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  1. look whose back, back again!

  2. Moving is a B****h

    1. 1990's Television
    2. Resin_


      I hear that, just finished moving myself!

  3. well, broke my screen again so gg Corp!

  4. so i just got hands on my dad's new car
  5. New Raffle Added: http://tf2r.com/kl33xtc.html so this raffle was basically made for my other group but due to the lack of response here ya go! enjoy
  6. I Support, he's a cool guy and very polite, i would love to see how he would do as a janitor
    1. Hatrix


      I was wondering this myself.

    2. TooMuchHoneyHam


      Same, what is that?

    3. CorporalPrime_


      i think something happened when resin re-did the servers

  7. http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/07/23/free-steam-key/ Not my Giveaway
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