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  1. I miss everything here.

  2. hiatus

    when shall it end?

  3. sooooooooooooooooooo empty

  4. Wish I could go for a New York Strip. Maybe some Honey BBQ Ribs. I'm quite hungry. :(

  5. Gonna update PCs with new GTX 960s, price is $199.99 for awesome budget performance :D

  6. Anyone got a 3DS? Friend code: 3969-6817-9705

  7. x: -364, y: 67, z: -113 leads to nether stronghold

    1. rand.ohmguy_


      Noice. I'll join you once the full release comes out.

  8. Everyone is a bag-it. Therefore, I shall overwhelm the Black Market and become the overlord to rule everyone under my foot.

  9. What should TBM focus on? Find out here! http://strawpoll.me/1320891

    1. codecruncher17


      Well really its not that we need more SERVERS we need the admins (if there are any left that care besides kraken or corp)To do something with the server that they already have. like giveaways that always get gets server traffic even when they are not giving things away

  10. Hello? Anyone there? Knock knock.

    1. codecruncher17


      Knock knock whose there oh wait everyone's dead

    2. CorporalPrime_
  11. new website link: theblackmarketgaming.com :D

  12. Ah fuck it. I'm staying in TBM. 3:

  13. Come on Resin_, hurry up with that RC4 map.

    1. OfficerSweetboy



  14. 4 More days until I am off TBM :(

    1. White_Warlock


      Your choice, no feels are felt by me.

  15. Holy fuck. I'm a part of Angry Joe's new gaming community. I'll still be on here on the forums. I also be on Angry Joe's gaming community forums. Yay!

  16. I'm back. Just go easy on the jokes around me. Projects will resume within a few days.

  17. Today and afternoon I lost someone very important to me in my family. I am drowning in a sea of sorrows and all projects of me are on halt. Please excuse my long absence from Steam and TBM. For I wish to be left alone in peace, remembering my grandfather as he passed away in bed. His final wish was touching and made me cry even more. From today to a day I will return, goodbye TBM. This just happened earlier. No trolling, no nothing. I do not wish for humor to be in this status post. Rest in p...

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    2. CorporalPrime_


      I am sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

    3. Robo


      so sorry to hear

    4. Resin_


      Sorry buddy, my condolences

  18. Anyone know how to fix dayz's (BAD VERSION SERVER REJECTED)?

  19. Is Minecraft server broke? I can't even /help or /list

    1. Sinch_Fett


      fixed - was experimenting with a new permissions model

  20. Everyone must fuck with the community on April Fools. It'

    1. Dr. Xeno Pootis

      Dr. Xeno Pootis

      Will be funny. God dammit Ipad.

  21. Somebody raided the forums. With weird positive measages I don't inderstand. Somebody help me understand.

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