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  1. Ah, Team America. Teaching kids on sexing since 2004
  2. Never tell your password to anyone. Wednesday, November 26, 2014 1:39 AM - a_mckinley28: Hey mate, i interested trade with u 1:39 AM - a_mckinley28: you here now ? 1:40 AM - a_mckinley28: I offer the lowest prices on items!! 1:40 AM - a_mckinley28: if u interested, please see my price: http://kingpic.eu/nj8929h382gj09.png 1:40 AM - a_mckinley28: you do not mind trade? 1:41 AM - Rubberband: Um, no I dosent kno engrish speekin? Does anyone also recognize that link, never seen something like it and I'm not gonna dare myself to find out.
  3. The Overseer made up it's mind.
  4. That there is both ugly and magnificent.
  5. One of the top ten Steam Players of all time.
  6. I never thought I say this, but I honestly think Time Warner would be better than the piece of shit internet I got right now

  7. I could go for some chips now.
  8. Rubberband

    The Move

    I have a comment. TOO FUCKING BRIGHT!
  9. I rather be in the electric chair while getting raped by a 60 year old pedophile than read this story again.
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