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  1. Socket is only currently supported on Windows devices.
  2. To the members that are still active, please fill out the following information so we can better get to know you and what type of games you like to play: First Name Gamer Name Games that Interest you Game Types that Interest you Why you are a part of TBM 1 Fun Fact about You Who do you know that is a part of TBM What is important to you when talking about a Gaming Community 1.) Aaron 2.) Sinch_Fett - you can call me Sinch 3.) Minecraft, Dota 2, Worms 4.) Open World, Some FPS, Strategy, and Moba 5.) I am part of TBM to make friends that will last a lifetime 6.) I oversee the usage of hundreds of computers every day 7.) I know most of the community in some way or another though I personally know Resin, OfficerSweetBuns, Shooter_Magavin, etc.. 8.) Loyalty, friendships, and having fun
  3. We are currently reviewing your application
  4. We are currently reviewing your application - sorry it took so long to respond!
  5. I'm not dead yet either!
  6. Based on what others have to say and the amount of hours put in, I would be willing to support this one as well - I as well would like to see our moderators more active on the forums
  7. If anyone is interested in playing or if there is a feature that would potentially draw in more players, we are open to suggestions - all suggestions will be considered by myself and if I view them as a reasonable addition/change I will then implement them on the server and push out the new update using Socket
  8. I also think this is a bad idea - the tags right now represent people who have contributed to the support of the server and the community, simply playing on the server should not count as an equivalent to those who have donated.
  9. Socket & Minecraft are back online
  10. Socket should now be online - Click Here to Download Socket
  11. It will - that will provide the automatic updates - I am working to bring that back online as well
  12. I am working on bringing Socket back online to push the required mods/updates to minecraft clients - the minecraft server should be back up and running - it is running on a slightly different connection protocol due to the current server specs.
  13. Updated to include more mobs that want to kill you as well as furniture, more blocks, another dimension and ways to create more compacted storage.
  14. Version 2.0.0


    Defeated Software Presents.. Socket (a Game Management & Community Client) This is a work in progress. You must register within Socket to Login! Current Features: -Create clans/guilds with ranks, along with a private chat channel -Create infinite chat channels -Manage files needed by our community's servers -Launch games and connect directly to our servers Download Socket Here
  15. Sinch_Fett

    Logout Option

    Base Code Written and passed initial testing - will know more about it as users begin to use it in the next version of Socket - this feature will be published soon - waiting on images though I will likely publish when I return from vacation.
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