourself and suicide on the fucking toliet where you had your explosive diarrhea on!   Q: I like dicks   A: Good! We suck your dick for free!   Q: Fuck you all!   A: Bring the condoms!   The admins:   Overdose - Dumbass   Drunkass - Fucker   Shithead - Lick my penis   SiraLot - Go die in a hole   The absolute piece of shit janitors from schools:    Broom   We hope you enjoy your fucking fapping in our dumpster toliet!   Go be a proud bitch and show what we can lick!   We have a shitty box for internet! Experience TONS of fucking Crashes and best of all, you love it! Lag!   Our fucking talking system is:   Skype   #LOLOADSYOLOSAWGEATSHITANDDIECODRULES   FUck you all! FUCK YOU ALL!   BITCH LICK ASS BUTTHOLE PENIS!   (Note: I hope you enjoy this friendly FAQ I made.)
  2. Hello there, young minecraftian/survivor/trader! Welcome to the BLACK MARKET where everything is fun, sexual, and exciting!   Here, we are not THAT average gaming clan or whatever, that hire TERRIBLE admins and demands your money!    Here are some frequently asked questions I get from the servers of the Black Market:   Q: What are Donators, Janitors, and Slumlords?   Donators are people who either donated money OR TF2 items (as far as I know) and get a sexy donator tag in front of their name whenever they go on Black Market servers.   Janitors are people who are in training in becoming a slumlord but with some admin commands that everyone will (not) enjoy!   Slumlords are people who are the little masterminds of Founder Resin_, who has all the admin commands and stuff at their arsenal.    Q: How do you donate?   Contact a Slumlord ONLY or pay on the website with paypal.   Modest is the first level for donations - $5   Noble is the second level for donations - $20   Towering is the third level for donations - $50   Benefactor is the last level for donations - $100   Q: Help! I keep getting lag/glitches/freezes!   Due to our elderly box purchased by Resin_, servers are experiencing lag/glitches/freezes, but only a few times.   Q: Who are all the slumlords?   Resin_ - The Overlord   Siren_ - The Queen   Acheron - The ummm...I can't describe.   Night_ - The rare morgan freeman   Nixa30 - The shemale famous for his tits   Ricket - The "are you fucking kidding me" slumlord   SuB_Z - The helpful slumlord   Swampy - The Snobby wit king   Doom - Evil slumlord   Magnum - The Amazing Slumlord   Tequila Mockingbird - The Awesome Slumlord   THIS close - The closest Slumlord to your face   Vozo - Good slumlord   Whitewolf - The "Rarest" Slumlord   Foxyfluff (DECEASED, NOT SLUMLORD, USED TO BE) - The dumbass idiotic fucker slumlord   Officersweetboy - The "male stripper" slumlord   Sinch_Fett - The awesome, complete genius, slumlord   Aganemnom - The awkward slumlord   Q: Who are all the janitors?   1990's Television - The Complaining Bastard   Corporal R. Prime_ - Best Qatar Janitor   Thane has every riesen - Awesome Janitor   Trydianth SCE - Recommended Janitor   [DIV-X] Nimorrax - Is a guud janitor   Kaiza - Is a guud janitor and best, no?   Q: What type of mic programs does TBM have?   We have mumble.    Q: What is constantly updating?   Our minecraft/dayz/tf2 servers and maps are constantly being updated. We did one time hosted a server on l4d2...It ended up glitchy, we had to remove it. :'(   Q: How is Slumlord earned?   You have to be the most friendly, awesome person in TBM or you can apply for janitor.
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