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Found 2 results

  1. So, it's about time when we had a topic for Mourning and Crying about prices of keys and the economy, also discussing new items which are added in the game almost frequently.! This topic will help fulfill that need of ours to tell our feeling about the new items and stuff added to the game and their prices and trade advices! :) THIS TOPIC IS OPEN TO ALL, SO DON'T BE SHY, tell everyone how you feel about the team fortress 2 economy current stage and future or past stage etc..   I hope we have a happy debate on such issues and please please please Behave yourself regarding this topic, i know what you all feel about the economy it is advised that you keep those happy words inside you ;P
  2. It's time to move some of these donations we've gotten in the past to keep the servers going. Ryuke has a stock of things to sell from the bots, including keys and unusuals. If you've got a paypal account and some money you can buy some of our stock. I'm currently charging $1.80 per key as backpack.tf suggests is the going rate. If you're interested get in touch with me. My steam profile Our stock as of last check was over 50. I'm currently brokering 8 unusuals for the Black Market, taking payment in paypal or keys. Smoking Buckaroo's Hat Bubbling Helmet Without a Home Nuts and Bolts Magistrate's Mullet P. Fetti Tippler's Tricorne Kill-a-Watt Valley Forge Steaming Madame Dixie Bubbling Carouser's Capotain Dead Presidents Nanobalaclava For pricing and other information, contact me. My steam profile All hats checked out clean as of 4/25/2014 and have been in the bot for some time now. If you're interested in buying a steam game Ryuke may be able to get you a deal, contact me with a store link to the game you want. Payment can be processed in paypal or keys.
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