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  1. TBM never dies, it's just missing in action.
  2. Back in my day we would have this post answered already.
  3. "Live long and Prosperr" lookin' ass!
  4. >Being a janitor doesn't add people to the server.
  5. Considering a majority of the TF2 traders are moving onto to more recent games, do you think it would make TBM a bit more lively again if there was a TBM CSGO trade server? I'm sure there would be a way to port RC3/RC5 as it's still a Source game.

    1. Ryuke


      A couple of things on the map rely on TF2 resources, but I think a port of the map to cs:go is possible. But are there even cs:go trade servers?

    2. butkraken


      Yes, basically knives and skins are the cosmetics of CS:GO. There's a bunch of trade servers with traditional trade style maps and stuff. I think personally we should consider branching out, but that's not up to me to say.

  6. Well, all the stores are practically crapshacks that nobody goes into. Hell, this story was better than half the crapshacks in the alley. If Sal got off his fat fuck ass and decided to renovate the goddamn place with the help of that construction company, "Hammer" or some shit maybe this wouldn't be an issue would it? No it probably wouldn't. Oh and the pool IS a maze, last time I checked I wasn't a goddamn European. Who the fuck goes through the fucking bathrooms anyways? Only pedophiles that's who. Back to the coin laundry, who the fuck works there? Ghosts? Maybe that's the reason why no one goes in there. It's probably haunted by some spooky shit. I ain't into that. Hell, all the fucking stores are ghost towns. Why don't we actually hire some of those blue suit shit shows from City 17 to work for twelve cents a day. I'm sure that'll fix some issues. Hell, call the Ghostbusters, Build a fire department, I don't know! And one more thing. Whoever owns the alley needs to build a fucking sewer, I'm sick of the shit piles on the side of the road. I'm not a goddamn indian. The ones with the dots not the feathers in case you nerds were wondering.
  7. TBM when released... Still, looks pretty good, I hope it has all the amenities of the actual game (Respawns if you fall off the track, power ups, speed boosts). -edited by Hatrix to save space, hyperlinked the youtube video-
  8. I'm sorry to see you go... I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!
  9. Since I've been back I've only seen you one or two times, and I'm typically on everyday. I usually "View the server info" if I'm in another game and I haven't seen you. I don't think 40-50 hours is a real estimate of your time spent on the server weekly. Not that being active on the forums has anything to with the server, to me it's being active with the community and you only have 3 posts. (Which are all in this application.) It's an iffy diffy, middle widdle from me. EDIT: We talked today, it's a yes from me
  10. Bonks, you clearly care for the server. It's evident, but these are minor things your getting on about. What you don't seem to understand is people are entitled to their opinions, whether they be positive or negative. If a majority of people are complaining about RC5, and Evan noticed that, he has every right as a moderator to keep the people happy and change the map back to RC3. (That's the reason why it's still on the maplist) Just take a chill pill Bonks, there is no "Civil War" on TBM.
  11. I'm hoping he'll be the one to assist me with this little idea
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, The Black Market Wrestling Federation proudly brings to you... SUNDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN Due to an overwhelming positive vibe from a run of the pilot episode, I feel like this should be a weekly "show" that airs every Sunday night. "Wrestlers" can be any size, all classes are welcome to participate. We'll have matches of all different types, eventually leading up to a championship bout at the end of the night to become the coveted... TBM HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the WORLD! (This would be a weekly show, so the title would be up for grabs each week) The announcing team will be me, "BK Kraken" and one other volunteer soul. I really want this to work weekly, so I made a steam group for this very event. LINK http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TBMWF# I'd really like the help of an admin or two to moderate this type of thing, I feel like it would add a new flavor to each Sunday night.
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