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  1. Age : 15 Country : America / Washington State / Vashon Island Steam Profile URL : http://steamcommunity.com/id/GluttonyHomunculus/ On Average, How Many Hours Are You On Our Server(s) A Week?: Well I Play On The Server Each Day For About 10+ Hours (Sorry I Have No Life) From what times are you usually on? (Please Include Time Zone) : I'm On around 10:30-11:00 AM - 9 -10 PM [Pacific Time Zone][PDT] I Normally Get Off The Server When either I Have Buisness To Do, Or I Want To Sell something Fast, ill go and then as soon as im done ill come back. Are You an Admin for Any Other Servers/Games? If So, Which?: To Be Honest, Iv Never Been An Admin But I Have Been A Moderator for Many Game Servers, i was once a moderator for 6 months on a Trade Server Called Adrenl.in, i am moderator on my friend Minecraft Server Whenever Im On, and other small game servers, but i do know what it takes and i take server priority ahead of my personal buisness Do You Own & Use A Mic?: I do Own A Mic, I Use It Whenever Im On The Server, Although I Like To Be Annoying On The Mic There No Hiding that Sourcemod Experience?: I Know a Bit Of The Important Commands, and if i need to learn Anymore Command I Have The Fellow slumlords and Janitors As Help What Other Multiplayer Pc Games Do You Play?: *Dota 2 *Counter Strike Global Offensive *Unturned *Minecraft *Castle Crashers *FistFull Of Frags What Would Make You A Good Janitor: What I think Would Make Me a Good Janitor, Is That, im always there for people, i spend my time there all the time so if anyone is having any problems and no one else is online i could be of some service, i just love this server so much i spend so much time here, and i enjoy every moment here, and i just want the server to grow strong and dont want it to become a low server i want to see this server become the greatest to everyone, i also think that because i have experience i could be of help for trouble makers and server problems. You Are Now a Janitor And Someone Is Being Verbally Abusive Over voice Chat to a community Member, How Do You Handle It?: I Would give Them Was Warning If They Continue To Be Verbally Abusive to Someone I Will Mute Them, And If That Doesnt Stop Them Then I Will Gag Them, And Say This Is There Last Warning. now if they leave and reconnect to be able to talk again, and start being verbally abusive again, i will give them a temp ban. if there tem ban if over and they come back and continue to be verbally abusive i will give them a perm ban, because i dont think someone like that deserves to be apart of this community Bonus Question - You Have The Opportunity to speak to gaben, What Do You Say?: I Would ask him for more store Sales, or i would ask for more frequent Tf2 Updates
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