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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Guys,   A couple of us recently started playing Arma 3 Epoch, which has been extremely fun. So much fun that I threw up an (currently) 80 slot server for it! If you own Arma 3, come play with us! If you want some more information on what Epoch is before dipping your toes in, visit EpochMod.com.   IP:   -Resin_
  2. [New] Custom single seater "Mosquito" Light helicopter. [New] Consumables can now give the player multiple attributes on use. [New] Honey can now be consumed and an empty jar is returned. [New] Empty Food cooler added. To be used with food crafting. [New] Metal Scraps added and can be found in many places as well as crafted into Salvage Metal. [New] 3 new Soda cans some with unique attributes. [New] Player Krypto account added. Accessed by pressing the Inventory key next to a phonebooth or an ATM. Larger the transaction the longer it takes. [New] Custom Weapons: AK47, M14, m249, m107, m4a3 ported from Arma 2. [New] Camo version of female wetsuit. [New] Female Ghillie Suits Tan, Light Green, Dark Green. [New] SteamAPI support added for future features and VAC ban check system. [New] In-game Admin Panel cleanup and features added: Spawn Menu, 3D ESP, Map ESP, Basic Admin levels. [Changed] Removed all "Take" and "Rearm" actions to prevent taking items from locked vehicles. A new take option will be added soon to allow item access underwater. [Changed] Sledge Hammer damage increased 2x. [Changed] Loot now spawns more readily. [Changed] Loot table tweaks to increase building materials. [Changed] setTimeMultiplier 4x enabled by default. Can be changed with timeMultiplier in epochconfig. [Changed] Shelf, tipi, and Frequency Jammer are now built using the physx build mode. [Changed] Combat Logging: Players now leave a Doppelganger behind for 60 seconds after disconnect. This can be changed or disabled in epochconfig.hpp server side. [Changed] Death trigger now spawns shark if player is killed at sea. [Changed] Added Override vars to epochconfig that control object expiry. vehicle, building, storage (7 days), players (30 days). [Changed] Vehicle slots limit now based directly on total of per vehicle counts in allowed vehicles list. [Changed] Reworked backend of NPC trader mechanism to be more accurate and optimized. [Changed] Land vehicles now spawn in cities near roads instead of anywhere on roads. [Changed] Many performance and security changes server side. [Changed] Vehicle save queue system for better performance. [Changed] Seasonal items like Meeps and Halloween masks removed from loot tables. [Fixed] UAV's are no longer static and now move like they are supposed to. [Fixed] Fully disabled thermal equipment for all vehicles. [Fixed] Geometry of walls changed to help reduce glitching. [Fixed] Disallow Holster and GetOver action near base walls, to reduce wall glitching. [Fixed] Global setdamage event with Communication towers. [info] Reworked server configs. InstanceID is now set in EpochServer.ini and the rest in epochconfig.hpp now found in @EpochHive folder. [Known Issues] Weapon attachments get wiped when player to player trading. (workaround for now take the items off the weapon first). [Known Issues] Moving a painted corrugated wall causes it to loose its color.
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