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  1. yeah i just saw that too there was one for 70 earlier - one of the footprints - some people are just stupid
  2. Catzla: hey Perp703: hi Catzla: i see that you were buing quicksell Catzla: I'm quickselling a terror watt steel shako that worth 1,5 for 21 keys Catzla: It isn't 3rd gen .......
  3. Age : 21 Country : United States Steam URL : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198100514826 Time Spent on servers weekly : about 8 + every week - at least stop in once per day on any given week for a little while. have been coming here as a regular for about a year now. Time Zone : East Coast : always on somewhere between 4 and 9 PM weekdays - free most weekends I am not currently an admin on any servers. I dont have any sourcemod experience but am able to get it and learn how to use it. I play 7 days to die, vindictus, im on counterstrike and gmod from time to time. I own a mic and always have it on. I feel like i would be a good janitor because i am an incredibly experienced trader, i am friendly towards everyone and am willing to help out anyone who needs it, i have brokered, found items for people at no extra charge and i give out random gifts and such just to help others get started. Im very well known in the black market and ive never been kicked, warned about breaking any server rules and ive never had an issue with anyone in the server - let alone any other janitors or slumlords. I have donator benefits on many servers and seldom even use them. I am very trustworthy and have no negative steam rep. For a verbally abusive member it cannot just be an instant kick. Situations like this arise often and many mishandle them. They need to be handled with tact and grace - talk to the person, find out whats wrong or what they other person did to invoke their ire. Try to calm them down give them a warning telling them to stop. If after all of this persists it would have to result in a kick. If i have an opportunity to talk to Gaben i would ask once and for all if the pyro is a girl or a guy.
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