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Found 80 results

  1. Merry Christmas everyone!  
  2. If you made it this far, you must be interested in how we handle administrative positions around here. First and formost, you cannot purchase a Janitor or Slumlord position; it is earned by being an active and friendly community member first. Anyone is welcome to apply, but we obviously have some "guidelines" for who will we consider. Slumlords: Full admin, you successfully breached our group of friends. Janitor: Trusted community member with moderator permissions and tools to help maintain a safe and friendly environment in our servers.  This is not a stepping stone to an admin position. It is a unique group all its own. Please copy the form below, start your own thread in this forum, paste, and fill it out. This will allow others to comment or give rep to your post. ---------------------------------------------------------- Age: Country: Steam Profile URL: On average, how many hours are you on our server(s) a week?: From what times are you usually on? (Please include time zone): Are you an Admin for any other servers/games? If so, which?: Do you own & use a mic?: Sourcemod Experience?: What other multiplayer PC games do you play?: What would make you a good Janitor?: You are now a Janitor and someone is being verbally abusive over voice chat to a community member, how do you handle it?: Bonus Question - You have the opportunity to speak to Gaben, what do you say?: ---------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for your interest, and good luck! (If you have any questions before you apply, feel free to reply to this post with your question)
  3. This christmas, I am visiting from 12/13/13 to 1/1/14 which is when RC4 releases and my final day. After 1/1/14, I will NOT come back to TBM.
  4. From the ashes of leaving TBM, I have came back for just Christmas. I am yet, starting a new trailer that I will actually work on and not delete. This forum post will update when the trailer is finished. Happy holidays. It will be worked on by myself. However, there is some kind of delay due to CONTENT ID.
  5. Gremlin


    I am here on TBM for a very special reason. Something that had happened and then was removed. It was a empty game server. Only one player or a few came on. It was similar to Minecraft. I was about to play but forgot it was removed. Please put it back. On the other hand, it is very strange to see TBM servers having only a few players (11-23) or even deserted. Minecraft has no activity. CP/PL is 0 everytime. Somethig is happening. Just you wait. (No one is coming back, if you guessed that.) I am. Someone else. A alt. You will not know except for someone that I know. He used to troll. And loves purple.
  6. FAILED ATTEMPT TROLL #1: OfficerSweetBoy: Dr. Xeno Pootis: officer Dr. Xeno Pootis: you play dayz OfficerSweetboy: i do OfficerSweetboy: yes Dr. Xeno Pootis: i have dayz standalone Dr. Xeno Pootis: beta test Dr. Xeno Pootis: lel Dr. Xeno Pootis: get rekt OfficerSweetboy: thats cool OfficerSweetboy: howd you get it Dr. Xeno Pootis: i forgot i had a copy of it in my email Dr. Xeno Pootis: i was looking OfficerSweetboy: and how is it Dr. Xeno Pootis: VERY. Dr. Xeno Pootis: GREAT. OfficerSweetboy: whats different about it Dr. Xeno Pootis: It is graphically improved and very fluent gameplay. Dr. Xeno Pootis: The graphics are like Battlefield. Dr. Xeno Pootis: Gameplay is easier to play Dr. Xeno Pootis: easy controls OfficerSweetboy: any new weapons or vehicles? OfficerSweetboy: or maps? Dr. Xeno Pootis: yeah Dr. Xeno Pootis: new weapons OfficerSweetboy: which ones Dr. Xeno Pootis: scar Dr. Xeno Pootis: gatling gun OfficerSweetboy: thats not new Dr. Xeno Pootis: for no apparent reason OfficerSweetboy: sounds like the old dayz, with new graphics Dr. Xeno Pootis: chainsaw OfficerSweetboy: i heared there was alot of new features Dr. Xeno Pootis: yes Dr. Xeno Pootis: i haven't found all the weapons yet Dr. Xeno Pootis: there's no info about it Dr. Xeno Pootis: but new city Dr. Xeno Pootis: i forgot Dr. Xeno Pootis: name Dr. Xeno Pootis: you want to play it OfficerSweetboy: i do Dr. Xeno Pootis: wait Dr. Xeno Pootis: i forgot that they only give out copies to specific people Dr. Xeno Pootis: sorry OfficerSweetboy: mhm OfficerSweetboy: that sucks Dr. Xeno Pootis: well OfficerSweetboy: what kind of specific people Dr. Xeno Pootis: standalone is pretty fucking awesome. Dr. Xeno Pootis: Random people. Dr. Xeno Pootis: All over the world. Dr. Xeno Pootis: Pretty much people that likes dayz a lot. OfficerSweetboy: didnt even know they were making the closed beta OfficerSweetboy: no announcements Dr. Xeno Pootis: Officer can i tell you something. OfficerSweetboy: whats that Dr. Xeno Pootis: You. fell. for it. Dr. Xeno Pootis: I'm going to post this on the forums. OfficerSweetboy: i knew you were lying, i just wanted to see for how long you were gonna lie to me Dr. Xeno Pootis: people aren't so easy to troll these days FAILED ATTEMPT TROLL #2 Acheron: Dr. Xeno Pootis: hey acheron do you want a beta key of assassins creed 4 black flag Acheron: You have a beta key to that? o.o Dr. Xeno Pootis: yes Dr. Xeno Pootis: you want one Acheron: Heck yeah I do! Dr. Xeno Pootis: okay Dr. Xeno Pootis: let me contact ubisoft Dr. Xeno Pootis: and i can get you a beta key Acheron: o.o Alrighty Dr. Xeno Pootis: okay Dr. Xeno Pootis: instructions: Dr. Xeno Pootis: go to game Dr. Xeno Pootis: activate product Dr. Xeno Pootis: type: Dr. Xeno Pootis: i888-can't88-believe888-you888-fell888-for888-it888 Dr. Xeno Pootis: Seriously. Dr. Xeno Pootis: You got trolled. Dr. Xeno Pootis: *claps* Acheron: tbh I didnt really believe you, considering you said that you were going to contact ubisoft Dr. Xeno Pootis: aww Acheron: That was your weak point lol Dr. Xeno Pootis: i am pretty bored Dr. Xeno Pootis: nothing to do Dr. Xeno Pootis: although they are going to start to give out some beta keys SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT TROLL #1 Nixa30: Dr. Xeno Pootis: hi nixa Nixa30: whats up? Dr. Xeno Pootis: wanna play some mount blade Dr. Xeno Pootis: redemption Dr. Xeno Pootis: it's a new game of mount blade Nixa30: On the store? Dr. Xeno Pootis: too bad i had to download it from their offical website Dr. Xeno Pootis: not on the store Dr. Xeno Pootis: they haven't put it on the store yet Nixa30: Ill look Dr. Xeno Pootis: lol Dr. Xeno Pootis: you fell for it Nixa30: You scrub Nixa30: I love MB Dr. Xeno Pootis: i am gonna post this on the forums Dr. Xeno Pootis: GET REKT Nixa30: XD Dr. Xeno Pootis: i have already trolled Dr. Xeno Pootis: acheron Dr. Xeno Pootis: officersweets Dr. Xeno Pootis: now you Nixa30: All with the same game? Dr. Xeno Pootis: no Dr. Xeno Pootis: acheron - assassin creed 4 Dr. Xeno Pootis: officer - dayz standalone Dr. Xeno Pootis: nixa - mount blade redemption Nixa30: XD SUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT TROLL #2 Bobbyjoe: Dr. Xeno Pootis: bobby Dr. Xeno Pootis: how do you keep an idiot in suspense Bobbyjoe: I don't know Dr. Xeno Pootis: TROLLED. Dr. Xeno Pootis: LEL Dr. Xeno Pootis: you were the idiot in suspense Bobbyjoe: lel epix trelll
  7. Today, marks the absence of me on TBM. Well, I am officially quitting The Black Market. I have done many things and offered many projects. From the trailer, minecraft towns, tf2 events, and whatnot. All of my unfinished work and projects, will be scrapped and stopped unless someone will offer to resume them otherwise. Stuff that are affected: Celinda/Lerakroth (Minecraft) - Construction will stop and volunteers can stop helping. These towns can be resumed by either Sinch or any other Admin. Celinda is a huge dirt stairway in the plains south of the spawn. Lerakroth is underground in the swamps north of the spawn. Trailer (Misc) - Unfortunately, I have deleted this project due to my very busy life of work and planning. Events (TF2) - Pootis feud and giveaways will be not held by me anymore, unless someone will do so. Continuation of gameplay on game servers (Games) - I will not be on the servers anymore nor visit nor comeback. Requests I need for any Slumlord to do: ​Carry on some of my projects Remove my donator rank Remove my home on minecraft Remove items and money in bank of me Never mention me in any game server Respect and Honor to friends of mine: 1990's Television - A very cocky, somewhat awesome 90's kid that is the best around here on the Black Market. Keep up the voice impressions. Corporal R. Prime - I will "burn down your qatar" if you give me your truck. White_Warlock - Rekt'ing often will cause excessive boners, so don't do it. Resin_ - I hope this community will continue on to success and victory. Sinch_Fett - Amen, Sinch. Amen. Goodbye friend. SwampyTroll - You'll still be a snobby wit king. OfficerSweetBoy - Goodbye. Hatrix - YOU'RE THE BEST ADMIN I EVER SEEN NOW GO GET STONED ALREADY AND PARTY Nixa30 - A friendly shemale famous for her/his tits. Acheron - Even althrough I know you as a furry, goodbye. Kaiza "so fetch" killa - Same as Hatrix ^^^ Bartwfa_ - Well, good times must end here. I am leaving. Goodbye my dear friend. I envy this community since I joined this community through TF2 late summer 2012. I was a noble, towering, then noble, and then Benefactor. I wish for this community to succeed in great achievement and success. Well, I can't think about what to say about me leaving. Goodbye TBM. Sleep Tight.
  8. so what do you do on the map except trading, do you swim in the pool or party in the club or play a game on the grounds or do you relax at the fireplace?    post your answers below :P
  9. Resin_

    TBM Open #1

    Hey Everyone,   Recently we decided to begin holding Open-Style Dota 2 Tournaments, with help from the Reddit Community! We're still in the process of getting the actual tournament system in place, but for now this thread will suffice!   If you are interested in participating: 1.) Please register here. 2.) Come back to this thread and reply with your Team's name, its players, and your time zone. 3.) Wait patiently as we integrate the tournament system, and get a head count.   Please note that once our actual tournament system is in place, all team members will have to be registered here to officially join a team. It saves us a lot of time, and makes organization less tedious.   Thanks for reading!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B77xmQuSnU&feature=share
  11. Hey Guys,   I'm currently working on the new design for the forum! I still have a ways to go, but any feedback would be great! You can test it yourself by scrolling to the bottom of any page, clicking Change Theme, and selecting Moonskin. Thanks!   PS: The default theme is Dustblue, in case you want to switch back.
  12. Hey Everyone!   Starting a week (or two) before Halloween this year, we will be doing our usual Halloween event! Join us for the exploding pumpkins, candy, boss battles, etc! I'll edit this post with more details as we get closer to the end of the month!
  13. Hello there old chap! I am yet starting a new project, except its a very special tbm server made by the community. What, you say? Garry's mod. This server will be a custom build server with a custom map. It will have the famous plugin, wiremod and hopefully more features to come. I am starting to learn source, coding, programming, and more. I will also handle the server funds and its "shit" latency machine (sorry resin). FUNDS provided by my money. Personal money. Map is a modified map of Resin's TBM alley. It will be bigger and detailed than the giant walls of brick and graffiti. I will list this as a gameserver, hold on tight people as I develop this by my own. Ideas, suggestions, or offers to help is welcome.
  14. ~Hello there! Before you start reading, CTRL+F to find sub sections listed below:~ Section I: The Black Market (or is it?) Section II: Team Fortress 2 (make it rain hats!) Section III: Minecraft (time to shit and die) Section IV: DayZ (no tears shed) Section V: Terraria (where you can die) Section VI: Past Games (since 1990's) Section VII: Conclusion (now go away) Section I: The Black Market (or is it?) Ah, welcome to your voyage of gaming and enjoyment! We would like more people, and YOU of course! We host several game servers (listed in our handy dandy NOTEBOO- I mean gametracker on the site!) We have a very strong and rather yet, a very interesting and funny community. One second in one of our servers, you'll be laughing your ass off until your ass turns red and you have to explosive diarrhea. So what the Black Market is you say? It's a very lovely gaming community growing since...2009. We're very old and won't stop growing. The rules: No Harassing, bullying, or teasing. Sorry trolls, no bait here. No Stealing or griefing. No Threatening. No Lies No Trouble No rule breaking No horseplaying (jerking off on the mic, etc) No Porn sprays (no tits, no penises, no gential parts.) The Black Market is a vast of mysteries and adventures. Enjoy it while you can! If you want to donate, of course.... For fun? Donator Ranks: MODEST - $5 minimum paypal OR TF2 items worth (Preferably 2 keys) NOBLE - $20 minimum paypal OR TF2 items worth TOWERING - $50 minimum paypal or TF2 items worth BENEFACTOR - $100 minimum paypal or TF2 items worth (Unusuals, unusuals, unusuals!) Donator rank can be on any game server we have! Each rank will have its benefits, that is for you to find out! There is also... The very specailzed admin team we have! Janitors, slumlords, and even slumladys alike! Janitors - Mini admins that specailize in moderating the servers and also wrecking some havoc and fun! Current Janitors we have: 1990's Television Corporal R. Prime Ryuke Hatrix Kaiza Killa Thane has every risen Trydianth SCE Cath nope.nim Slumlords/Slumladys - Admins that have every weapon in their arsenal, they also moderate and tweak the black market! Current Slumlords we have: Resin_ Siren_ OfficerSweetBoy Nixa30 THIS CLOSE Ricket Acheron Swampy Sinch_Fett Doom Aganemnom Whitewolf Sub_Z Tequilla Mockingbird Vozo Magnum Yes, that is a very giant list of people who will *gladly* help you in any way on the black market! Just don't annoy them every 5 seconds. Section II: Team Fortress 2 (make it rain hats!) The lovely team fortress 2 trade server we have! The very first server! This is where it all began! Welcome to our trade server! This type of trade server is often middle-class trading, so there is no complete chaotic unusual trading. We host much events on here and have moderators often on here! We also do raffles, events, and specific ones! Like spycrab or boss fights! There's a club! A pool! Movies! A diner! A soccer field! A fight club room! A lounge! All for you to enjoy! Just remember not to go down to the tunnels, there's whores and sex slaves. This used to be a very peaceful alley, until the REDs and BLUs came along and fought each other across the alley! There's no more people except for you and other players! Too bad you don't see our citizens anymore. Be sure to hang out on our TF2 server and have some fun! Section III: Minecraft (time to eat shit and die) What? Minecraft? Oh boy this was a great expansion! We got bored on TF2, so we decided to expand to Minecraft! Yes, the child's game of building with blocks and surviving the night of course! Black Market's Minecraft is filled with towns, adventure, neighboring houses, and danger! Nutbush, Asscrest, Lerakroth, Celinda, Boobfestu, and more! Our server is filled with such plugins! Werewolves, vampires, economy, banks, pets, mno, and more! Your quest in Minecraft starts here my friend! Section IV: DayZ (no tears shed) Balls required to survive in our server! There's supplies and zombies everywhere! Watch your step here! Explore in our lovely server of DayZ! Don't die. Seriously. Our server is filled with surprises and wonders! What will you ever find in here? Be afraid of everything. Shed some tears. Cry. Fail the game. Your cowardness begins now in a world of trouble. Section V: Terraria (where you can die) Welcome to a two dimensional world of Terraria! We have just expanded to this game since it is very fun and addicting! Explore, build, and survive. Or die. Cry in a corner like a little baby man. Never fear! Your adventure awaits near! Build a house! Build wonders! Anything imaginable with the stuff in the game! Just do it! Section VI: Past Games (since 1990's) Let's just say several games weren't so successful and fun to enjoy. Black market has made some silly choices. L4D2 - This used to be hosted, until it was beginning to have loads of problems (thanks to resin's ingenious server) It was fun. While it lasted. Well, that's literally it of our past games. More to come soon! Section VII: Conclusion (now go away) This is it for our lovely black market guide! The future will have more! More games to play! More games to host! More games to farm! Look, the admins are already addicted to Dota 2! It's only for asians, silly admins! Hope to see you on the game servers of the black market, my friend. Good luck to you and have fun! CREDITS@ - MADE BY DR. XENO POOTIS SOURCES: TBM, ADMINS, COMMUNITY 10/14/2013 9:05 PM FINISHED DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COPY OR REPUBLISH OR EDIT
  15. Anyone got some childhood memories? Mines are awesome:
  16. Hello there! We hae just expanded to Terraria and started up a new server! This topic is for you or other people to suggest very interesting ideas to add on onto our server! Maybe donator perks? Plugins? Anything you could suggest to improve fluent and effective gameplay on our servers! Rules of conduct ------------------------------------------- 1. No Griefing/Stealing 2. No harassing (that goes for you too, dallan) 3. No trolling (so sorry swampytroll) 4. Nudity and swears may be allowed 24/7. 5. Build with best effort you have Note: Although I do not have the game, I made this post so sinch doesn't have to spend a few minutes to write a suggestion topic. You can edit anytime or add something to the post, admins.
  17. Hello there! I am doing a another town, except it's set in the sky! It will have both Lerakroth features and possibly Nutbush. The town is like BioShcok Infinite, except without machinery, blimps, or 1800's people. Features set so far: Ciry hall Park Two floor homes Stone roads to walk Colorful marketplace sector Teleports to Lerakroth and maybe nutbush Public bridge access from ground to air Arena Bank Mall (player shop sector) Estimated size: 4x Lerakroth & Nutbush Start: Fall Break Please note I am still working on Lerakroth. I will work on Celinda from time to time. I have a lot to do.
  18. Warning! This topic is mean't for me to keep track and update my projects. Hello there! PROJECTS: Celinda Trailer Tf2 olmypics Pootis feud v2 Giveaways Lerakroth FAQs Help Suggetions How to's -------------------------anything past this line is optional to read and not tbm related Swtor leveing Gta sa and v completion Roblox - ciry, castle, fps Garrys mod animation Piano of bad piggies I have a lot to do. Nobody has time for that.
  19. Hello there! I am making a trailer for TBM. But...You can be part of it for 100% free! I am directing, writing (admins can help writing and fix), recording clips in our servers (scripted scenes and dialog), and of course doing editing. I am posting more information about in the making. There is a bloopers, but don't mess the trailer up. PRE-script A black screen A community with favor.... (Show hilarious moment in tf2 server) SCRIPTED A black screen A community with a fun sense of humor.... (Show hilarious moment from servers) Not scripted A black screen TBM logo text shows up giant and standing out being slanted backwards (Show serious, hilarious, gameplay, feature text clips, videos from servers) SCRIPTED and non scripted clips. A black screen IDEAS yet to be added PRE-actors Will be thinking of some. PRE-dialog I'll need several voice clips from mature, non distorted, serious, adult/teen people. Games included: dayz, tf2 p, minecraft Music during black screen and tbm logo clip: mind heist - inception if i can time it and cut it right. I'll need the following from you, you awesome wits. Voice actors Actors Editors amd revisors Semi director Scripter Writer This trailer will be worked on with effort and will be completed by the time of 2-5 months. Leave a suggestion in a post, but also recommend some video editing:making sowftware i can display text with. I have sony vegas pro, but it won't be enough to cut and edit a whole lot. If you post tl:dr, i will kick yo ass (jk, but really, learn how to read.)
  20. Everything. The latest issue of #1 can be found here! ISSUE #1: How to: Break legs and arms Step 1 - Walk on the sidewalk Step 2 - Watch as the drunk man from the bar hit you Step 3 - Transported to the hospital immediately Step 4 - Tell the tales of that story as you lived Step 5 - Return to normal life How to: Fuck with the community Step 1 - Give them the finger Step 2 - Tell lies Step 3 - Fap on livestream Step 4 - Tell everyone you demonstrated masturbation to your parents COMING SOON...
  21. Hello there you fat ass! Here in the Black Market, we hate you and discourage you everytime you come on our servers! We recommend to go fuck yourself and suicide on the fucking toliet where you had your explosive diarrhea on!   Q: I like dicks   A: Good! We suck your dick for free!   Q: Fuck you all!   A: Bring the condoms!   The admins:   Overdose - Dumbass   Drunkass - Fucker   Shithead - Lick my penis   SiraLot - Go die in a hole   The absolute piece of shit janitors from schools:    Broom   We hope you enjoy your fucking fapping in our dumpster toliet!   Go be a proud bitch and show what we can lick!   We have a shitty box for internet! Experience TONS of fucking Crashes and best of all, you love it! Lag!   Our fucking talking system is:   Skype   #LOLOADSYOLOSAWGEATSHITANDDIECODRULES   FUck you all! FUCK YOU ALL!   BITCH LICK ASS BUTTHOLE PENIS!   (Note: I hope you enjoy this friendly FAQ I made.)
  22. Hello there, young minecraftian/survivor/trader! Welcome to the BLACK MARKET where everything is fun, sexual, and exciting!   Here, we are not THAT average gaming clan or whatever, that hire TERRIBLE admins and demands your money!    Here are some frequently asked questions I get from the servers of the Black Market:   Q: What are Donators, Janitors, and Slumlords?   Donators are people who either donated money OR TF2 items (as far as I know) and get a sexy donator tag in front of their name whenever they go on Black Market servers.   Janitors are people who are in training in becoming a slumlord but with some admin commands that everyone will (not) enjoy!   Slumlords are people who are the little masterminds of Founder Resin_, who has all the admin commands and stuff at their arsenal.    Q: How do you donate?   Contact a Slumlord ONLY or pay on the website with paypal.   Modest is the first level for donations - $5   Noble is the second level for donations - $20   Towering is the third level for donations - $50   Benefactor is the last level for donations - $100   Q: Help! I keep getting lag/glitches/freezes!   Due to our elderly box purchased by Resin_, servers are experiencing lag/glitches/freezes, but only a few times.   Q: Who are all the slumlords?   Resin_ - The Overlord   Siren_ - The Queen   Acheron - The ummm...I can't describe.   Night_ - The rare morgan freeman   Nixa30 - The shemale famous for his tits   Ricket - The "are you fucking kidding me" slumlord   SuB_Z - The helpful slumlord   Swampy - The Snobby wit king   Doom - Evil slumlord   Magnum - The Amazing Slumlord   Tequila Mockingbird - The Awesome Slumlord   THIS close - The closest Slumlord to your face   Vozo - Good slumlord   Whitewolf - The "Rarest" Slumlord   Foxyfluff (DECEASED, NOT SLUMLORD, USED TO BE) - The dumbass idiotic fucker slumlord   Officersweetboy - The "male stripper" slumlord   Sinch_Fett - The awesome, complete genius, slumlord   Aganemnom - The awkward slumlord   Q: Who are all the janitors?   1990's Television - The Complaining Bastard   Corporal R. Prime_ - Best Qatar Janitor   Thane has every riesen - Awesome Janitor   Trydianth SCE - Recommended Janitor   [DIV-X] Nimorrax - Is a guud janitor   Kaiza - Is a guud janitor and best, no?   Q: What type of mic programs does TBM have?   We have mumble.    Q: What is constantly updating?   Our minecraft/dayz/tf2 servers and maps are constantly being updated. We did one time hosted a server on l4d2...It ended up glitchy, we had to remove it. :'(   Q: How is Slumlord earned?   You have to be the most friendly, awesome person in TBM or you can apply for janitor.
  23. Watch it.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAXqwewejwU
  24. Hey Guys,    1.6 is finally here, complete with a new launcher and plugin "system". You can read more about it here:   https://mojang.com/2013/07/minecraft-the-horse-update/   It may be a while before we update our server, all depends on Bukkit and the plugin developers.
  25. Hey Guys,   Have any plugin suggestions for the server? Post it here.
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