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    Kaiza got a reaction from koopking in Dumbest Steam Conversations   
    I always like to play oblivious to the fact that they're trying to scam me (or perhaps they're not), but either way it's all in good fun.
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    Kaiza reacted to Resin_ in Dumbest Steam Conversations   
    Every time I talk to Sweetbuns I have the dumbest Steam conversation of my life.
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    Kaiza got a reaction from Resin_ in Dumbest Steam Conversations   
    I always like to play oblivious to the fact that they're trying to scam me (or perhaps they're not), but either way it's all in good fun.
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    Kaiza got a reaction from Evangelion in Dumbest Steam Conversations   
    I always like to play oblivious to the fact that they're trying to scam me (or perhaps they're not), but either way it's all in good fun.
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    Kaiza reacted to Hatrix in BEST SFM/GMOD PIC YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!   
    I made this one a while ago, had no fucking idea where it was going or where it went.

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    Kaiza reacted to CorporalPrime_ in I made a new friend too :D   
    Mr. Ball Saggy: may i see it? 01:24:34 You added Genuine Beastly Bonnet 01:24:41 Mr. Ball Saggy: how much? 01:24:53 Mr. Ball Saggy: how about... 20? 01:25:04 Corporal R. Prime_: 20 wat? 01:25:14 Mr. Ball Saggy: what you mean? 01:25:37 Mr. Ball Saggy: 20 dollers.for steam 01:25:47 Corporal R. Prime_: u mean 20 cards for the hat? 01:25:49 Mr. Ball Saggy: ill paypall you 01:26:00 Corporal R. Prime_: sure i would like the payment first tho01:26:11 Mr. Ball Saggy: sure thing 01:26:23 Mr. Ball Saggy: i need an email to send the money to. 01:26:37 Corporal R. Prime_: sure one sec 01:26:47 Mr. Ball Saggy: just email not password 01:26:48 Corporal R. Prime_: please hold up im making an accout lol01:28:56 Mr. Ball Saggy: ok no problem 01:29:08 Corporal R. Prime_: ok send it to *Beep Boop Son*01:29:21 Mr. Ball Saggy: ok one sec slow internet >_< 01:29:42 Corporal R. Prime_: take ur time 01:30:07 Mr. Ball Saggy: ok i have the acc pulled up and.. im sending 20 U.S dollers to *Beep Boop Son* correct? 01:31:40 Corporal R. Prime_: yes 01:32:23 Mr. Ball Saggy: ok so from previouse scammers robing me of my money.im going to need you to conferm the trade trade. 01:33:19 Mr. Ball Saggy: I will send you the product key if you need it.01:33:33 Corporal R. Prime_: yea but im not gonna press the make trade button unless i know i have received the payment 01:34:47 You are ready 01:34:49 Mr. Ball Saggy is ready 01:34:58 Mr. Ball Saggy: well sir.I have the product key right here i have the paypall card right here.If you need a photo. 01:35:58 Mr. Ball Saggy: Iv been robed to many times.And its not good for busines 01:36:24 Corporal R. Prime_: send me the product key first 01:36:52 Corporal R. Prime_: i should have the payment in my account before i press the make trade box 01:37:06 Mr. Ball Saggy: no problem i will send you the product key but i will send The money when you trade. 01:37:54 Corporal R. Prime_: dude send me the money first 01:38:16 Corporal R. Prime_: u know u cant fool me i have 8200+ trades to my name boi 01:38:46 Mr. Ball Saggy: ?. 01:38:58 Mr. Ball Saggy: who said i was fooling you. 01:39:08 Mr. Ball Saggy: I have your acc pulled up right now. 01:39:15 Corporal R. Prime_: ok then send the payment 01:39:26 Corporal R. Prime_: so we can get this over with 01:39:30 Mr. Ball Saggy: I have the paypall card key right here.01:39:39 Corporal R. Prime_: where do i put the code or wat do i do?01:41:18 Mr. Ball Saggy: well you see i bought this paypall card.And this is its key meaning that if you ever needid to send 01:42:37 Mr. Ball Saggy: this to valve prooving that i did not send a 20 doller paypall card.Witch you will not have to do. 01:43:07 Corporal R. Prime_: well all i know is i should have that 20$ in my account before i press the trade button 01:43:24 Corporal R. Prime_: so yea send me the payment or i cancel and block you and then report you 01:43:38 Mr. Ball Saggy: sir. 01:43:50 Mr. Ball Saggy: you cant report me i have to many sucsesfull paypall payments.I can not trust you because of scmamer01:44:28 Mr. Ball Saggy: history 01:44:30 Mr. Ball Saggy: take the deal or leave it 01:44:47 Corporal R. Prime_: do u have rep to show for it? 01:45:04 Mr. Ball Saggy: yes. i do. on my business acc 01:45:37 Mr. Ball Saggy: find me at Super Erroka 01:46:10 *thats is so fake it gave me AIDS* Mr. Ball Saggy: and please +rep my acc if the You accept the deal 01:46:47 Corporal R. Prime_: ok fine lets settle on this, why dont u just add funds to steam and then buy this hat over the market 01:46:57 Corporal R. Prime_: and we both win 01:47:02 Mr. Ball Saggy: its a paypall card. 01:48:05 Mr. Ball Saggy: not a steam wallet card.' 01:48:09 Corporal R. Prime_: u can add paypal funds to steam 01:48:20 Corporal R. Prime_: didnt you know 01:48:23 Mr. Ball Saggy: yes yes you can. 01:48:30 Mr. Ball Saggy: But this is a sendable fun card.Not a card for my acc sadly. 01:48:48 Mr. Ball Saggy: its allready been put in on your acc name01:49:08 Corporal R. Prime_: ok then send it and take ur hat from me01:49:23 Mr. Ball Saggy: if i send it you might decline the trade. 01:49:58 Corporal R. Prime_: i won't, cross my heart and hope to die01:50:17 Mr. Ball Saggy: if you seen my busniess profile youd see that i have the rep. 01:50:25 Corporal R. Prime_: send me a link 01:50:38 Mr. Ball Saggy: just find me at Super Erroka *FAKE* i dont know how01:51:01 Corporal R. Prime_: nah man i'd rather not do this "too suspicious"01:51:31 Corporal R. Prime_: good luck conning others  tho 01:51:34
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    Kaiza reacted to 1990's Television in Unexpected can of worms   
    Notice he literally would have kept talking until he was allowed to have the last word.
    Perhaps he's lonely and projecting his introverted anxieties onto you.
    Or maybe he was spoiled as a child and now he's a full grown little shit who needs to be beaten like a dirty rug.
    Either way, He's unstable and fucking stupid. "Trolling" isn't seeming genuinely butthurt about something,
    It's making someone else genuinely butthurt. That's why to successfully troll you must be a soulless husk
    willing to go above and beyond the call to achieve your goal of making someone momentarily angry at you.
    See, Kaiza, you and Corp aren't trolls because you didn't even take the time to change you're profile pictures.
    You're just shitty friends, and I'm ok with that. But foxy is a shitty human being.
    In summary:
    Git rekt m8
    Git fukt m8
    Ur mum m8
    Jolly good show my friend.
    Just like a Jewish convert being circumcised tomorrow, you stand a few inches taller today.
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    Kaiza reacted to Hatrix in Dumbest Steam Conversations   
    Random adds, outpost trades, anything. Post 'em.
    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Hatrix: Hello.
    xG| EliteSonic™: hia
    xG| EliteSonic™: still selling the relaxo?
    Hatrix: Yep.
    xG| EliteSonic™: how much?
    Hatrix: It says how much in my trade.
    xG| EliteSonic™: im not on it :/
    xG| EliteSonic™: im trading with soemthing else
    Hatrix: You clearly had to click on my trade to add me. It's listed right in the trade mate.
    xG| EliteSonic™: you took 5 minutes to respond
    Hatrix: I was in the bathroom, excuse me for having to defecate.
    xG| EliteSonic™: and excuse me for wanting to trade more
    Hatrix: I can see you're not interested in it, as you didn't take the 5 minutes that I was in the bathroom to read how much I would like for my taunt. Have a nice one.
    xG| EliteSonic™ is now Offline.
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    Kaiza reacted to Evangelion in Unexpected can of worms   
    This is a rollercoaster of butthurt and emotion like non I have ever seen
    Seems like foxy needs a bit of this

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    Kaiza got a reaction from Evangelion in Unexpected can of worms   
    So, I spent a great deal of my night with some fine company, on the Black Market, when just before I was going to leave, Corporal decided to change his name to Siren, since she hadn't been on forever, in an attempt to give 1990's Television a shock. I joined in on the fun, changed mine to Foxyfluff, to be like "hey guys", before letting people know it was a joke. Needless to say, no one was fooled. 90's joined, and was not in the slightest bit convinced, laughed at our silly ploy, and we all had a chuckle at how frivolous an attempt it was. It then it turned into a change your name to whomever-fest, which lasted roughly around five minutes before concluding. It was all in good fun, and nothing more than that.
    I decided, the one person who might not get it, and see the name change, but whom I also hadn't spoken to for years, was Foxyfluff. So, to be fair, I thought I'd let him know just so he doesn't freak out. Then, the most unexpected conversation transpired. Enjoy:
    I had only just woken up from a nap, to see that I had been messaged, and I won't lie, I was struck by the insane troll logic of it all. For example saying "You can not give me an explaination for the usage of my name, that isn't either fishy or insulting to me. You can't. And if you can, it's a lie." Is like saying "I won't you to tell me something I want to hear, and if your evidence and facts conflict with my feelings then you're definitely wrong, WRONG I SAY!"
    I'm just still so surprised by how serious he thought this was, over a very transient exchange that took place over a period of a few minutes, before we all parted ways and went about our day/night, then to be messaged with this was just a very huge "what just happened" kind of moment.
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    Kaiza got a reaction from Sinch_Fett in i made a new friends! (Part 4 -Best Ever)   
    I stopped correcting people on small imprecisions when I realised that it's a greater show of character being able to read between the lines and not lose sight of the essence of their statement, instead of allowing a conversation to devolve down into a weird passive aggressive shooting war over where a letter or word was placed, or not placed. I would hope you know what I intended to say, and synthesise it into your understanding rather than disagree with me on something we're likely in agreement upon.
    I was a little confused as to why this was happening at first, but I realise now, that by virtue of my post following directly after yours, that it might have looked as if I was posting in response to you, whereas I was posting in response to the thread. I didn't have Hatrix in mind when I said "anyone", I had Koopking in mind, because this had just happened to us. By "anyone", it should be read as 'could be applied to' not 'should be applied to', within this context. That said, I value accuracy as much as the next person who obsesses over it, but I'd like to think that even if I typed with half of the forethought that I did, and with even less than a quarter of the precise spelling, grammar, punctuation, et cetera, that you'd still take from what I say the intention of my statements, and within context.
    In other words, let's let one of the few people who shouldn't be getting called out for small oversights not have to feel like they're treading on sentence structure eggshells.
    Ps. wuv u Hatrix bby xoxo
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    Kaiza reacted to rand.ohmguy_ in I was hacked.   
    I have this program on my computer that let's me login from anywhere, so apparently, someone hacked it while I was on vacation
    I realized something was up when I couldn't login and when I saw my profile became Private.
    I logged into my alt, and contacted Rubberband, because I knew he was trustworthy.
    Rubberband CHANGED MY PASSWORD ON STEAM TO "cheesytaters". (no longer my password, duh)
    Apparently, he defriended a bunch of people and left some groups i was in!?
    So, please reinvite me to TA and refriend me if you haven't done so.
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    Kaiza reacted to Ryuke in Talk of the Items   

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    Kaiza reacted to A Disgruntled Deer in Talk of the Items   
    Yay to the Strange Cosmetics
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    Kaiza reacted to Ryuke in General Music Thread   
    Yeah, most of the lyrics in that song won't occur to you without context. Being a group of like 5 writers there are a lot of different types of songs that are on any zippers album, and of their albums the inevitable is my favorite.

    I can understand why Cybergeist wasn't your bag, sometimes I feel I just gotta drive the knife in.

    Edit: Corp posted just before I finally posted this response. First one was just the Harlem Shake again. Second one wasn't too bad, but it was a bit too close this:
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    Kaiza reacted to CorporalPrime_ in Miniature Black Market..   

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    Kaiza reacted to Swampy in So long, farewell, to you my friends. Goodbye, for now, until we meet again.   
    This really shouldn't be all that surprising to any of the admins or regulars. I've stopped hopping on the trade server and haven't really jumped in the Mumble either.
    I'm not abandoning anyone. You are all still welcome to message me and to play games with me if you'd like. But I think it's time I hang it up. Without meaning to disrespect anyone, I honestly haven't enjoyed being on the trade server ever since Nino and Siren left. I can't bring myself to get on and talk to you guys like I did when I was first taken on as Siren's "minion". Things just simply aren't the same.
    But what I did enjoy was spending time with Resin, Sinch, Ricket, Sweets, Eddie, Scumbelina, Shooter, Acorn, Voz, Dropbear, and everyone else who frequented Mumble. Whether it was downing kamikaze helicopters in DayZ or viciously pub-stomping in DotA2, those guys were a fucking blast to game with. And playing games with them was what really helped me to understand what this place is. When I first joined the server, I only saw it as a place to trade on TF2. But the reality of it is that The Black Market is just a group of friends who play games and do shit together. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in waiting for RC4 or the next event that we forget that.
    I don't think I'll ever return to this. It was fun and I've met some of the coolest people here, but I was never a really good Slumlord. Sometimes I would get things done, but I lacked the motivation to properly enforce the rules. I would honestly rather spend my time playing games with all of you than telling you what not to do.
    I'll leave you all with a bit of advice; join the Mumble. Take the time you spend in this community and make the most of it. There's more to it than just the trade server. There are some incredibly fun people sitting behind the scenes. You'll meet people that will keep you laughing for hours on end. Hell, you may even meet someone that you'll look up to.
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    Kaiza got a reaction from koopking in Koopking getting scammed   
    I don't know if Koopking would approve of me making this thread, as he mainly blames himself, and seems to be trying to deal with this issue discretely, but he was genuinely scammed out of three buds, not just ripped off in some manner.
    He gave them to me to hold as a middle man, I did, and they were returned to him, and when I returned from the shower he was asking where they were and, it turns out, while I was away the other person who added me, named Arc, had a friend who had or created a false account to mimic my Steam account, and in a group conversation with Koop and Arc, took the buds from him while impersonating me.
    It would be good, I think, if folks could just give Koopking a few things. I would never expect this of anyone, so it's not obligatory, of course, but just some extra things you might not need.
    I'm also bothered that I was impersonated. So remember folks, be vigilant if you're asking one of the Janitors/Slumlords to middleman for you. Check their Steam level, if they've acquired one like I have, and ensure it corresponds to their usual figure, or they have a lot of time clocked in Team Fortress 2, or you have numerous mutual friends from the Black Market.
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    Kaiza reacted to White_Warlock in TBM Upgrades Web   
    Why do I not have the MS Paint Artist award. I am obviously the most gifted here.
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    Kaiza reacted to Acheron in Rubberband Celebration Thread   
    Next time I see Rubberband, he gets a hat. Everyone loves hats.
    Maybe two hats, generosity rewards generosity.
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    Kaiza reacted to CorporalPrime_ in Rubberband Celebration Thread   
    i really appreciate what rubberband is doing for the community, these little things make our community though small but one of the best out there
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    Kaiza reacted to butkraken in Rubberband Celebration Thread   
    I agree, Rubby is a pretty decent community member.     
    He is an amazing Santa Claus and a great person in
    general. I've finally met someone else who does huge
    giveaways. So here is a picture celebrating both of our

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    Kaiza reacted to Dr. Xeno Pootis in Rubberband Celebration Thread   
    Congratulations to Rubberband. The next "me", perhaps. Wait, I shouldn't be here. Carry along.
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    Kaiza got a reaction from Sinch_Fett in Rubberband Celebration Thread   
    Now, to start, I would like to state that this isn't a thread celebrating the wonderfully practical invention known as the rubberband, as useful as they are understated. No, this is a thread celebrating one of our benefactors, Rubberband.
    Rubberband, for some time now, has been getting donator status for members who have been frequenting the Black Market for a while, of his own volition and generosity. Additionally, most of the items used in the Hide-and-go-Extravaganza have been provided by Rubberband.
    A lot people on our server have given much, but this particular thread is for Rubberband. He has been providing these donator status for members quietly and would never himself make such a thread drawing attention to this. I, however, am happy to draw attention to this. Many of the prizes you will win in the Hide-and-go-Extravaganza will have come from Rubberband, and it is for this that I am thankful, as I alone wouldn't be able to run this game with the quality prizes provided. Thank you.
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    Kaiza reacted to CorporalPrime_ in Expanding in TF2   
    we nee mapvote please so that players can choose whatever mvm map they wanna play at what ever difficulty
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