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About Me

My name is Maddie, or Fefeta. Whatever you prefer I guess.

Before I continue, yes, I'm a grill. Don't treat me like a goddess because of it, I hate that shit. Treat me like a normal human.

Uhhh, I like to draw. Especially TF2 characters and loadouts.
I've been a gamer for a very long time. I love games such as Borderlands 2, Risk of Rain, Dishonorned, TF2, Gmod, Smash Brothers, Animal Crossing, Killing Floor, Spiral Knights, Goat Sim, Battle Block Theater, Castle Crashers, Left 4 Dead 2, and many many more. 

I can play the trumpet. Toot toot. 

Oh, also, I'm in love with my boyfriend Joey or known as <3myqtpa2t4ever<3 (TOOTZ) .

I love German Shepherds. They're awesome dogs. 

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