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  1. I wasn't being nice at all. In fact, I was being all kinds of passive aggressive under the guise of "kindness". Their frustration will be with them for some time to come.
  2. I always like to play oblivious to the fact that they're trying to scam me (or perhaps they're not), but either way it's all in good fun.
  3. I think Sandbox mode would be easy to exploit, if someone wanted to troll/crash the server, and if it was fun we shouldn't allow inconveniences to get in the way of having a Garry's Mod server. That said, for the above reason, and also since I have been having so much fun playing Trouble in Terrorist Town and would love for other Black Market community members to share in this bliss, a TTT server using the Trade Alley map would be all kinds of sublime, especially if we used the Point Shop plugin, so members can have things like the Chell skin, and wear cute hats, et cetera. Dark RP would also play out nicely on a TBM Garry's Mod server. I'm putting in my vote toward Garry's Mod, if I had to choose one game. Especially either, or both, of the aforementioned gamemodes.
  4. Precisely, we didn't go the extra mile to change our entire profiles, and avatars. We did this just as a chuckle full knowing you'd likely be unconvinced, and it was so. You laughed at our ill-conceived ploy, called us idiots, and left. No harm, no foul.
  5. I was just happy to leave it there when I said "okay", that "fine" at the end there was so passive aggressive though lol. I told Evan I wouldn't turn this into a psyche analysis, but I get a lot of NF (intuitive feeler) underpinnings from what he focuses on his arguments. I suspect dominant Fi (introverted feeling), and most likely an INFP, probably one of the types through which I have the most disagreements. Dominant Fi can be difficult to reason with, once you've struck a cord with their sense of values, and clearly I had unintentionally stepped into a minefield of refined feelings with very black and white conceptions of what sets him off.
  6. So, I spent a great deal of my night with some fine company, on the Black Market, when just before I was going to leave, Corporal decided to change his name to Siren, since she hadn't been on forever, in an attempt to give 1990's Television a shock. I joined in on the fun, changed mine to Foxyfluff, to be like "hey guys", before letting people know it was a joke. Needless to say, no one was fooled. 90's joined, and was not in the slightest bit convinced, laughed at our silly ploy, and we all had a chuckle at how frivolous an attempt it was. It then it turned into a change your name to whomever-fest, which lasted roughly around five minutes before concluding. It was all in good fun, and nothing more than that. I decided, the one person who might not get it, and see the name change, but whom I also hadn't spoken to for years, was Foxyfluff. So, to be fair, I thought I'd let him know just so he doesn't freak out. Then, the most unexpected conversation transpired. Enjoy: I had only just woken up from a nap, to see that I had been messaged, and I won't lie, I was struck by the insane troll logic of it all. For example saying "You can not give me an explaination for the usage of my name, that isn't either fishy or insulting to me. You can't. And if you can, it's a lie." Is like saying "I won't you to tell me something I want to hear, and if your evidence and facts conflict with my feelings then you're definitely wrong, WRONG I SAY!" I'm just still so surprised by how serious he thought this was, over a very transient exchange that took place over a period of a few minutes, before we all parted ways and went about our day/night, then to be messaged with this was just a very huge "what just happened" kind of moment.
  7. I stopped correcting people on small imprecisions when I realised that it's a greater show of character being able to read between the lines and not lose sight of the essence of their statement, instead of allowing a conversation to devolve down into a weird passive aggressive shooting war over where a letter or word was placed, or not placed. I would hope you know what I intended to say, and synthesise it into your understanding rather than disagree with me on something we're likely in agreement upon. I was a little confused as to why this was happening at first, but I realise now, that by virtue of my post following directly after yours, that it might have looked as if I was posting in response to you, whereas I was posting in response to the thread. I didn't have Hatrix in mind when I said "anyone", I had Koopking in mind, because this had just happened to us. By "anyone", it should be read as 'could be applied to' not 'should be applied to', within this context. That said, I value accuracy as much as the next person who obsesses over it, but I'd like to think that even if I typed with half of the forethought that I did, and with even less than a quarter of the precise spelling, grammar, punctuation, et cetera, that you'd still take from what I say the intention of my statements, and within context. In other words, let's let one of the few people who shouldn't be getting called out for small oversights not have to feel like they're treading on sentence structure eggshells. Ps. wuv u Hatrix bby xoxo
  8. Yes, that's what I just said. I don't know why you thought my statement conflicts with this view. I can rely upon you to pay attention to someone's vernacular, and with great accuracy, but we can't rely upon many others to be as vigilant however, and those are the people I was referring to. People like you and I aren't representative of the broader population of TF2 players, that won't pay the same kind of attention to the smaller details.
  9. This is the exact method someone used to impersonate me when taking Earbuds from Koopking. Just be vigilant of the banter, and if they don't even use the same vernacular, it's likely not even them. I type in a very specific manner, but I won't expect anyone to pay too much attention to that, but Koopking's main mistake was not checking the imposter's profile. One click would have opened up his profile and revealed that he wasn't even Steam level # that I was at the time, didn't have any of the same mutual friends, didn't have my 2,500+ hours clocked on Team Fortress 2, et cetera.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised to find, upon using my copy and paste for buying and selling items, that I had been promoted from Janitor to Slumlord (or Cumlord as I like to say). Unimportant sidenote: If I could use the "Slumlady" tag instead, as it's no longer in use, as per my preference for identifying as the opposite gender, it would be much appreciated, otherwise ignore this request, and thank you for the promotion. It's time to bend the world to my will, mwuhahahahaha!
  11. That's more like it. I'm a patient person, so I avoid those "free weekend" deals like the plague, since I don't want my experience cut short if I don't have the finances to purchase the game once the free weekend period is finished. I'd rather just wait until there's a deal, or I can afford it. This is even better than that.
  12. Does this mean we'll be seeing Siren again? I miss Siren.
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