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  1. fuck her? I barely knew her!

  2. Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

    1. Ryuke


      I forgive ya, but my tommygun don't.

  3. show us your dicks pics and your chances of getting in with us are 28% higher
  4. Wheres Foxxy? he owns this place bud, ill let him know to ban this resin_ douchebag.
  5. a gang of sloths smashed the door open and raped her. in the mouth. fortunate for her..
  6. Never tell your password to anyone. OfficerSweetboy: hello hiiiiii: hi hiiiiii: do you sell your knife? OfficerSweetboy: yup hiiiiii: ok wait OfficerSweetboy: what am i waiting for hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: which knife are you selling? OfficerSweetboy: all the ones i have hiiiiii: ★ Bayonet | Crimson Web hiiiiii: ye this OfficerSweetboy: ok what are oyu offering hiiiiii: its 327 on the market hiiiiii: do you accept irl money or keys? OfficerSweetboy: both hiiiiii: ummm. hiiiiii: how many in keys? OfficerSweetboy: offer hiiiiii: 150? hiiiiii: is it okay? OfficerSweetboy: mhm OfficerSweetboy: little more hiiiiii: ummm hiiiiii: 160? hiiiiii: do you have a friend there that you can trust to hold your knife for a while? OfficerSweetboy: why hiiiiii: its like this. i need to put balane on my steam first so i can buy you the keys. and i just want to make sure that you are not making fool of me after i bought you those/ well i need your friend to hold yo ur knife for a while then ill buy you the keys OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: but invite your friend in our chat first okay? OfficerSweetboy: hes offline hiiiiii: can you contact him? hiiiiii: or find someone? OfficerSweetboy: no hiiiiii: umm why? hiiiiii: where is he? hiiiiii: can you find another friend man? OfficerSweetboy: no OfficerSweetboy: i dont have many friends hiiiiii: ok OfficerSweetboy: only him hiiiiii: ill just wait for him OfficerSweetboy: you give me keys hiiiiii: ye but i need your friend in our chat first OfficerSweetboy: are you gonna buy the keys through steam or? hiiiiii: ye steam. because i need to put balance on my steam tooo OfficerSweetboy: ok so just buy my knife of the steam market OfficerSweetboy: gotcha red handed (Plant failed, gotta try again) hiiiiii: what? OfficerSweetboy: just buy my knife off the steam market OfficerSweetboy: dont need keys hiiiiii: no OfficerSweetboy: easy and simple OfficerSweetboy: why not bb? hiiiiii: there is 30% on the market OfficerSweetboy: ill lower it OfficerSweetboy: no worries for you hiiiiii: but i need to wait for my sis too hiiiiii: i am using her paypal OfficerSweetboy: oh ok OfficerSweetboy: how long will it take hiiiiii: umm do you have a friend there now? OfficerSweetboy: a friend where hiiiiii: the one you can trust to hold your knife for a while OfficerSweetboy: why i just solved all our problems OfficerSweetboy: steam market hiiiiii: its like this man hiiiiii: i got a seller of keys hiiiiii: and he sell me like very cheap hiiiiii: well i can give you 165 hiiiiii: if you want OfficerSweetboy: you just said you were gonna use steam OfficerSweetboy: and put steam money in hiiiiii: how much less? OfficerSweetboy: i can copy and paste if youd like OfficerSweetboy: for 250 hiiiiii: no hiiiiii: i really need your friend to hold it OfficerSweetboy: why OfficerSweetboy: so i just give it to my friend hiiiiii: invite your firned in our chat first OfficerSweetboy: hes not here OfficerSweetboy: might be a few hours OfficerSweetboy: i can wait tho hiiiiii: ill wait for him man hiiiiii: me too OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: just pm me okay? OfficerSweetboy: so how do you know that my friend will give you the knife? OfficerSweetboy: i mean he is my friend afterall OfficerSweetboy: am i right or am i right? hiiiiii: well i dont need that he will give it to me hiiiiii: i just want to let him hold it OfficerSweetboy: maybe he wont give it to you beacuse i told him hiiiiii: ye its okay (oh ok then) hiiiiii: i just need him to hold it for a sec OfficerSweetboy: oh ok hiiiiii: just pm me okay? OfficerSweetboy: waste of time if you ask me OfficerSweetboy: am i right OfficerSweetboy: or am i right? OfficerSweetboy: oh he just texted me OfficerSweetboy: hse gonna be on in a few mins OfficerSweetboy: is your sister home? OfficerSweetboy: lets get ready OfficerSweetboy: comen on man i dont havemuch time OfficerSweetboy: hey you there hiiiiii: ye OfficerSweetboy: hello? OfficerSweetboy: is your sister home hiiiiii: where is your friend? hiiiiii: is he here? OfficerSweetboy: hes coming on soon OfficerSweetboy: yeah he just got home hiiiiii: for how soon? OfficerSweetboy: is your sister there OfficerSweetboy: tell her to get ready hiiiiii: ill call him when your friend is here now hiiiiii: okay? OfficerSweetboy: a few mins hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: invite him in our chat then okay? OfficerSweetboy: where is he hiiiiii: who? OfficerSweetboy: you sister hiiiiii: ill just call here hiiiiii: her hiiiiii: if your friend is here now hiiiiii: okay? OfficerSweetboy: is she far tho? hiiiiii: no hiiiiii: just work OfficerSweetboy: i only limited time hiiiiii: but ill just call her quick OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: ye hiiiiii: tell your friend to be fast OfficerSweetboy: will she get there soon hiiiiii: ye OfficerSweetboy: cause shes at work OfficerSweetboy: long walk hiiiiii: where is yoru friend now? hiiiiii: no hiiiiii: ill just ask her paypal and she will give it to me hiiiiii: but invite your friend now OfficerSweetboy: ok hes turning his pc now hiiiiii: okaay OfficerSweetboy: ok your sister shit so we can do this quick hiiiiii: are you selling all of your knife? OfficerSweetboy: yeah i can OfficerSweetboy: your gonna buy all? hiiiiii: umm ill think of it first hiiiiii: how many keys for the kara? OfficerSweetboy: in total like 800-1000 bucks OfficerSweetboy: lots of keys' OfficerSweetboy: oh wait she uses paypal hiiiiii: ye hiiiiii: why? OfficerSweetboy: shit man why didnyt you think before hiiiiii: idk if its paypal OfficerSweetboy: iwe just trade and you send me the money hiiiiii: but i think its paypal hiiiiii: dont worry hiiiiii: it will take a sec okaay? OfficerSweetboy: thats much easier hiiiiii: where is he now? You cannot trade with hiiiiii because they have a trade ban. hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: for the kara OfficerSweetboy: your trade ban hiiiiii: how many keys? OfficerSweetboy: how we gonna trade hiiiiii: ye OfficerSweetboy: what ahppened hiiiiii: ill trade you on my other account hiiiiii: if we are done here hiiiiii: okay? hiiiiii: my bros account OfficerSweetboy: shit man are you stoopid] OfficerSweetboy: use the other account OfficerSweetboy: i dont have miuch time hiiiiii: wait hiiiiii: wait hiiiiii: wait OfficerSweetboy: I GOTTA GO OfficerSweetboy: NOWWWW hiiiiii: i need your friend first mna hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: where is he? OfficerSweetboy: MY MOM IS YELLING AT ME hiiiiii: invite him now hiiiiii: invite him now hiiiiii: invite hm hiiiiii: fast OfficerSweetboy: I DONT KNOW hiiiiii: fast hiiiiii: whats his name? OfficerSweetboy: I CALL HIM ONW hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: be fast OfficerSweetboy: his name is george hiiiiii: i tought he is turning his pc now/ hiiiiii: ? OfficerSweetboy: are you gonna add your other account hiiiiii: ye but invite him first hiiiiii: so i can see that you are not making fool of me OfficerSweetboy: shit man his moms turned the pc down OfficerSweetboy: he cant play hiiiiii: why? hiiiiii: can you find another there? hiiiiii: you have a lot of friends man OfficerSweetboy: i dont know but i dont like his mom hiiiiii: just for a sec hiiiiii: ohh OfficerSweetboy: yeah but i only add because they have good stuff hiiiiii: ye hiiiiii: can you add one in our chat? OfficerSweetboy: i can try hiiiiii: ok OfficerSweetboy: heres one of my friends OfficerSweetboy: but he doesnt talk to me much hiiiiii: invite him in our chat OfficerSweetboy: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197965282305/ (<----Shooter_Magavin) OfficerSweetboy: how do i do hiiiiii: and tell him to acept me hiiiiii: tell him to accept me hiiiiii: ill invite him OfficerSweetboy: did he aceept hiiiiii: he didnt OfficerSweetboy: just add other accout to me you send money and i trade items hiiiiii: wait dude OfficerSweetboy: ez pz hiiiiii: tell him to acept me OfficerSweetboy: i dont know if were really friends tho hiiiiii: ok man hiiiiii: he accepted me OfficerSweetboy: i try to tak to him but he alsways says hes busy <--------(Remember this) hiiiiii: but wait OfficerSweetboy: nicee hiiiiii: do you really trust him? OfficerSweetboy: yeah hes a very nice man hiiiiii: like 100% to hold your knife? OfficerSweetboy: i know him for alsmost 1 year OfficerSweetboy: yeah OfficerSweetboy: i played tf2 with him before alot OfficerSweetboy: he would give me weapons sometimes hiiiiii: ohh hiiiiii: ok Your chat with hiiiiii is now a multi-user chat. Shooter_Magavin. entered chat. hiiiiii: hi hiiiiii: magavin hold his knife Shooter_Magavin.: ok hiiiiii: tell me if done hiiiiii: ill check it hiiiiii: okay? OfficerSweetboy: ok hiiiiii: done? OfficerSweetboy: hey shooter you there hiiiiii: tell me if done okay? OfficerSweetboy: how are you buddy Shooter_Magavin.: yes OfficerSweetboy: what up man long time no talk hiiiiii: let your friend hold the knife for a while Shooter_Magavin.: busy <--------(This fucking guy huh) OfficerSweetboy: hey shooter i need a favor Shooter_Magavin.: yes Shooter_Magavin.: what? hiiiiii: what now man? OfficerSweetboy: i need you to hold knifes for me please OfficerSweetboy: its from csgo ok Shooter_Magavin.: okay sure OfficerSweetboy: just for one second Shooter_Magavin.: accept my trade hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: tell me if done okay? hiiiiii: done? hiiiiii: ohh hiiiiii: ok hiiiiii: man hiiiiii: are you there? (After i close the trade) OfficerSweetboy: hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha hiiiiii: what? OfficerSweetboy: you fell for it hiiiiii: what? OfficerSweetboy: This is MTV PUNKED OfficerSweetboy: IM ASHTON KUTCHER OfficerSweetboy: AND YOU JUST GOT PUNKED! hiiiiii left chat. Shooter_Magavin. left chat.
  7. Dont Click the Link my darlings. Never tell your password to anyone. [unassigned] (3): Hi man! My friend wanna trade his Karambit knife for some items from your inventory but cant add u (daily limit) http://cgo Iounqe.com/tradet=14306002 Add him for trade OfficerSweetboy: your name is sooo original OfficerSweetboy: like omg OfficerSweetboy: we have so much in common OfficerSweetboy: i like your avatar OfficerSweetboy: its soo questiony OfficerSweetboy: do you wanna be friends OfficerSweetboy: ? OfficerSweetboy: ? OfficerSweetboy: cause i dont have many OfficerSweetboy: but you sound like fun OfficerSweetboy: maybe we can play csgo together sometime OfficerSweetboy: sounds like fun huh? OfficerSweetboy: we totally should tho OfficerSweetboy: so where are you form OfficerSweetboy: do you speak english? OfficerSweetboy: DO YOU SPEAK ENLIGHHHH? OfficerSweetboy: im gonna call you pablo OfficerSweetboy: oh man OfficerSweetboy: its been a long time OfficerSweetboy: since OfficerSweetboy: ive had a friend OfficerSweetboy: its nice takling to other people OfficerSweetboy: feel good OfficerSweetboy: you know what i mean OfficerSweetboy: i mean OfficerSweetboy: you probably do pablo OfficerSweetboy: jeez your too much fun OfficerSweetboy: a little quiet i think OfficerSweetboy: ok so ive been crushin on you since i saw you OfficerSweetboy: i kinda like you OfficerSweetboy: ok OfficerSweetboy: dont say anything if you wanna make out OfficerSweetboy: omg do you OfficerSweetboy: i cant believe my luck right now OfficerSweetboy: ok ok OfficerSweetboy: ok OfficerSweetboy: dont say anything if you wanna suck on my balls a little bit OfficerSweetboy: your such a naughty little pablo OfficerSweetboy: im so glad we met OfficerSweetboy: good times huh OfficerSweetboy: whats your mom like OfficerSweetboy: is she nice OfficerSweetboy: or is she one those those you know OfficerSweetboy: bitchy moms OfficerSweetboy: i do like bitchy moms tho OfficerSweetboy: theyre pretty cool OfficerSweetboy: sometimes hot OfficerSweetboy: speciallly the chunky ones OfficerSweetboy: im so hot for them OfficerSweetboy: i just want to lick the crust of their fat pusses OfficerSweetboy: dont you agree OfficerSweetboy: oh sure OfficerSweetboy: just give me the silence treatment OfficerSweetboy: you know your such an asshole sometimes OfficerSweetboy: and you bartely talk to me anymore OfficerSweetboy: you know what pablo OfficerSweetboy: im sorry but we have to break up OfficerSweetboy: i found anmother man OfficerSweetboy: hes name is pepe OfficerSweetboy: im sorry it had to be like this [unassigned] is now Offline. [unassigned] is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in. OfficerSweetboy: shit.
  8. This is what im saving up for. ...and its taking forever .-. (BMW x5 08)
  9. Currently trying out new things, like reverse cowgirl and Pixelmon.

  10. I've caught them all....unfortunately..
  11. Chipotle? or no Chipotle? these are the questions of life i constantly think about.

    1. CorporalPrime_
    2. codecruncher17


      If its the restaurant then your better off at taco bell. If its the literal pepper why are you eating a smoked dried pepper?

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