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  1. fuck her? I barely knew her!

  2. Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

    1. Ryuke


      I forgive ya, but my tommygun don't.

  3. show us your dicks pics and your chances of getting in with us are 28% higher
  4. Wheres Foxxy? he owns this place bud, ill let him know to ban this resin_ douchebag.
  5. a gang of sloths smashed the door open and raped her. in the mouth. fortunate for her..
  6. Never tell your password to anyone. OfficerSweetboy: hello hiiiiii: hi hiiiiii: do you sell your knife? OfficerSweetboy: yup hiiiiii: ok wait OfficerSweetboy: what am i waiting for hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: which knife are you selling? OfficerSweetboy: all the ones i have hiiiiii: ★ Bayonet | Crimson Web hiiiiii: ye this OfficerSweetboy: ok what are oyu offering hiiiiii: its 327 on the market hiiiiii: do you accept irl money or keys? OfficerSweetboy: both hiiiiii: ummm. hiiiiii: how many in keys? OfficerSweetboy: offer hiiiiii: 150? hiiiiii: is it okay? OfficerSweetboy: mhm OfficerSweetboy: little more hiiiiii: ummm hiiiiii: 160? hiiiiii: do you have a friend there that you can trust to hold your knife for a while? OfficerSweetboy: why hiiiiii: its like this. i need to put balane on my steam first so i can buy you the keys. and i just want to make sure that you are not making fool of me after i bought you those/ well i need your friend to hold yo ur knife for a while then ill buy you the keys OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: but invite your friend in our chat first okay? OfficerSweetboy: hes offline hiiiiii: can you contact him? hiiiiii: or find someone? OfficerSweetboy: no hiiiiii: umm why? hiiiiii: where is he? hiiiiii: can you find another friend man? OfficerSweetboy: no OfficerSweetboy: i dont have many friends hiiiiii: ok OfficerSweetboy: only him hiiiiii: ill just wait for him OfficerSweetboy: you give me keys hiiiiii: ye but i need your friend in our chat first OfficerSweetboy: are you gonna buy the keys through steam or? hiiiiii: ye steam. because i need to put balance on my steam tooo OfficerSweetboy: ok so just buy my knife of the steam market OfficerSweetboy: gotcha red handed (Plant failed, gotta try again) hiiiiii: what? OfficerSweetboy: just buy my knife off the steam market OfficerSweetboy: dont need keys hiiiiii: no OfficerSweetboy: easy and simple OfficerSweetboy: why not bb? hiiiiii: there is 30% on the market OfficerSweetboy: ill lower it OfficerSweetboy: no worries for you hiiiiii: but i need to wait for my sis too hiiiiii: i am using her paypal OfficerSweetboy: oh ok OfficerSweetboy: how long will it take hiiiiii: umm do you have a friend there now? OfficerSweetboy: a friend where hiiiiii: the one you can trust to hold your knife for a while OfficerSweetboy: why i just solved all our problems OfficerSweetboy: steam market hiiiiii: its like this man hiiiiii: i got a seller of keys hiiiiii: and he sell me like very cheap hiiiiii: well i can give you 165 hiiiiii: if you want OfficerSweetboy: you just said you were gonna use steam OfficerSweetboy: and put steam money in hiiiiii: how much less? OfficerSweetboy: i can copy and paste if youd like OfficerSweetboy: for 250 hiiiiii: no hiiiiii: i really need your friend to hold it OfficerSweetboy: why OfficerSweetboy: so i just give it to my friend hiiiiii: invite your firned in our chat first OfficerSweetboy: hes not here OfficerSweetboy: might be a few hours OfficerSweetboy: i can wait tho hiiiiii: ill wait for him man hiiiiii: me too OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: just pm me okay? OfficerSweetboy: so how do you know that my friend will give you the knife? OfficerSweetboy: i mean he is my friend afterall OfficerSweetboy: am i right or am i right? hiiiiii: well i dont need that he will give it to me hiiiiii: i just want to let him hold it OfficerSweetboy: maybe he wont give it to you beacuse i told him hiiiiii: ye its okay (oh ok then) hiiiiii: i just need him to hold it for a sec OfficerSweetboy: oh ok hiiiiii: just pm me okay? OfficerSweetboy: waste of time if you ask me OfficerSweetboy: am i right OfficerSweetboy: or am i right? OfficerSweetboy: oh he just texted me OfficerSweetboy: hse gonna be on in a few mins OfficerSweetboy: is your sister home? OfficerSweetboy: lets get ready OfficerSweetboy: comen on man i dont havemuch time OfficerSweetboy: hey you there hiiiiii: ye OfficerSweetboy: hello? OfficerSweetboy: is your sister home hiiiiii: where is your friend? hiiiiii: is he here? OfficerSweetboy: hes coming on soon OfficerSweetboy: yeah he just got home hiiiiii: for how soon? OfficerSweetboy: is your sister there OfficerSweetboy: tell her to get ready hiiiiii: ill call him when your friend is here now hiiiiii: okay? OfficerSweetboy: a few mins hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: invite him in our chat then okay? OfficerSweetboy: where is he hiiiiii: who? OfficerSweetboy: you sister hiiiiii: ill just call here hiiiiii: her hiiiiii: if your friend is here now hiiiiii: okay? OfficerSweetboy: is she far tho? hiiiiii: no hiiiiii: just work OfficerSweetboy: i only limited time hiiiiii: but ill just call her quick OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: ye hiiiiii: tell your friend to be fast OfficerSweetboy: will she get there soon hiiiiii: ye OfficerSweetboy: cause shes at work OfficerSweetboy: long walk hiiiiii: where is yoru friend now? hiiiiii: no hiiiiii: ill just ask her paypal and she will give it to me hiiiiii: but invite your friend now OfficerSweetboy: ok hes turning his pc now hiiiiii: okaay OfficerSweetboy: ok your sister shit so we can do this quick hiiiiii: are you selling all of your knife? OfficerSweetboy: yeah i can OfficerSweetboy: your gonna buy all? hiiiiii: umm ill think of it first hiiiiii: how many keys for the kara? OfficerSweetboy: in total like 800-1000 bucks OfficerSweetboy: lots of keys' OfficerSweetboy: oh wait she uses paypal hiiiiii: ye hiiiiii: why? OfficerSweetboy: shit man why didnyt you think before hiiiiii: idk if its paypal OfficerSweetboy: iwe just trade and you send me the money hiiiiii: but i think its paypal hiiiiii: dont worry hiiiiii: it will take a sec okaay? OfficerSweetboy: thats much easier hiiiiii: where is he now? You cannot trade with hiiiiii because they have a trade ban. hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: for the kara OfficerSweetboy: your trade ban hiiiiii: how many keys? OfficerSweetboy: how we gonna trade hiiiiii: ye OfficerSweetboy: what ahppened hiiiiii: ill trade you on my other account hiiiiii: if we are done here hiiiiii: okay? hiiiiii: my bros account OfficerSweetboy: shit man are you stoopid] OfficerSweetboy: use the other account OfficerSweetboy: i dont have miuch time hiiiiii: wait hiiiiii: wait hiiiiii: wait OfficerSweetboy: I GOTTA GO OfficerSweetboy: NOWWWW hiiiiii: i need your friend first mna hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: where is he? OfficerSweetboy: MY MOM IS YELLING AT ME hiiiiii: invite him now hiiiiii: invite him now hiiiiii: invite hm hiiiiii: fast OfficerSweetboy: I DONT KNOW hiiiiii: fast hiiiiii: whats his name? OfficerSweetboy: I CALL HIM ONW hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: be fast OfficerSweetboy: his name is george hiiiiii: i tought he is turning his pc now/ hiiiiii: ? OfficerSweetboy: are you gonna add your other account hiiiiii: ye but invite him first hiiiiii: so i can see that you are not making fool of me OfficerSweetboy: shit man his moms turned the pc down OfficerSweetboy: he cant play hiiiiii: why? hiiiiii: can you find another there? hiiiiii: you have a lot of friends man OfficerSweetboy: i dont know but i dont like his mom hiiiiii: just for a sec hiiiiii: ohh OfficerSweetboy: yeah but i only add because they have good stuff hiiiiii: ye hiiiiii: can you add one in our chat? OfficerSweetboy: i can try hiiiiii: ok OfficerSweetboy: heres one of my friends OfficerSweetboy: but he doesnt talk to me much hiiiiii: invite him in our chat OfficerSweetboy: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197965282305/ (<----Shooter_Magavin) OfficerSweetboy: how do i do hiiiiii: and tell him to acept me hiiiiii: tell him to accept me hiiiiii: ill invite him OfficerSweetboy: did he aceept hiiiiii: he didnt OfficerSweetboy: just add other accout to me you send money and i trade items hiiiiii: wait dude OfficerSweetboy: ez pz hiiiiii: tell him to acept me OfficerSweetboy: i dont know if were really friends tho hiiiiii: ok man hiiiiii: he accepted me OfficerSweetboy: i try to tak to him but he alsways says hes busy <--------(Remember this) hiiiiii: but wait OfficerSweetboy: nicee hiiiiii: do you really trust him? OfficerSweetboy: yeah hes a very nice man hiiiiii: like 100% to hold your knife? OfficerSweetboy: i know him for alsmost 1 year OfficerSweetboy: yeah OfficerSweetboy: i played tf2 with him before alot OfficerSweetboy: he would give me weapons sometimes hiiiiii: ohh hiiiiii: ok Your chat with hiiiiii is now a multi-user chat. Shooter_Magavin. entered chat. hiiiiii: hi hiiiiii: magavin hold his knife Shooter_Magavin.: ok hiiiiii: tell me if done hiiiiii: ill check it hiiiiii: okay? OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: done? OfficerSweetboy: hey shooter you there hiiiiii: tell me if done okay? OfficerSweetboy: how are you buddy Shooter_Magavin.: yes OfficerSweetboy: what up man long time no talk hiiiiii: let your friend hold the knife for a while Shooter_Magavin.: busy <--------(This fucking guy huh) OfficerSweetboy: hey shooter i need a favor Shooter_Magavin.: yes Shooter_Magavin.: what? hiiiiii: what now man? OfficerSweetboy: i need you to hold knifes for me please OfficerSweetboy: its from csgo ok Shooter_Magavin.: okay sure OfficerSweetboy: just for one second Shooter_Magavin.: accept my trade hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: tell me if done okay? hiiiiii: done? hiiiiii: ohh hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: are you there? (After i close the trade) OfficerSweetboy: hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha hiiiiii: what? OfficerSweetboy: you fell for it hiiiiii: what? OfficerSweetboy: This is MTV PUNKED OfficerSweetboy: IM ASHTON KUTCHER OfficerSweetboy: AND YOU JUST GOT PUNKED! hiiiiii left chat. Shooter_Magavin. left chat.
  7. Dont Click the Link my darlings. Never tell your password to anyone. [unassigned] (3): Hi man! My friend wanna trade his Karambit knife for some items from your inventory but cant add u (daily limit) http://cgo Iounqe.com/tradet=14306002 Add him for trade OfficerSweetboy: your name is sooo original OfficerSweetboy: like omg OfficerSweetboy: we have so much in common OfficerSweetboy: i like your avatar OfficerSweetboy: its soo questiony OfficerSweetboy: do you wanna be friends OfficerSweetboy: ? OfficerSweetboy: ? OfficerSweetboy: cause i dont have many OfficerSweetboy: but you sound like fun OfficerSweetboy: maybe we can play csgo together sometime OfficerSweetboy: sounds like fun huh? OfficerSweetboy: we totally should tho OfficerSweetboy: so where are you form OfficerSweetboy: do you speak english? OfficerSweetboy: DO YOU SPEAK ENLIGHHHH? OfficerSweetboy: im gonna call you pablo OfficerSweetboy: oh man OfficerSweetboy: its been a long time OfficerSweetboy: since OfficerSweetboy: ive had a friend OfficerSweetboy: its nice takling to other people OfficerSweetboy: feel good OfficerSweetboy: you know what i mean OfficerSweetboy: i mean OfficerSweetboy: you probably do pablo OfficerSweetboy: jeez your too much fun OfficerSweetboy: a little quiet i think OfficerSweetboy: ok so ive been crushin on you since i saw you OfficerSweetboy: i kinda like you OfficerSweetboy: ok OfficerSweetboy: dont say anything if you wanna make out OfficerSweetboy: omg do you OfficerSweetboy: i cant believe my luck right now OfficerSweetboy: ok ok OfficerSweetboy: ok OfficerSweetboy: dont say anything if you wanna suck on my balls a little bit OfficerSweetboy: your such a naughty little pablo OfficerSweetboy: im so glad we met OfficerSweetboy: good times huh OfficerSweetboy: whats your mom like OfficerSweetboy: is she nice OfficerSweetboy: or is she one those those you know OfficerSweetboy: bitchy moms OfficerSweetboy: i do like bitchy moms tho OfficerSweetboy: theyre pretty cool OfficerSweetboy: sometimes hot OfficerSweetboy: speciallly the chunky ones OfficerSweetboy: im so hot for them OfficerSweetboy: i just want to lick the crust of their fat pusses OfficerSweetboy: dont you agree OfficerSweetboy: oh sure OfficerSweetboy: just give me the silence treatment OfficerSweetboy: you know your such an asshole sometimes OfficerSweetboy: and you bartely talk to me anymore OfficerSweetboy: you know what pablo OfficerSweetboy: im sorry but we have to break up OfficerSweetboy: i found anmother man OfficerSweetboy: hes name is pepe OfficerSweetboy: im sorry it had to be like this [unassigned] is now Offline. [unassigned] is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. OfficerSweetboy: shit.
  8. This is what im saving up for. ...and its taking forever .-. (BMW x5 08)
  9. Currently trying out new things, like reverse cowgirl and Pixelmon.

  10. I've caught them all....unfortunately..
  11. Chipotle? or no Chipotle? these are the questions of life i constantly think about.

    1. CorporalPrime_
    2. codecruncher17


      If its the restaurant then your better off at taco bell. If its the literal pepper why are you eating a smoked dried pepper?

  12. Never tell your password to anyone. OfficerSweetboy: hello ianbird28: add my friend for trade please, he can't add you for some reason... http://staamcommunity.com/id/stormpickasdf/ <-----------DO NOT CLICK! OfficerSweetboy: oh cool OfficerSweetboy: ok OfficerSweetboy: you know i had this one friend OfficerSweetboy: hes name was jerry OfficerSweetboy: me and him use to play all the time OfficerSweetboy: after school OfficerSweetboy: during school OfficerSweetboy: before school OfficerSweetboy: it was great OfficerSweetboy: but his mom got cancer OfficerSweetboy: and had to sell his nintendo gamecube OfficerSweetboy: so we couldnt play anymore OfficerSweetboy: i remember this one time OfficerSweetboy: we were playing super smash bros OfficerSweetboy: and he cheated OfficerSweetboy: like he always does OfficerSweetboy: hes quite a rascal OfficerSweetboy: but i do love him OfficerSweetboy: so anyways OfficerSweetboy: he cheated right OfficerSweetboy: and he became the giant white hand ianbird28: u suck OfficerSweetboy: you know ianbird28: my dick ianbird28: i dont speak en OfficerSweetboy: and i lost OfficerSweetboy: because there was no way of beating him right] OfficerSweetboy: cause you know OfficerSweetboy: hes a giant fucking hand OfficerSweetboy: but nontheless OfficerSweetboy: he was a great dog OfficerSweetboy: im gonna miss that guy OfficerSweetboy: he had the cutest tail OfficerSweetboy: so OfficerSweetboy: you wanna be friends? OfficerSweetboy: ill take your silence as a yes OfficerSweetboy: ok so OfficerSweetboy: my favorite color is blue OfficerSweetboy: my favorite food is steak OfficerSweetboy: med rare OfficerSweetboy: cause i dont like it over cooked OfficerSweetboy: it just taste to bleh OfficerSweetboy: you know OfficerSweetboy: my favorite drink is probably water OfficerSweetboy: but thats kinda like OfficerSweetboy: duh OfficerSweetboy: otherwise i wouldnt be able to live OfficerSweetboy: you know OfficerSweetboy: i like to make friends online and tell them about myself OfficerSweetboy: so uh OfficerSweetboy: whats your anme OfficerSweetboy: jeez i feel like ive been talking forever OfficerSweetboy: its like i cant stop OfficerSweetboy: hahaaha OfficerSweetboy: but anyways OfficerSweetboy: i oversaw that you8 said you didnt speak english OfficerSweetboy: so where are you from OfficerSweetboy: because im currently living in the us OfficerSweetboy: you knokw what i just realized OfficerSweetboy: i think you were trying to say i love you OfficerSweetboy: or hey i wanna be your friend OfficerSweetboy: but you said suck my dick OfficerSweetboy: i get those confused all the time OfficerSweetboy: hello? OfficerSweetboy: ok i clicked on the link OfficerSweetboy: and put my very sensitive information on there OfficerSweetboy: what doi i do now? OfficerSweetboy: jk OfficerSweetboy: i like to prank people because thats funny OfficerSweetboy: but other people dont really laugh at my jokes that much ianbird28 is now Offline. ianbird28 is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. OfficerSweetboy: hello? OfficerSweetboy: D:
  13. to which he responded to "because theres a kraken in my butt."
  14. which led to the dance off hosted by Ricky Martin, which was soon....
  15. Sorry bud, but we're looking for Janitors of age (18+) Thanks for applying. Hope we still see you lurking in the shadows.
  16. Already got the Sweetest Award of them all.
  17. eddie's getting on the gay side....and im ok with this
  18. DO NOT CLICK ON LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT CLICK ON LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never tell your password to anyone. OfficerSweetboy: hello OfficerSweetboy: how can i help you OfficerSweetboy: hello? YOLO: Hi my friend cant add you(steam error).Can you add him? He wants trade with you http://steamcommunuty.com/id/towler/ OfficerSweetboy: oh sure thing OfficerSweetboy: i cant find him OfficerSweetboy: maybe i can see through your friends list OfficerSweetboy: oh your profile is on private OfficerSweetboy: put it on public so i can add him through there OfficerSweetboy: are you still here? OfficerSweetboy: its funny cause this happend not too long ago OfficerSweetboy: this guy was getting pretty upset cause i couldnt add him OfficerSweetboy: then he started to yell at me in russian or chinese OfficerSweetboy: same thing you know? OfficerSweetboy: anyways im pretty sure he told me to eat hotdogs out of my armpit OfficerSweetboy: i know right? pretty weird stuff huh? OfficerSweetboy: maybe hes into that OfficerSweetboy: not sure OfficerSweetboy: but anyways enogh about me OfficerSweetboy: hows your day going OfficerSweetboy: ive been pretty busy with thanksgiving and all OfficerSweetboy: are you from around here OfficerSweetboy: american? OfficerSweetboy: do you celebrate thanksgiving OfficerSweetboy: cause oyur friend is chinese i think OfficerSweetboy: so i though maybe you were from the chinese decend OfficerSweetboy: oh boy look at me rubbling on and on OfficerSweetboy: this is pretty fun OfficerSweetboy: althoiugh i feel l.ike im doing most of the conversation OfficerSweetboy: which is pretty funny cause theres another story about something like htis that happened to me OfficerSweetboy: this guy was shy you see OfficerSweetboy: he wouldnt talk to anyone OfficerSweetboy: but me OfficerSweetboy: weird right? OfficerSweetboy: anyways OfficerSweetboy: i finnally got him to talk to me OfficerSweetboy: and how hes a big seller OfficerSweetboy: in the tf2 community OfficerSweetboy: hes super popular OfficerSweetboy: heres his link OfficerSweetboy: http://steamcommunuty.com/id/towler/ OfficerSweetboy: add him OfficerSweetboy: hes real nice guy OfficerSweetboy: but dont be too foward OfficerSweetboy: cause he ius still somewaht shy OfficerSweetboy: its pretty weird how this all got started OfficerSweetboy: i mean OfficerSweetboy: you add me OfficerSweetboy: to add someone else OfficerSweetboy: and then i link you OfficerSweetboy: to add my friend OfficerSweetboy: hey? OfficerSweetboy: you stil there? YOLO is now Offline. YOLO is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. OfficerSweetboy: he.. OfficerSweetboy: hello?
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