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Found 4 results

  1. Thokity

    Rand = rekt

  2. http://www.teamfortress.com/loveandwar/ Well everyone the first day of two has arrived of the LOVE AND WAR UPDATE with all new crap too throw in our faces This time the Item of the update appears to be taunts of various nature along with 6 new achievement and a rather odd new meet the team SFM and miss Pauling even has a voice actor now So what will happen for day 2? Were gonna find out!
  3. Hey Guys,    1.6 is finally here, complete with a new launcher and plugin "system". You can read more about it here:   https://mojang.com/2013/07/minecraft-the-horse-update/   It may be a while before we update our server, all depends on Bukkit and the plugin developers.
  4. Hey All,   Our DayZ server has been updated to the newest patch (, following are the patch notes.     * [FIXED] - Crashsite loot spawn fixed.    * [FIXED] - LOS should now reset correct.    * [FIXED] - Updated Chopper Repair system to include hull and missiles.    * [FIXED] - Blood transfusion should now work properly.    * [FIXED] - Zeds can knock you unconscious again.    * [FIXED] - Issue with built items not display properly over the network.    * [FIXED] - Changing clothes while in a gear menu of a pile/vehicle/tent will no longer crash your game.    * [FIXED] - Fixed duplication of mags via combining/converting and duplication of tents/built items.    * [FIXED] - 100% damaged vehicles do not respawn anymore.    * [FIXED] - Added check to make sure no one is within 30 meters of zed spawning.    * [FIXED] - Fixed bandit detection for kills and humanity changes.    * [FIXED] - Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to pick up any loot.    * [FIXED] - Fixed an issue where bandaging an other player wouldn't bandage them.    * [FIXED] - Added a range check to zed attacks, no more 5-10m hits. (We Hope)    * [FIXED] - Fixed issue where your player's body would be deleted if aborting too quickly.    * [FIXED] - Shadow LODs on soda cans.    * [FIXED] - Zeds full scale damage reverted to 100% was 50% in .7.      * [UPDATED] - Color saturation starts to fade out at blood level 9000    * [UPDATED] - Rest to provide a 1% chance to cure infection (Can only be done once every 5 mins)    * [UPDATED] - Zed will now attack again while prone with animation.    * [UPDATED] - Updated tackle animations to an actual stumble/trip animation for back, left and right of player (holding a pistol remains unchanged). Players hit from the front will be stopped in their tracks.    * [UPDATED] - Reported bike damage is divided by 10.    * [UPDATED] - Much quicker login/loading.    * [UPDATED] - More reliable loot spawns.    * [UPDATED] - Infection rates are much lower (based on #zeds attacking you) viral zeds have 4x greater infection rates    * [UPDATED] - player knockdown by zeds should be less common.    * [UPDATED] - SUV has been unbanned and readded under SUV_DZ Server admins must update there database.    * [UPDATED] - fishing_Boat speed update from 15 to 45.    * [UPDATED] - SQL files for private database users Included all hitpoints and inventory systems.    * [UPDATED] - Updated pMain to now include extra setting --execute="call pMain(serverinstance) example.  --execute="call pMain(1) would spawn all vehicles for instance 1    * [UPDATED] - Zed Target system updated to include movement speed changes. above 10m = full speed, above 2.2m and below 10m = Approach speed, below 2.2 = Attack speed.    * [UPDATED] - Attack system updated to include LOS & Angle of attack checks as the animation is run to make sure player is only damaged/knockdown if they meet both conditions.   * [UPDATED] - RoadBlocks/Trash should now spawn quicker based on the current speed of the player.   Both removed so we can debug fps issues.      * [REMOVED] - Wild Zeds while we try to debug issues with FPS.    * [REMOVED] - Zeds will no longer spawn while in vehicles.
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