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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from Evangelion in Hey where's Resin_? (said nobody ever)   
    Wheres Foxxy? he owns this place bud, ill let him know to ban this resin_ douchebag.
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Thokity in The Clock is Ticking....   
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Resin_ in I made a new friend :D (Part 2)   
    I just don't get why people turn you down, you're so friendly!
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from Shyrus in I made a new friend :D (Part 2)   
    Never tell your password to anyone. OfficerSweetboy: hello ianbird28: add my friend for trade please, he can't add you for some reason... http://staamcommunity.com/id/stormpickasdf/ <-----------DO NOT CLICK! OfficerSweetboy: oh cool OfficerSweetboy: ok OfficerSweetboy: you know i had this one friend OfficerSweetboy: hes name was jerry OfficerSweetboy: me and him use to play all the time OfficerSweetboy: after school OfficerSweetboy: during school OfficerSweetboy: before school OfficerSweetboy: it was great OfficerSweetboy: but his mom got cancer OfficerSweetboy: and had to sell his nintendo gamecube OfficerSweetboy: so we couldnt play anymore OfficerSweetboy: i remember this one time OfficerSweetboy: we were playing super smash bros OfficerSweetboy: and he cheated OfficerSweetboy: like he always does OfficerSweetboy: hes quite a rascal OfficerSweetboy: but i do love him OfficerSweetboy: so anyways OfficerSweetboy: he cheated right OfficerSweetboy: and he became the giant white hand ianbird28: u suck OfficerSweetboy: you know ianbird28: my dick ianbird28: i dont speak en OfficerSweetboy: and i lost OfficerSweetboy: because there was no way of beating him right] OfficerSweetboy: cause you know OfficerSweetboy: hes a giant fucking hand OfficerSweetboy: but nontheless OfficerSweetboy: he was a great dog OfficerSweetboy: im gonna miss that guy OfficerSweetboy: he had the cutest tail OfficerSweetboy: so OfficerSweetboy: you wanna be friends? OfficerSweetboy: ill take your silence as a yes OfficerSweetboy: ok so OfficerSweetboy: my favorite color is blue OfficerSweetboy: my favorite food is steak OfficerSweetboy: med rare OfficerSweetboy: cause i dont like it over cooked OfficerSweetboy: it just taste to bleh OfficerSweetboy: you know OfficerSweetboy: my favorite drink is probably water OfficerSweetboy: but thats kinda like OfficerSweetboy: duh OfficerSweetboy: otherwise i wouldnt be able to live OfficerSweetboy: you know OfficerSweetboy: i like to make friends online and tell them about myself OfficerSweetboy: so uh OfficerSweetboy: whats your anme OfficerSweetboy: jeez i feel like ive been talking forever OfficerSweetboy: its like i cant stop OfficerSweetboy: hahaaha OfficerSweetboy: but anyways OfficerSweetboy: i oversaw that you8 said you didnt speak english OfficerSweetboy: so where are you from OfficerSweetboy: because im currently living in the us OfficerSweetboy: you knokw what i just realized OfficerSweetboy: i think you were trying to say i love you OfficerSweetboy: or hey i wanna be your friend OfficerSweetboy: but you said suck my dick OfficerSweetboy: i get those confused all the time OfficerSweetboy: hello? OfficerSweetboy: ok i clicked on the link OfficerSweetboy: and put my very sensitive information on there OfficerSweetboy: what doi i do now? OfficerSweetboy: jk OfficerSweetboy: i like to prank people because thats funny OfficerSweetboy: but other people dont really laugh at my jokes that much ianbird28 is now Offline. ianbird28 is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. OfficerSweetboy: hello? OfficerSweetboy: D:  
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from Resin_ in TBM Upgrades Web   
    Already got the Sweetest Award of them all.
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from CorporalPrime_ in TBM Upgrades Web   
    Already got the Sweetest Award of them all.
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from Dropbear in The courier stealing asshole known as Eddie/Matic/33   
    eddie's getting on the gay side....and im ok with this
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to XxEnigmaticxX in The courier stealing asshole known as Eddie/Matic/33   
    now i know why 90's left
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to White_Warlock in The courier stealing asshole known as Eddie/Matic/33   
    No idea what you're talking about, all I do to win Dota 2 is this.

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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Dropbear in The courier stealing asshole known as Eddie/Matic/33   
    The other day whilst play a game of dota with my once beloved friend Eddie a terrible thing happened.
    As I call my dear Blotto to bring me my two blades of attack and a recipe for my drum so i can successfully win the video game i asked Eddie if there was anything he needed to put on the courier he replies no, So i call Blotto to bring me my game winning items as he reaches the tier two tower Eddie stop it to get his clarity potion!!! It saddens my to think this could happen to anybody. I trying to reach out to stop this violent attack  of humanity, please help me rid the world of this scum........
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from CorporalPrime_ in Big Spoon or Little Spoon?   
    i...i...these are the wrong spoons...whatever >.>
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Dropbear in INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!!!!   
    hello my name is Jackson(Dropbear). I enjoy penis and my favourite game is surprise butt sex.
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from XxEnigmaticxX in Part one is over   
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Sinch_Fett in Part one is over   
    I call a load of bullshit right here --- how dare you join our community, play on our servers for free mind you and then tell us we are doing nothing for you.  We pay for the server out of the admin pockets, we don't rely on donations for this.  We are not for profit meaning we will make the changes that we want first.  Minecraft and Terraria aren't dead -- they are under construction, we host those games because some of the slumlords enjoy playing them not because we need a flourish community to survive -- To say that people aren't given room to move, is a bunch of fucking bullshit, the problem is you have to prove yourself worthy enough to have room to move, to expand, to innovate, and create.  
    Resin is much more than a map maker, I can say this out of fact because I know him better than you do.  Over the course of this summer we have worked on several large scale projects to make this community better, including making donation ranks automated, converting all the backend data of the games we host to be stored in databases so that we can make use of the data collected by the games we provide in order to give users their stats.  We've implemented a new forums setup, an updated member portal, several experimental game servers, the minecraft and terraria servers, both of which are still being updated, upkept, and maintained even though you claim otherwise.  Furthermore, we have started custom coding plugins for the various games we host, so in essence everything you stated about Resin being lazy is incorrect.
    Also, Sweets is not a prick or annoying -- sorry you feel that way but again you never really hung out with any of the admins so you don't really understand any of our personalities.
    Here is a few things you don't know about Resin, which I hope puts things into perspective for the readers of this forum.  A couple of months ago, 1990's made a few decisions that he shouldn't have, which resulted in a few unnamed admins requesting that we dismiss 1990s as a janitor, Resin stood up for him, Resin defended him and told them to give 1990s another chance.  Later that same day 90s did several other things that pissed off the same admins and a few others -- again they requested 1990s dismissal, and again Resin stood up for him, which is astounding since 1990s held Resin in such low regard.  1990s, you should feel ashamed of yourself for being such an asshole in the way you regard Resin -- he stood up for you when others (slumlords by the way) wanted you gone.  So here is my advice to you 1990s, you said your piece, you had your time as a janitor and now you are no more, Now is the time you slink back into the woodwork, stop bitching, and let it go.  If you had addressed the admins in a more respectful manner and not made this ridiculously inaccurate post regarding our activities, we would have considered some of your suggestions, you can have my word on that, but now that you took the time to spread lies and slander about my friends, I will no longer even consider backing your ideas regarding this community.
    Advice to Ponder:
    1.) Stop Bitching
    2.) Go about your own business
    3.) Let it go - anger will ruin your experience
    4.) Grow up and understand that what is free, usually means you won't get everything you ask for
    5.) Learn to respectfully ask for your ideas to be considered -- I have and always will be open to listen to and consider ideas that would positively influence our community -- I can not speak for how others have behaved in the past, but I can assure you that I do this -- ask our other janitors (Corporal, Hatrix, Ryuke, etc)
    6.) Learn that your opinion is not always right
    7.) Take a moment to consider that not everything we do for the community is seen by the community, a lot of our work involves maintaining databases, maintaining the server, ensuring everything is kept as up to date as possible (dependent upon our own development and upon the development of other open source programmers), and we too enjoy playing some games in our off time ( time spent away from our real jobs -- I for one maintain over 450+ electronic devices for the Government in addition to planning out the future of technology for our government)
    8.) Learn to think before you speak, as speaking out rashly and without forethought usually results in people saying what they don't really mean
    9.) Learn to enjoy life
    10.) Most importantly learn that gaming should be fun, if it is not, then maybe its not for you.
    If you have nothing positive to comment, please keep your comments to yourself rather than digging yourself a deeper hole -- that goes for any member of this community.
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Scumbelina in INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!!!!   
    yo soy scumbelina. I am THE BEST. at everything... except videogames..
    I used to be cute, but I chipped all my teeth on Matic's bronze penis.
    Wars over Trek. Batman over Superman. Playstation over Xbox.
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to XxEnigmaticxX in INTRODUCE YOURSELF!!!!!   
    My name is Matic AKA Enigmatic AKA Enigma-Tick AKA That nigga with the 1 inch bronze Dick!!!!. Bling Bling Motherfuckers.
    But seriously my dick is 1 inch long and made of pure bronze, I pull big fat chodes like sweets pulls bitches.
    The only games I play involve crushing the spirits of doe eyed bitches after i smashed in the back seat of my 64 impala.
    Seriously though my dick is made out of rusted out bronze.

    I stumbled upon these degenerates of society in one of the backest of back allies in the darkest recesses of the dark net, while I was looking for some Midget/Donkey/Snuff/triple fisting porn. And they were the only ones holding. And like the kindred spirits that we are we all bonded over a circle jerk. Where if memory serves correct Dallan eat the bread.

    If you only take one thing from my intro, I hope it’s my 1 inch cock, either in your mouth / ass or vagina. Only Men need to apply.
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to codecruncher17 in Part one is over   
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Night_ in Part one is over   
    hmmm. I believe my signature answers this.
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to codecruncher17 in admin needed   
    No longer needed
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from Swampy in Last of my Days   
    night. goodnight. 
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from CorporalPrime_ in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   
    somehow, these are the accurate descriptions i have ever read.
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Dr. Xeno Pootis in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   
    Hello there, young minecraftian/survivor/trader! Welcome to the BLACK MARKET where everything is fun, sexual, and exciting!
    Here, we are not THAT average gaming clan or whatever, that hire TERRIBLE admins and demands your money! 
    Here are some frequently asked questions I get from the servers of the Black Market:
    Q: What are Donators, Janitors, and Slumlords?
    Donators are people who either donated money OR TF2 items (as far as I know) and get a sexy donator tag in front of their name whenever they go on Black Market servers.
    Janitors are people who are in training in becoming a slumlord but with some admin commands that everyone will (not) enjoy!
    Slumlords are people who are the little masterminds of Founder Resin_, who has all the admin commands and stuff at their arsenal. 
    Q: How do you donate?
    Contact a Slumlord ONLY or pay on the website with paypal.
    Modest is the first level for donations - $5
    Noble is the second level for donations - $20
    Towering is the third level for donations - $50
    Benefactor is the last level for donations - $100
    Q: Help! I keep getting lag/glitches/freezes!
    Due to our elderly box purchased by Resin_, servers are experiencing lag/glitches/freezes, but only a few times.
    Q: Who are all the slumlords?
    Resin_ - The Overlord
    Siren_ - The Queen
    Acheron - The ummm...I can't describe.
    Night_ - The rare morgan freeman
    Nixa30 - The shemale famous for his tits
    Ricket - The "are you fucking kidding me" slumlord
    SuB_Z - The helpful slumlord
    Swampy - The Snobby wit king
    Doom - Evil slumlord
    Magnum - The Amazing Slumlord
    Tequila Mockingbird - The Awesome Slumlord
    THIS close - The closest Slumlord to your face
    Vozo - Good slumlord
    Whitewolf - The "Rarest" Slumlord
    Foxyfluff (DECEASED, NOT SLUMLORD, USED TO BE) - The dumbass idiotic fucker slumlord
    Officersweetboy - The "male stripper" slumlord
    Sinch_Fett - The awesome, complete genius, slumlord
    Aganemnom - The awkward slumlord
    Q: Who are all the janitors?
    1990's Television - The Complaining Bastard
    Corporal R. Prime_ - Best Qatar Janitor
    Thane has every riesen - Awesome Janitor
    Trydianth SCE - Recommended Janitor
    [DIV-X] Nimorrax - Is a guud janitor
    Kaiza - Is a guud janitor and best, no?
    Q: What type of mic programs does TBM have?
    We have mumble. 
    Q: What is constantly updating?
    Our minecraft/dayz/tf2 servers and maps are constantly being updated. We did one time hosted a server on l4d2...It ended up glitchy, we had to remove it. :'(
    Q: How is Slumlord earned?
    You have to be the most friendly, awesome person in TBM or you can apply for janitor.
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    OfficerSweetboy got a reaction from Swampy in What BUGS you? (creepy-crawlies etc)   
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    OfficerSweetboy reacted to Dr. Xeno Pootis in A little something to cheer us up...   
    It's just something I made for fun.
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