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  1. look whose back, back again!

  2. Moving is a B****h

    1. 1990's Television
    2. Resin_


      I hear that, just finished moving myself!

  3. well, broke my screen again so gg Corp!

  4. so i just got hands on my dad's new car
  5. New Raffle Added: http://tf2r.com/kl33xtc.html so this raffle was basically made for my other group but due to the lack of response here ya go! enjoy
  6. I Support, he's a cool guy and very polite, i would love to see how he would do as a janitor
    1. Hatrix


      I was wondering this myself.

    2. TooMuchHoneyHam


      Same, what is that?

    3. CorporalPrime_


      i think something happened when resin re-did the servers

  7. http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/07/23/free-steam-key/ Not my Giveaway
  8. Gmod servers only work, and im speaking from experience, if u have admins on it 24/7, there are some servers which do not require admins at all, but if we somehow decide to open up a TTT or DARKRP admins always on are must. It wouldn't hurt to have a mvm server *wink wink*
  9. 4:15 PM - Corporal R. Prime_: mines too 4:16 PM - only_4848: Good 4:16 PM - only_4848: Where are u from? 4:16 PM - only_4848: I find 1 way for make steam offer 4:16 PM - Corporal R. Prime_: Qatar 4:17 PM - only_4848: Its so cool in trad 4:17 PM - Corporal R. Prime_: yes 4:18 PM - only_4848: Ok 4:18 PM - only_4848: So 4:18 PM - only_4848: I am in iran 4:18 PM - only_4848: We are near 4:19 PM - only_4848: Haha 4:18 PM - Corporal R. Prime_: Nice 4:19 PM - only_4848: I am with tablet now 4:19 PM - Corporal R. Prime_: Me 2 4:19 PM - only_4848: Haha 4:19 PM - only_4848: So 4:19 PM - only_4848: U cannot see now i am with tablet 4:19 PM - only_4848: Its bad 4:20 PM - only_4848: Hah 4:20 PM - only_4848: Bro 4:20 PM - only_4848: U must trust me 4:20 PM - only_4848: I will show u all steps for do it 4:20 PM - only_4848: But i need 5k for learn it 4:20 PM - only_4848: If u agree tell me so 4:21 PM - only_4848: U can ask about me from my friends 4:21 PM - Corporal R. Prime_: Lol 5k 4:21 PM - Corporal R. Prime_: Noty 4:21 PM - only_4848: If it dont work on ur tablet 4:21 PM - only_4848 is now Offline.(*deleted*)
  10. 3K hours of TF2 down

  11. Here's how to fix it fellow admins: sm_resize warlock 1; sm_explode warlock *warlock is just an example* that usually changes there size to normal tf2 size and since u explode them they do the default damage wat they would do at normal size, FIXED!
  12. just want you all to take advantage of things like these that's all
  13. http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/07/16/free-steam-key/ THIS IS NOT MY GIVEAWAY
  14. Never tell your password to anyone. Corporal R. Prime_: hello hbkrandil7: Hi,Add my second account "*BEEP BOOP SON*" just copy link in browser and click add friend. I will make an good offer I tried you add, got error. Pls add, i'm waiting Corporal R. Prime_: why do u do this man? wat do u get from this? Corporal R. Prime_: r u retarded? hbkrandil7 is now Offline.(Deletes me LOL)
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