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  1. This is my formal resignation from TBM adminship and TBM related duties. I request removal of my admin privileges on all servers and in the steam group. My reasons for resigning are personal, I have no beef with anyone here. The times I've had here have been fun over the last couple of years. Locking the topic as there's no need to reply to it and I request that nobody replies nor makes a big deal out of it. Have a good one guys.
  2. I see you once every three weeks on the server and the times you are on the server, you're mostly AFK. I don't support unless you're more active.
  3. I remember growing up I used to watch TMNT. April is hottest waifu.
  4. I like Steven Universe, that's a pretty good animu.
  5. New to our servers? Trying to figure out these commands? This guide can help you understand! As a general rule, most commands start with either ! or /. ! will let others see the command when you type it, / will execute the command silently. (e.g. !menu versus /menu) Public Commands !trade, !trade <target>Trade can be used as an easy alternative instead of going into the TF2 menu to trade. Type !trade and hit escape to select a user to trade with. !trade <target> can be used to select a specific target instead of using the selection menu. Confirm the trade request by selecting "Yes! Send a trade now."!pm, !pmsend <message>PM, standing for private message, is a method of privately communicating to other users on the server that you might not have on your friend's list. Inbox - Your inbox of PMs. You can delete messages by selecting them and choosing the delete option. Outbox - Your outgoing PMs. Friends - Your friends list for PMs on the server. You can send a PM to any user on this list. Blocklist - Users on this list cannot send you a PM. Groups - A list of groups that you are a part of or have created. Help - An FAQ about the PM system. If you have a question on how to use the PM system, the answer is probably here.!adminsView who the current admins on the server are.!pc, !pc <target>Check the price of an item.!ks, !ks <number>Give yourself a killstreak. Used to activate particle effects on professional killstreak items.!tpView the world and your player model in third person.!fpView the world in first person.Donator Commands Modest Donator Commands !vc, !vciVC is used to change Voice Channels in our TF2 servers. Currently we have Public, Donator, Admin, and Announcer channels. When in a voice channel, you can only hear voice chat from players in the same voice channel. Users start in the Public channel. The Announcer channel can hear and speak to all channels. !vci will invite someone to your current voice channel.!noisemaker, !noisemaker <number>Use a noisemaker! Select your noise from the menu and it will play. !noisemaker <number> will play a noisemaker based on the number you choose.!rocketmeLaunch yourself into space! Ka-BEWWWWWWWWM!!marryMarry your lover on the server. Married couples are ranked based on time spent together and points scored on the server.Noble Donator Commands !resizemeResizes your player model. Size is preset.!robotMakes your player model into a robot version of yourself! You retain your cosmetics while in robot form.!trailmeAdds a smoke trail to yourself.!rainbowizeTurns your chat text into a lovely rainbow.Towering Donator Commands !buildinghatsGives any sentries and/or dispensers you build hats! Hats may be unusual in quality.!mypitch <number>Raises or lowers your character's vocal lines.!kartmePuts your character into a Halloween kart. Beep beep!Benefactor Commands [Reserved Slot Access]More to come...If you have further question, feel free to direct them to any admin.
  6. Foxy confirmed back. Foxy confirmed foxy. Foxy confirmed rumored. Foxy confirmed confirming.
  7. Hatrix

    Racism and shit

    We've always had a good sense of humour at TBM, we're not gonna ban someone if they get on the server and say "What up, faggots?". Someone starts actually throwing those slurs and meaning it, then they'll take a time-out. I do not tolerate actual racism. On the subject of that,
  8. These rules are in effect as of July 31st, 2015. By clicking continue and entering our servers, you are agreeing to abide by these rules. General Server RulesSpawncamping is allowed on RC4 and on. There are multiple exits out of spawn on these versions of the map.On RC3, spawncamping is not allowed, neither is shooting into spawn.Teleporters leading into spawn are not allowed.Do not mess with people spycrabbing or dueling for bets.No sprays are allowed that are offensive, inappropriate, or pornographic in nature.Do not impersonate an admin. All admins will have either a [Janitor] or [Slumlord] tag on the server, not in their actual steam name.Don't be an asshole.Do not hack, aimbot, triggerbot, or use any third-party software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Use of said software will be met with a permanent ban with no appeal.Purposefully attempting to crash and/or break the server will result in a ban. Length of ban is left to the discretion of the server admins.Admin's say is the final word. Do not argue with it.Communication RulesText chat is only to be used once per chat cycle. Do not spam advertisements or binds.Do not interrupt anyone on the mic.Don't be a mic hog. Let others talk as well.Micspamming is allowed only in the Donator voice channel (use the !vc command to switch channels).Trading RulesDo not random trade.Any player found to be scamming or attempting to scam someone will be permanently banned from our servers.Do not beg for free items or donations. Doesn't matter if it's your birthday or not.Betting RulesSpycrabbing / Heavy Boxing for bets is allowed.Standard Spycrabbing rules apply (first to three crabs loses). Standard Heavy Boxing rules apply (stock fists only, first to beat their opponent three times wins).If you spycrab / box without an admin middleman, we are in no way responsible for your loss if someone runs. The runner however will be permanently banned.Any item(s) being crabbed / boxed which are worth over a total of five keys require an admin middleman. You can use an admin middleman for any amount of items however.An admin middleman is anyone with the [Janitor] or [Slumlord] tag on the server. Only admins can act as middlemen on our server(s).Tips and/or donations are not required or expected for middlemen.Other betting games are allowed, e.g. Huntsman dueling, Cleaverball, etc.The rules must be made clear and agreed upon by both parties before the duel takes place.All other standard rules apply concerning bets and middlemen. See above.
  9. brb building my own rc5 with blackjack and hookers

  10. Hatrix

    Mario Kart Maps

    sexy sexy spawn castle very very incomplete
  11. Hatrix

    Mario Kart Maps

    New video! 3d skybox is finally working right. I fucked up. Then I unfucked up. Then I refucked up. Then I fucked up fucking up. Somewhere, the karmic balance between these fuck ups resulted in everything finally working. I do realize these videos are real shit quality, but free software is free software. Video updates are better than shitty .pngs anyhow.
  12. Hatrix

    Mario Kart Maps

    Spooky wooden beams. Main track almost done, skybox still in progress.
  13. Hatrix

    Mario Kart Maps

    Too lazy to resize my avatar so YT will take it. Also, BEEP BEEP MOTHERFUCKERS.
  14. Hatrix

    Mario Kart Maps

    Mmm, some sexy track breaks. Hey look, I recorded a shitty video. Thanks to Ryuke for textures and animated Boo : P
  15. MARIO KART HYPE Hey fagbags, Ryuke and myself are letting the .vmf files rot working on some Mario Kart maps for TBM. Personally, I'm working on Ghost Valley 3 from Mario Kart for the SNES. Any feedback, ideas, or other garbage you guys wanna say is welcome. Progress on Ghost Valley so far: 1, 2, and 3. I'm gonna try to post daily updates so I don't abandon the project because I'm lazy. Planned Features for Ghost Valley: Lakitu "picking you back up" should you fall off the track.Spells used as power-ups / pick-ups.An NPC Kart Racer driving around the map, pushes other players out of the way.Tower Spawn points, used to spectate other racers.Admin room?
  16. Don't worry guys, he'll be back from running away from home when he realizes he forgot to pack a sandwich. Bonks, just stop being such a shitter. You keep trying to stir shit up, thinking that will move you up in the community. Why are you so obsessed with that? Slumlords and Janitors don't have much more power than anyone else. Sure, we can ban people, so? It's not one person can make that decision. We all agreed on banning Warlock, so we banned him. He appealed, and most of us thought that he deserved another chance, so he got unbanned. We hardly see him anymore because he's obviously decided to not be part of the community. Hell, I wouldn't give a shit if Vince came back. Bottom line is, you wanna be a part of this community, be a fucking part of it. Your "civil war" post was amusing, if not to say the least, but you take everything too damn personally. Welcome to TBM, everyone gets shit on. Resin is lazy and doesn't do anything. Butkraken kraks butts. Ryuke is a jew. I'm a one eyed, one horned, flying purple fetti faggot. Evan is a weeb. Wave's not even real, he's just a lenny facing trigger bot. 1990s is a charismatic Nazi leader. HoneyHam is a cancer patient. Perp is "a nice guy". The list goes on and on. Get the fuck over it. If you don't want to be a part of this, then just leave. We've had people come and go over the years that I've been here. Don't let your personal feelings get in the way. I used to hate 1990s Television when I was first here, but now we get along. Everyone has their fallouts, you'll be back. For fucks sake, Warlock came back even after he was banned under a different account and username. As for the "people are trying to anger me", stop playing the victim. You bring all of this on yourself. You over-react, you get your feelings hurt quite easily. How about you actually take a step back and laugh at yourself for once? You'll find it's a lot easier to relate yourself to everyone else once you stop taking offense at every little thing. I'm good at wall of texting.
  17. But senpai, I told you to unbunch your panties, not to go fuck yourself. :B1:
  18. Reinstate Hatrix and Butkraken on TBM! There's absolutely no trix here! We'll get kraken on those butts immediately! It was a cold, dark evening on RC3. The wind howled. The rain rained. Evan was safe in his house, cuddling his waifu bodypillow after a sweaty wrestling session with her, fire crackling in the background in the fireplace. A knock on the window. Thunder. Evan lazily looked over to see Hatrix outside his window. "Lemme in, you piece of shit." Evan slowly walked over and locked the window, only to curl back up with his waifu. Waifu is laifu of course. You couldn't blame the man. Glass breaking. Evan turned his head on his pillow to see Hatrix already inside, drenched. "You gotta hide me." Evan told Hatrix to get the fuck out. Hatrix handcuffed him to the bed. "All clear!" Butkraken jumped through the window. "Wow, this seems pretty gay" commented Butkraken. "You wanna get cracking, Butkraken?" "Stop saying that." Butkraken handed Hatrix a tarp. Hatrix affixed the tarp to the broken window so no one could see inside. "I think we're safe here." "Who's that looking at us from the bathroom?" Butkraken asked. Hatrix walked over. "Oh, that's just one of those creepy statutes of a guy in a suit." "Ah." Evan pipes up. "What are you two assholes doing here? Weren't your badges taken away?" Butkraken lights a cigarette. "Yeah, so? There's scum that walks the street at night. Someone has to take care of it." Hatrix takes off his edgy trenchcoat and lays it by the fire to dry. "We've been doing some recon since you've been here assfucking, not sure how you do that to a pillow, your 'wife'." "She has a name." "Yeah, what? You calling it 'Hatty' still?" Evan blushed. "You two stop jerking each other's dicks." Butkraken said. "We've got a storm coming." "It's already raining out." Butkraken takes another drag. "I'm not talking about precipitation. I'm talking about a disease." "Will you stop for a fucking minute and uncuff me?" "Not until we're sure you're not gonna report us." "Fuck you." Hatrix pulls out a flash drive and plugs it into a laptop nearby. "We've been doing recon on a place near here that looks very similar to RC3. They've even called it RC4, thinking it's better than this place. There's apparently a bunch of new followers, 'Autists' they call them." "Don't you mean 'Cultists'?" "No, Autists." "Go on." Hatrix goes back to the screen. "They plan to invade and destroy us. If you lowly Janitors think you can handle them, you're wrong. Their retardation is stronger than I've ever seen before. They ENJOY being happy'd." "What?!" Evan exclaimed in disbelief. Butkraken ashes his cigarette. "A war is coming. You guys are gonna need all the help you can get."
  19. My mistake, we were playing multiple versions of the map, lost track of which one is which. One version has no build restrictions. Everyone I've talked to thinks they're annoying as fuck in general at any volume. RC3 had none of that. Who unadded who? Also, why are we fronting like the server is a super-computer? It can't handle the stress of a full server with everyone lobbing grenades and whatnaught. We were playing last night, the server started stuttering when we were engaging in high CPU-requiring activities, e.g. launching grenades, multiple sentries shooting, airstrike soldiers in mid-air unloading their clips, all of this at once. It can handle a full server with people talking and doing small activities, but it does stutter sometimes. It's not clientside, everyone in the lobby was getting it.
  20. Alrighty, let's start this shitfest. You wanna call me out Bonks? Let's have it out. Let's start with your personal problem with me. I've come to muting you in server because of your buttfuck obssession with insulting me the entire time for literally no reason. Literally every single person in TBM has told me in steam chat that all you do is constantly insult me over the microphone. I, of course, can't hear it and don't care to. You've shittalked on me the entire time since I've been back from my hiatus. You're literally cancer on this server, you've turned into an even worse version of Warlock and Thokity's baby. You have zero fucking reason. The server crash that I instigated was a legitimate accident, so unscrew that turn-base dildo you've got stuck up your ass out. You have contributed /nothing/ to this community except attempting to ride whoever is admin at the time's cock, which is pretty damn annoying within itself. I've been here longer than Ryuke, you have no right to be such a whiny little bitch and attempt to get me removed from the community which I've helped build a time ago. Now onto your misguided little comment here. Oh yes, I did trashtalk RC5. The side stores look like Ryuke took five minutes to make and texture them in Hammer. Everyone knows that. I'm not the first person to say that, nor will I be the last. The selfish comment was a joke, stating that Ryuke loves to puff and sting pyro, therefore opened the roof up for ambushes from above. Stop taking every fucking thing out of everyone's mouth so literally, you autist. Maybe if you stopped writing down what hurt your feelings in your diary for one minute, you'd be able to take context into account and see that it was a joke. RC5 is a bad map design. Resin himself said not to open up the roof. It's so focused on "Bigger is better!" when we all put in thousands of hours on RC3 and loved it. There's nothing wrong with the cars, I like those. The fact that the map is now a shitfest of people camping the roof elevator spawn, people generally spawncamping, people having too many place to hide, Ryuke completely fucking up the pool so that there's no reason to go in there in the first place, this is all what makes it a bad map. It's literally cancer. As for the "one of the rare admins running and helping the server", running =/= helping. We used to have a FULL, count it, FULL server every single day. The best we can muster up now is your autistic ass running around, insulting, whining, crying to admins for help because someone beat you up for your lunch money. I mean shit, maybe if we ban you, people will come back. Just a thought. What can you do about it? Nothing, like usual. Do people really need to be souless asshole? Have you met me before? I mean for fucks sake. Now onto Ryuke. You've shitted the map up man. It's cancer. It's garbage. Everyone agrees with me. You've made it too open, literally defecated music files all over the map that just straight up annoy people. We switched it back to RC3 last night and we actually got damn near a full server again. The only time people get on anymore is when Big Daddy Warbucks Ryuke gets on to give free stuff out. You're running the community into the ground while people here think anything new is "progress". Quality is more important than quantity here. Put your own little touches on the map, cool, whatever, put the Hover Pyro on the wall, make your graffiti, you're the one working on it. It's all good. The sealed off soccer arena is a good idea, spectator arenas are good. Why in Gaben's name did you have to completely fuck up the pool? Nobody goes in there anymore. Why are the spawns so damn open? It's a shitfest to get out of spawn now, people build sentry guns and all that other shit in front of the doors. Alright, we had it out? We done with hitting each other? Now kiss and make up. Except you Bonks. I don't want your mouth herpes.
  21. Buds are worth $28~. What a fucktard.
  22. Shit, you're right, they look exactly alike.
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