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  1. Bonks


    *tumbleweed rolls by*
  2. god fucking damn is this place a desert, i almost feel like a tumbleweed.

  3. You better buy some rope because you should consider hanging yourself after writing that one. Also save some for me.
  4. CSGO trading lookin good. I bought this Butterfly for a decent 90$ price, and it looks extremely clean for FT, infact nearly FN. let it begin. Never tell your password to anyone. Shrekt (Trading): hai Shrekt (Trading): what do u want for ur knife? Bonks: so what can you muster up to pay for it? Shrekt (Trading): i can buy more keys Shrekt (Trading): a lot more Bonks: Alright, well I Shrekt (Trading): how many keys for it Bonks: I think the knife is around 48-50 because it's extremely clean looking Shrekt (Trading): http://csgostash.com/skin/458/Butterfly-Knife-Forest-DDPAT here Shrekt (Trading): how much its worth Your state is set to Offline. Shrekt (Trading) is now Offline. Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained. Connected again and rejoined chat. Shrekt (Trading) is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. Chat goes dead for about 2 hours. Bonks: Mmhmm, mine's FT and looks min wear Bonks: so I'm gonna price it at 50 then Shrekt (Trading) is now Online. Bonks: yo Bonks: steams back up Shrekt (Trading) is now Away. Bonks: no Bonks: sorry wong person Bonks: ? Bonks: Yo Shrekt (Trading) is now Online. Shrekt (Trading): yo Shrekt (Trading): xD Shrekt (Trading): did u get all my messages? Bonks: no, actually Shrekt (Trading): oh wow Shrekt (Trading): http://csgostash.com/skin/458/Butterfly-Knife-Forest-DDPAT Bonks: So I inspected the FN one and I noticed that the only real wear my knife has is on the upper part of the blade and on the inside of my handles Shrekt (Trading): how much ur knife is worth Shrekt (Trading): urs is ft xD Shrekt (Trading): its ft bud Bonks: It's field tested but it looks min wear Shrekt (Trading): idc Shrekt (Trading): its not mw Shrekt (Trading): its ft Bonks: alright, I'll go 48 keys for it Shrekt (Trading): Shrekt (Trading): on op skins i can buy it for like 46$ Shrekt (Trading): so no Shrekt (Trading): not 48 keys xD Shrekt (Trading): SORRY Shrekt (Trading): i meant Shrekt (Trading): 64$ not 48$ Shrekt (Trading): lol Bonks: So why don't you go get that one? Shrekt (Trading): idk tbh Shrekt (Trading): its kinda ugly Bonks: Did you check my hours and think I could let it go for that low or even lower? and now you're admitting mine does look extremely clean. Bonks: Just because I only have 60 hours doesn't mean I don't know how to trade, you should have checked my TF2 hours as well. Shrekt (Trading): kk Shrekt (Trading): im just saying Shrekt (Trading): its ft Shrekt (Trading): not mw Bonks: Also where were you going to get the keys from? because there's a popular scamming method to where I pass it to a friend and you change your name and pic Bonks: But mine looks minimal wear. Shrekt (Trading): no lol im getting it from op skins Shrekt (Trading): thats where i buy my keys Shrekt (Trading): op skins Bonks: And the 64 dollars one looks well worn. Shrekt (Trading): yea Bonks: So you won't pay lower for more wear on a FT but you want my less worn knife for lower? Shrekt (Trading): idk man im not rich Bonks: But you can get a lot more keys? Bonks: how many. Shrekt (Trading): Shrekt (Trading): idk Shrekt (Trading): like Shrekt (Trading): 15 more maybe. It would kill me inside a little tho Bonks: So 25 keys? Shrekt (Trading): yea Shrekt (Trading): not enough for ur knife Bonks: So you're saying rather than going for the well worn looking knife for 32 keys you want my clean one for a lot less? Shrekt (Trading): xD Shrekt (Trading): its obv u dont want to trade with me so cya lmfao Bonks: k Bonks: Next time make sure your price limit is about right.
  5. After I've chilled down and resorted to meditating, I think It's time to say something as well. I'm going to be in college studying for a degree in Radiologic technology, I'll be taking a few side classes to keep me busy in my free time as well. With these things coming up it reminded me that I might not be playing Tf2 nearly as much as I have for the past years I have had this Pc. In other news, if I'm active enough to keep myself updated to you guys, I can definitely say I still apply myself for being a shit cleaner of TBM.
  6. Bonks

    Racism and shit

    Not trying to be a bitch or anything, but the racial slurs that are thrown around in our server is pretty intense, we have a few people that come on that are completely based on racism, this creates a type of barrier from us to the innocents. I'm not saying we should abolish it, but the ways we use faggot and darky is something that burns people out of our server. We should just tone it down, all I'm saying. Keep it cool-Chippy_
  7. Felt like I should update the name, it's Chippy_ now.
  8. Now I know, I should say no, but
    That's kind of hard when she's ready to go
    I may be dumb, but I'm not a dweeb
    I'm just a sucker with no self esteem
    -Offspring "Self Esteem"

  9. I'm letting ago all of my grudges except for the one I have for deer, because he's special. I guess I'm gonna stay active on TBM because it's one of the few things I have in TF2 and I'm not about to try and do Highlander. Hatrix, other than the time you crashed the server, I hated you for a main reason; you got me scammed when I was asking whether if it was good deal or not. But since that was 2 years ago I don't give a crap anymore. Alright that's all.
  10. NOTE TO ALL I'm quitting TBM, I might get on, but trust me on the fact it will much more different than 84 hours a week. Obviously I can't control my anger as to people are trying to anger me with every chance they get, it's also just as obvious that I'm annoying, stupid, and really oblivious to things that make sense. Rather than laughing at my "Oh yeah I see", I'm much more treated to being called a dumb darky/faggot. And since I say "Oh yeah I see" quite a bit, I hear dumb darky/faggot even more. I know that I won't get janitor with these news, so you guys can just forget about my retarded campaign.
  11. That made me laugh. Although I hate you and you just think I'm annoying and pathetic, I have to say, this story was excellent.
  12. Thanks Ryuke for the hard work, and I'll keep your comment in mind, Butkraken.
  13. I feel sick from what some people actually think.

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