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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Folks,   This post serves to show my progress on the next version of trade_alley. Update: As of January 2015, Ryuke has taken over development of trade_alley, as I no longer have the time.   Stable: Release Candidate 3 (trade_alley_RC3) Active Development: Release Candidate 4 (trade_alley_RC4)   Planned additions to: Release Candidate 4 (trade_alley_RC4): -3D Skybox -HARD optimization to improve framerates -Possible new area(s) -Moving vehicles in the street -Gate that can open and close to the soccer field to prevent griefing during events   Previous Revisions: Release Candidate 2 (trade_alley_RC2) - Lighting, Detailing, Minor Optimization   Release Candidate 1 (trade_alley_RC1) - Lighting, Detailing, Interiors for Diner & Theater, Minor Optimization   Beta 1-9 (trade_alley_B9) - Lighting, Detailing, Beginning Optimization, "God Mode" Function in the Lounge with help from Cath, Abortion Clinic changed to Fight Club, Added Balcony to the Lounge, Addition of the Street & Business Exteriors   Alpha 1-6/Beta 1-8 (trade_alley_b8) - Lighting, Detailing, Spawn Constructed, Alley Constructed, Lounge Constructed     Please post any bugs or ideas you may have for the map in your own thread in this forum, so that others can comment or give rep on your post.
  2. so what do you do on the map except trading, do you swim in the pool or party in the club or play a game on the grounds or do you relax at the fireplace?    post your answers below :P
  3. Hey Everyone!   Starting a week (or two) before Halloween this year, we will be doing our usual Halloween event! Join us for the exploding pumpkins, candy, boss battles, etc! I'll edit this post with more details as we get closer to the end of the month!
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