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  1. THE EXTRA SPOOKY SPOOKSMAS SPECIAL: HATRIX X FNAF CAST! Author's Note: hey fellas, its been awhile since I wrote one of these and life has been keeping me busy (plus i got a new pc a few weeks ago so i been distracted). I have promised fanfics every week but I don’t think I enjoy the writing enough to continue, maybe I will release another on occasion but don’t be surprised if this is the last one you guys see from me. Sorry in advance. I hope you enjoy this one though as I worked to make it super cringey. Have fun killing yourself! It’s Halloween at the Black Market, the streets now sit empty and trash cans are filled to the brim as the tragic truth is that many don’t come to the Black Market. Many members have found new communities and new games to thrive in and enjoy. And as more years passed the administration's power to keep sanctity among citizens deteriorated and more and more regulars began to disappear into the abyss. Whether they died of meme poisoning or actually got laid. Nobody knows why these once important and loved members of the community left. One of those people was a commoner by the name of Hatrix. Who had an obsession with Purple Confetti and was one of the many administrators of the crime infested streets. He had come to TBM on October 31st to collect (or steal) candy from the few but ironically generous citizens in one of the many apartment complexes. Hatrix was dressed in a chewbacca costume but instead of him being stranded with fake hairs, he was decorated with long strings of purple plastic (or confetti whatever the fuck you wanna call it). He had in his hand a candy bag which was formerly a body bag which contained Evangelion_’s rotting corpse, he could still smell the scent of Evan’s blood and semen in the bag. Hatrix wandered the streets tirelessly collecting candy from citizens and setting the houses of unpatronizing dwellers on fire along the way. He eventually collected all the candy he could carry. He got ready to get on the bus home until he stumbled upon an old pizza place called Freddy’s. There was a sign on the door which said “free candy for trick or treaters!” in huge print. Hatrix without thought flew into the doors of the pizzeria until he noticed that all the lights were turned off and not a soul was in sight in the entire resturant. Hatrix called out for service but he heard not even a single footstep. Until he heard the shifting of something possibly made out of metal. Hatrix pauses, then he hears the same sound until it grows closer. Hatrix whips around and pulls out his shotgun. He sees the silhouette of a anamorphic bear. He pulls the trigger but nothing comes out. Hatrix used all his ammo on the people at the retirement home who only gave him raisins. He turns to run but he sees the silhouette of another animal resembling a fox with a dumb hat. Hatrix runs the opposite direction again and again until he is surrounded by 4 mechanical mascot animals. The creatures reek of what is probably blood and human waste. Hatrix is cornered and out of ammo. Before he can try to negotiate with the obviously mindless beasts the one who looks like a fox turns him over and pulls down the pants of his Purple Fetti Chewbacca costume. Hatrix is unpleasantly surprised when he feels something hard and cold prod at his anus. Hatrix braced for the inevitable as he felt a hard object penetrate his poophole. The fox thrusted as his anus while Hatrix was forced to suck off the bear. To make matters more unbearable Foxy’s penis was barbed with metal spikes which cause Hatrix bleeding and tremendous pain. The animatronics took turns thrusting hatrix into the plated floor until the crack of dawn. What seemed after an eternity the robots abruptly shut down. Hatrix with his bag of candy fled the scene. The next day the remaining TBM members were greeted with news of Hatrix’s resignation as an administrator and official leaving of the community. And to this day nobody except himself truly knows why he left TBM. Hope you sick fucks liked this one, my audience has disappeared though due to my infrequent updates. Hope you all liked it and Happy Halloween!
  2. going to be releasing the next fanfic on Halloween so its extra spooky, stay tuned.
  3. QUICK UPDATE: Its been a while since I posted a fan fiction, life has been busy and I promise I will write another maybe this weekend, if not you can stone me to death at TBM the next time you see me. Best, OtherBot
  4. Damned Bullies: DreadfulDerp x Tails Prower! I'M SORRY DERP Author’s Note: I been planning on doing this fanfic for a while now, except school has been getting in the way and i'm getting a new PC soon on my birthday and I needed to find the parts. Hopefully this fanfic was worth the weight (dank gabe newell meme lololol original). I been told numerous times by others that I should do Tails and complaints by Derp claiming he hates tails and would rather do Sonic. I'm so sorry derp. Enjoy! It was a rainy afternoon on the streets of The Black Market. Ham was masturbating in the porta potty, Thokity was throwing various filthy frank memes at people over the mic, and Derp was being harassed by locals about his “furry obsession”. Everywhere Derp walked he was ridiculed by his love of animals (a little too much love I might add). He denied and argued, and screamed at the persistent ghetto residents until he burst into tears and ran back to RED spawn. He packed his items, his animal crossing villager poster, and his collection of Unusual Frenchman’s Berets and went home to his apartment. He waved through the noise of gunfire and the sound of bodies hitting the pavement as he sprinted home. He sat down on his couch and cried. His sobs could be heard for miles and was so loud it made Fefeta’s brain explode out her nose, forcing her to give up her 420 killstreak. He eventually stopped and tried to fap to porn on his laptop. He searched pictures of various pornstars with large bottoms and breasts but none of them got him hard. He cried as he desperately stroke his penis. He eventually closed the laptop and gave up. But then he a familiar voice, it was squeaky, soft and caring.” It couldn’t be” he said to himself “he's back”. He looked up to see Tails the Fox. His ex favorite character from the Sonic videogames. “NO GO AWAY PLEASE” Derp screamed. The fox didn’t listen and pulled out his 25 inch uncircumcised penis. Derp tried to crawl away but his penis argued, and was becoming increasingly hard. The premature fox ripped Derp’s pants off his body. The brutish action aroused and scared Derp so much he shit himself. The fox took his penis and inserted it into Derp’s bumhole. Using Derp’s feces as lube. Derp cried in pleasure and shame as Tails relentlessly pounded at his bottom. The fox then took out his penis and took his 4 tails and inserted all of them into Derp’s ass making a drilling motion with them. Derp was overcome with a flow of emotions. Lust, shame, and confusion. Why had this forgotten character come back for him? Dreadful lost track of his thoughts as his orgasm penetrated his thoughts. Eventually the fox went super sayian (or whatever the hell it is in the Sonic games I don’t know) and began to orgasm. As DreadfulDerp recovered from his orgasm he turned to find his mysterious lover had disappeared. DreadfulDerp got dressed and left his apartment. Feeling like he had found himself again. A new man who had finally accepted his fetish for animals. He put on his Unusual Beret and walked into the cluster fuck battlefield once again. Holy shit that was fucking disgusting, I happened to be browsing for coils of rope on amazon while I was writing this. And i'm so sorry Derp but the people really wanted me to do Tails and I wasn’t prepared to do the sonic one. Regardless I hope you all liked it, see you next time! Coming Next: ?????
  5. So a random guy added me and invited me to play TF2 OtherBot: hello? OtherBot: is there something i can help you with? Rent a Medic F:81543: yes Rent a Medic F:81543: a joke OtherBot: okay? OtherBot: No thanks, I don't know you and you never left a comment on my profile stating why you needed to talk to me. Which is a rule in the description of my profile Rent a Medic F:81543: because my friend said we need other bots Rent a Medic F:81543: and the joke was nessiciary OtherBot: not interested, thanks *deleted and blocked*
  6. Return Of The Tryhard Legend: White_Warlock x Disgruntled Deer! Important Notes: Hey guys, second fanfic in the series with some more nfsw content for those who suggested it (bonks) for this one I collaborated with Fefeta for hopefully a better reading experience, fanfics may be more delayed at this point since I got school, so expect them more often on the weekends than weekdays. Enjoy! Sincerely -OtherBot It was 3 P.M sharp at the alley, gunfire and screams of various mercenaries echoed and bounced off the walls of the ghetto. HoneyHam was firing his sniper rifle from behind a parking block. While a level 3 sentry built by Evangalatin_ guarded close by firing storms of bullets at unwary members of BLU. While the majority of the alley’s population continued to kill, yell, and scream for their mothers. None noticed the presence of something terrifying, more than ryuke’s diverse pyro skills, more than wave’s aim (*cough* triggerbot), and more than rand.ohmguy’s caber. He was known as the server’s biggest tryhard, a psychopath comparable to Jacket from Hotline Miami and the most feared player to set his boot on the server streets. And he could be easily identified by his black green flame Dr. Suess hat. People saw the flame coming from the hat and screamed, they ran and fled into spawn. People hid in garbage cans, metal gear themed boxes, and behind the diner counter. “Warlock is back! Everyone run!”, screamed John The Local Hobo. White_Warlock walked slowly down the alley unflinching to the widespread quiet and vibe of fear that had consumed the server. The server was empty except for the soldier clad in fashionable wear and one very Disgruntled Deer. The only man who dared to stand before the warlock. Deer with his mighty eyelander charged towards the man with the silly hat. Warlock quickly pulled out his escape plan and parried the disgruntled brit’s attack. Deer swung wildly at him driving him further down the street. Warlock continued to block and deflect Disgruntled Deer’s strokes of the sword until they heard the thundering sound of rubber against pavement. They looked up and saw an ambulance heading straight for them, Warlock pushed Deer out of the way of the emergency vehicle and putting himself in the way of the vehicle. The ambulance unflinchingly drove over Warlock’s body crushing his most of his ribcage and making it cave into his lungs. People all across the server gasped from their hiding spots and watched as Warlock lay on the pavement coughing up blood and phlegm. Deer picked up his sword and swung his arms back to prepare to decapitate the incapacitated champion of faggotry and shenanigans. Half swing the British mercenary redirected his swing and instead made the tip of the blade land next to Warlock’s head. Confused the soldier stares into the swordsman’s eyes trying to understand why he has refused to finish him right then and there. Deer takes the sword and with surprising force throws it at Dr.Australium who was invisible in a corner. Impaling him against the brick wall of the theater. He walks over to the autistic man’s corpse and rips off his head. He then walks back to the dying Warlock and rips off his clothes. He takes the now dead Dr. Australium’s head and shoves it up Warlock’s ass, making him scream with pain and surprised pleasure. He pulses the head in and out of the warrior’s ass, slowly making Warlock blush. After 10 minutes of this pattern. Deer takes off his pants and shoves his 24 inch penis inside Warlock’s white hot ass. Deer groans as he fills Warlock’s poophole with his wood. He pumps in and out of his butt making them both cry in unison. Everyone at spawn leaves to the streets only to witness the horrors of the unexpected and disgusting sexual contact between the two alley criminal juggernauts. “OH GOD WHY?” exclaims OtherBot now puking out his entire small intestine. After 30 minutes Deer cries in orgasm. The sheer force of the climax causes everyone on the server’s brains to explode with incomprehension. With Deer’s cock now covered in the mixture of feces, semen, and blood, he kisses warlock one last time before he dies of the blood flooding his lungs. Ending Note: Yeah this is definitely worse than what i wrote last time, I hope i don’t get angry steam messages from these two (I'M SORRY). I'm probably going to be known as the most disgusting person the server from this day forward. But I promised filthy and that's what you all got. See you all next time! Coming Next: Dreadful x Sonic The Hedgehog and a surprise ( not filthy ) fanfic!
  7. The Meme Machine: Fefeta x Filthy Frank! Important Info: Hey everyone! this is the first filthy fanfic in history on this forum topic, and its not going to be awesome but im hoping you will enjoy it! so grab your barf bags because its going to be so god awful you will probably commit suicide. Enjoy! -Sincerely OtherBot It was midnight at the Alley, and the last of the regulars where retreating to their homes, while BobbyJoe was debating about normies with Hulk Hogan, Fefeta was putting away her flamethrower and leaving to her apartment. It was a rough day in the alley, while she managed to decapitate BobbyJoe three times with a dull Eyelander. Fefeta was walking home with a broken leg, bruised jaw, a deep cut near her breast, and a second degree burn on her leg. She couldn't wait to get home and watch some Better Call Saul on Netflix with her boyfriend Joey. She always looked forward to long Netflix binges and missionary position with her most favorite person in the world. Half way home, Fefeta received a text from Joey telling her that he would not be home because he had to close the local alley drug store. Frowning with disappointment, she walks into one of the many apartment complexes in the dark alley finding the one and only Muselk running the front desk. Fefeta walked past the front desk and took the stairs to her apartment. When she opened the door she was greeted by the smell of moldy cheese and toothpaste. She sighs deeply and walks to her bedroom where she flops onto her bed and tries to fall asleep. As she slowly begins to lose connection with the physical world, she hears a crash coming from the bathroom. She says to herself "god damn it, it must be fucking HoneyHam trying to steal our toilet paper" she grabs her trusty axe and cautiously approaches the bathroom. As she opens the bathroom and swings wildly at the air, she comes to realize that nobody is there. The only sign of anyone else's presence is a ukulele and a bag of rice. Too tired to investigate, she goes back to her room knowing that even if she was murdered in the dead of the night she would simply respawn at the BLU locker room. Fefeta, overworked without her Netflix and Chill with Joey, she takes out her phone and brings up a photo of a Spellbound Wraith Wrap and begins to masturbate. In the middle of her session, she begins to hear noises coming from her closet. She ignores it and continues to do her bushiness. But the rattling sound gets louder and louder until she couldn't take it anymore. She angrily picked up her axe and marched over to her dresser, she opens it to find Filthy Frank crouching while spreading peanut butter on his 9 inch hot dog. Fefeta screams and swings at him, Filthy Frank an expert meme machine blocks the attack with a dank shield made from a thousand rare pepes. The force of the axe hitting the shield bounces off and back into Fefeta's shoulders and back muscles in which the force causes her to fall over onto the dirty carpet. Completely vulnerable she awaits her demise. But she opens here eyes and the Japanese man does not strike, instead he offers his hand to help her up. He apologizes for scaring her and excuses his breaking and entering by offering to make her some ramen noodles. Confused Fefeta accepts and watches him walk to the kitchen, take a packet of ramen out of his bucket and pour it into a bowl Fefeta made out of Siren_'s skull. The Japanese man begins to stir the noodles with hot water as Fef puts on appropriate clothing and walks to the living room. Filthy Frank hands her a bowl of ramen and sits down across from her, polishing his glasses. Filthy Frank apologizes for his intrusion and states he was kicked out of his apartment in upstate New York because he was "too filthy". Fefeta does not respond to him and instead eat the rest of the ramen. Filthy Frank tries to repeat himself to her but she does not respond. Silence fills the room once more. The sound of Fefeta's fork hitting the bowl is suddenly drowned by Filthy Frank's sobbing. Fefeta stops eating for a second and looks up. Filthy Frank chokes and says "I have nowhere to go and nowhere to live, im on the streets and I constantly get mugged by a trigger botting french man in a balaclava". He continues to beg her to stay at her house for one night. Fefeta begins to think as the Meme Machine continues to cry. She suddenly slaps him and he immediately shuts his mouth. "fine, you can stay here but you can't leave the living room you got it?". Filthy Frank nods in understanding. Fefeta fetches him a blanket and a pillow for the couch. As Filthy Frank lies on the couch and Fefeta begins to leave the room Filthy Frank yells "wait!". "What!?" Fefeta spits. "Can you read me a bedtime story?" Filthy Frank says. "Ugh, fine" Fefeta says with an angry tone. After Fefeta is done reading the Bible Of Resin, Filthy Frank floods her with questions like "why does everyone seem like such a faggot?". Fefeta answers them all, almost attracted to the man's habit of questioning and arguing everything. Eventually silence fills the room after about two minutes Filthy Frank whipsers "Thank you so much, it feels like nobody accepts me or cares about me because i babe canc3r, every time I ask someone if I can stay at their house for the night they beat me and call be autistic". Fefeta stares into his eyes. Inside them she sees a innocent and torchered soul driven by anger, sadness, turmoil, and love of life. Without thinking she leans in and kisses him, the kiss lasts for what seems like ages. She notes that his lips taste like sriracha shrimp and his face smells like lemons. "Welcome To My Ricefields" is the last thing she hears that night She wakes up the next morning naked on the couch, she looks up looking for the meme machine that supposedly fornicated her the night before, all she finds is a sign on the coffee table its a note which says "I eat the pussy like a watermelon" THE END? This is probably one of the worst things I have written, i have to work on disgusting stories like this. Expect hopefully something better in the future!
  8. "Worst shit on the forums" -New York Times "I have lung cancer now" -Filthy Frank Fanfictions every week ( quantity is random ) for your extremely sick pleasure! Yes this is a thing ( help me )! Every week I will be writing fanfics based on request or my amusement ranging from Furry to Anal! Viewer Discretion Advised for anyone who is easily offended by the pairings! Also please note this is my first time doing anything like this, so it could be pretty bad Fanfic titles will be in bold! (example: ______ x _______ *insert title) Enjoy!
  9. The only comment I have is to wonder if this is gonna be like the time you said you would stop spamming memes and then make a Memelord group right after.
  10. What exactly is the problem again? This post seems pointless considering that people are going to bad mouth each other and there is really nothing we can do about it other than let it be. People will have their opinions and these problems are probably temporary anyway. We should just try and enjoy our time on the server and not get ourselves washed up in these petty little problems about how this person thinks this about that person.
  12. mine is ( drumroll ).............. 3179-6328-1886
  13. its sad to see TBM suffer a slow and painful death ( and RC4 just got here! ). The only thing I could suggest is more events?
  14. Hello Resin_ and other TBM community members I am here today with a suggestion for the unfinished version of RC4. It is my request that we maybe remove the cars and add the bus again? Its only my opinion what should happen in the final version of RC4 but whatever. Just think it might be better. Thanks OtherBot
  15. Im OtherBot, I come onto ther server often but I almost never visit the forums. I commonly can be seen making lenny faces on the chat and thats about it. My favorite classes are scout, soldier, pyro ( in that order ) and my favorite games are TF2, Gmod, Terraria, and a little CSGO every now and then. Thats about it.
  16. Hey guys, I seem to be expeiriencing random crashes when I am on the server but I have not on any other server (so far). I asked around and nobody seems to know how to fix it or if anybody is expieriencing the same problem. Can anybody help?
  17. OtherBot

    Rand Hacked?

    Well then, post your replies
  18. OtherBot

    Rand Hacked?

    Im posting this in my highlander group as well so bear with me: UPDATE: heres a conversation he had with me when he added me back; 6:01 PM - randohmyguy: lol, i didnt get hacked. i need to ask you stuff 6:01 PM - [τα] OtherBot: i doubt it 6:02 PM - [τα] OtherBot: im not even sure anymore 6:02 PM - randohmyguy: hey, about this highlander team. do you have a demo of the last matches so i can watch myself in them? 6:02 PM - [τα] OtherBot: no 6:02 PM - randohmyguy: why not? 6:02 PM - [τα] OtherBot: becuase I wasn't there 6:02 PM - [τα] OtherBot: im a sub 6:02 PM - randohmyguy: k. can you at least tell me what class i was assinged to? 6:03 PM - randohmyguy: actually wait 6:03 PM - randohmyguy: nvm 6:03 PM - randohmyguy: Who is the leader of our team anyways? 6:03 PM - [τα] OtherBot: stop rand, im not answering your questions. 6:03 PM - [τα] OtherBot: im not answering anything until im sure if you got hacked or not 6:05 PM - randohmyguy: ugh, i cant even join the group 6:06 PM - [τα] OtherBot: its an invite only group 6:06 PM - [τα] OtherBot: evan will have to invite you 6:06 PM - [τα] OtherBot: but hes not online 6:06 PM - randohmyguy: evan, evan who? what's his steam name? 6:06 PM - [τα] OtherBot: when you say you didn't get hacked. I assume that you know who evan his 6:06 PM - [τα] OtherBot: but thats clearly not the case 6:07 PM - randohmyguy: well, i might not remember his real name, but ill know his steam name 6:07 PM - [τα] OtherBot: whats his full steam name? 6:07 PM - [τα] OtherBot: you should remember that 6:08 PM - randohmyguy: that's what im asking you? you may personally know him as Evan, but I don't know what his steam name is, why do ou insist on using nick-names 6:08 PM - [τα] OtherBot: that is his steam name, its a short name 6:08 PM - [τα] OtherBot: thats what we call him for short 6:09 PM - randohmyguy: is his account EvanA <- this guy on my friends list? 6:09 PM - [τα] OtherBot: Its Evangelion_ 6:09 PM - randohmyguy: ah, ok 6:10 PM - randohmyguy: well, i cant remember everything. i have evangelion and evan. i cant remember all these names anyways 6:10 PM - [τα] OtherBot: you should be able to, you been on the server longer than me. 6:10 PM - [τα] OtherBot: do you remember Vince_? 6:10 PM - [τα] OtherBot: who is Vince_? 6:11 PM - randohmyguy: oh, he was someone on the trade alley server 6:11 PM - [τα] OtherBot: was he your friend? 6:11 PM - randohmyguy: yeah, we used to go pub stomping 6:11 PM - randohmyguy: jk 6:11 PM - randohmyguy: i dont really remember 6:12 PM - [τα] OtherBot: brb 6:12 PM - [τα] OtherBot: got to write something 6:12 PM - randohmyguy: we were just friends. after all, i have "vinces flare gun" in my bp #2 [τα] OtherBot 7 minutes ago UPDATE PART 2 (cause I have alot of shit here): 6:14 PM - [τα] OtherBot: back 6:14 PM - [τα] OtherBot: anyways 6:14 PM - randohmyguy: see, you can find vinces flare gun in my back pack 6:14 PM - [τα] OtherBot: would you ever trade your carousers hat? 6:14 PM - randohmyguy: depends on the offer 6:14 PM - [τα] OtherBot: thats weird, becuase I recalled hearing that you would never trade it 6:14 PM - [τα] OtherBot: ever 6:15 PM - randohmyguy: but i cant trade for 7 days because stupid steam randomly decides to make my bp untradable 6:15 PM - randohmyguy: well, i used to like it 6:15 PM - [τα] OtherBot: "randomly" 6:15 PM - randohmyguy: i just got bored of it 6:15 PM - randohmyguy: well, maybe steam did it because i made a big purchase recently idk 6:15 PM - [τα] OtherBot: so, why did you mute me and vengeful? 6:16 PM - randohmyguy: because you're annoying 6:16 PM - [τα] OtherBot: annoying? 6:16 PM - [τα] OtherBot: and why did you decide to do it now? 6:16 PM - randohmyguy: because you were pwning me 6:16 PM - [τα] OtherBot: okay 6:16 PM - [τα] OtherBot: as i recalled 6:17 PM - [τα] OtherBot: earlier I dominated you then went back to spawn to keep a large amount of heads 6:17 PM - [τα] OtherBot: how many heads did I have? 6:17 PM - randohmyguy: i dont remember. i dont have your account 6:17 PM - [τα] OtherBot: yes but I specifically said in the chat how many I had 6:17 PM - randohmyguy: i had you muted 6:18 PM - randohmyguy: HAD 6:18 PM - randohmyguy: i unmuted you later when i heard about the highlander team 6:18 PM - [τα] OtherBot: That can't be true, becuase when you heard what I said you did something to make you get rid of them? 6:18 PM - [τα] OtherBot: what was it? 6:18 PM - rand.ohmguy has changed their name to [τα]randohmyguy. 6:19 PM - [τα]randohmyguy: to make you get rid of your heads? 6:19 PM - [τα] OtherBot: yes 6:19 PM - [τα]randohmyguy: ok, look dude im not interested in your petty arguements about chronological events. I just want info about TA and to sell this bp. 6:20 PM - [τα] OtherBot: Im asking to see if your a fake 6:20 PM - [τα] OtherBot: some asshole who got rand's account 6:20 PM - [τα] OtherBot: and so far 6:20 PM - [τα] OtherBot: its looking like your not rand 6:20 PM - [τα] OtherBot: becoming stressed? 6:20 PM - [τα]randohmyguy: ok, well steam has steam gaurd, and you can get the server admin to check my ip. I can't be a fake if my ip is the same, since you cant spoof or fake and ip, right? 6:21 PM - [τα]randohmyguy: *an 6:21 PM - [τα] OtherBot: im seeing if you stole his account 6:21 PM - [τα]randohmyguy: lol, cant believe i misspelled my name 6:22 PM - [τα]randohmyguy has changed their name to [τα]rand.ohmyguy. 6:22 PM - [τα]rand.ohmyguy: there we go 6:22 PM - [τα] OtherBot: brb going to get myself a drink 6:22 PM - [τα]rand.ohmyguy: see, im rand 6:22 PM - [τα] OtherBot: btw, its still wrong 6:22 PM - [τα] OtherBot: 6:22 PM - [τα]rand.ohmyguy: oh yeah xD 6:22 PM - [τα]rand.ohmyguy has changed their name to [τα] rand.ohmyguy. 6:23 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: THERE we go 6:23 PM - [τα] OtherBot: nope 6:23 PM - [τα] OtherBot: still not right 6:23 PM - [τα] OtherBot: anyways 6:23 PM - [τα] OtherBot: need a drink #3 [τα] OtherBot Just now UPDATE PART 3: 6:25 PM - [τα] OtherBot: sorry about that 6:25 PM - [τα] OtherBot: anyways 6:26 PM - [τα] OtherBot: how much you thinking about selling your BP for? 6:26 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: um, not sure. likely doing a per item basis 6:26 PM - [τα] OtherBot: is that so.... 6:26 PM - [τα] OtherBot: so how did this guy "almost" hack you? 6:27 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: uh 6:27 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: he just wanted my information but i just laughed in his face 6:28 PM - [τα] OtherBot: that seems rather clumsy 6:28 PM - [τα] OtherBot: if I was a hacker 6:28 PM - [τα] OtherBot: i would go about it more stealthy 6:28 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: anyhow, i'd sell my higher values items, like these cabers, unusuals, and strange items first 6:28 PM - [τα] OtherBot: don't you recall collecting cabers? 6:29 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: well, i have a collectors caber, so i had 200 at one point not anymore 6:29 PM - [τα] OtherBot: are you going to sell them? 6:30 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: well, if they are profitable, yes. 6:30 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: beside, i got good deals from this guy: cmejtm251 6:30 PM - [τα] OtherBot: is the loose cannon better now? 6:30 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: ^ really cool dude. message him sometimes 6:30 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: well, caber is a silly melee weapons, i used it "just for teh lulz" 6:31 PM - [τα] OtherBot: your really bad at this. 6:31 PM - [τα] OtherBot: if your going to hack rand 6:31 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: *you're 6:31 PM - [τα] OtherBot: at least know something 6:31 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: wtf otherbot, i wasnt hacked 6:31 PM - [τα] OtherBot: im sure you were not 6:31 PM - [τα] OtherBot: this is all a joke 6:31 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: do you think hackers just are able to find all this info about people? 6:31 PM - [τα] OtherBot: im messing with you 6:32 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: haha, ok goof 6:32 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: *good 6:32 PM - [τα] OtherBot: need a sec 6:32 PM - [τα] rand.ohmyguy: well, see if you can get evan to invite me to this group
  19. OtherBot

    Rand Hacked?

    Rand was potentially hacked. Not sure if he was trolling or it was real, but he knew nothing about any of us but seemed to only be able to talk about me and vengeful with reference. He deleted me and muted me and vengeful. He asked questions such as "anybody want to buy this BP when it becomes tradable in a week". But he still acted like the tryhard he is such as taunting after killing me or blocking me in the lounge. Im not sure if he was hacked or not. But maybe somebody here can create a potential scenario on what happened on his end? UPDATE: EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT RAND SAVED FROM ANONYMOUS HACKER: Today on a nice summer afternoon, odd reports indicated Rand.ohmguy was hacked. Nobody was sure if he was truley hacked or being trolled. But later that night local hero Rubberband; a major participant in the community saved rand through a application called teamviewer. After about 10 minites Rand and Rubberband announced that he was saved. For more details talk to Otherbot or a local witness ( rand or rubberband ). This was a TBM news extra. The Following Is text via game chat, players rejoice and rand tells the tale of how rubberband saved him: r] [τα] rand.ohmguy : well, it started when i got back to my hotel [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : he put his story on the forums Duel Status - FrenchToast: 4 - TheObserver: 2. [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : i powred my laptop on, and clicked on steam Type !hop to view/join our other TF2 servers. [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : o [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : dat was robospy [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : stea couldnt log in despites being online [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : *steam [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : the source textures [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : Dova you have a ping of 5 [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : so i checked my profile on google, and IT WAS PRIVATE Type !donator to view our Donator/Help Menu. [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : I SHAT BRICKS [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : i can do that too robo [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : WATCH IT SINK [benefactor] Tyrov : I can see that, rand [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) [benefactor] Tyrov : but you left teamviewer open Duel Status - FrenchToast: 5 - TheObserver: 2. [benefactor] Tyrov : out of all things Type rank or top to see our client rankings. [benefactor] Tyrov : teamviewer [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : SO THEN i realized i had a remote network program installed on my desktop at home [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : y'see dat robo? [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : I see [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : my ping is now 5 just like his [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : mine is a legit 9 tho Type !group to join our Steam Group! [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : time to restore it to normal [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : i couldnt log in because the hotel network doesn't support port forwarding or something [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : which is like 85 [TBM] JRPhredrickson connected from The United States! [Ranked: #8152 out of 16579 players with 0 Points!] [benefactor] Tyrov : rand, you changed your passwork right [benefactor] Tyrov : ? [benefactor] Tyrov : ( ͡°~͜ʖ~͡°) [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : of course he changed his pass Duel Status - FrenchToast: 5 - TheObserver: 3. FrenchToast : Tomislav [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : so i contacted rubberband, because i could trust him with my computer Feeling Generous? Type !donate to help pay our server fees! [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : Curtains contain shit? [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) Duel Status - FrenchToast: 6 - TheObserver: 3. [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : you GAVE ME A CABER [slumlord] [τα]nimorrax_ : LOL [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : VINTAGE CABER [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : KS CABER Current server time/date: 10:07:23PM - 06/06/14 [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : SO i told rubber to install this program [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : to get into my computer [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ;-; [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) [benefactor] Tyrov : and so rubber got hacked too [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : thx m8 [benefactor] Tyrov : the end [benefactor] Tyrov : ( ͡°~͜ʖ~͡°) Type !forum to view our forum! [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : so rubber got the program [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : and my user id [benefactor] [τα]Rubberband : You thought I was fucking hacked Tyrov Duel Status - FrenchToast: 6 - TheObserver: 4. [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : and my password FrenchToast : typing FrenchToast : bitch [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : HE LOGGED IN BECASUE THE HACKER DIDNT CHANGED THE PWD [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) TheBlackMarketGaming.com [TBM] Scumbi Laggz connected from The United States! [Ranked: #1382 out of 16579 players with 80 Points!] Duel Status - FrenchToast: 7 - TheObserver: 4. [benefactor] Tyrov : ( ͡°~͜ʖ~͡°) [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : rubberbane was then able to LOG INTO AND CONTROL MY PC [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : whats the max amount of remote users control your computer at a time? [Modest Donator] [τα] Robo : ( ͡° ͡ ͜ ͡ʖ ͡ °) Type !hop to view/join our other TF2 servers. Tyrov has found: The Boston Basher [benefactor] Tyrov : oh look, a didlo [benefactor] Tyrov : ( ͡°~͜ʖ~͡°) [Modest Donator] [τα] rand.ohmguy : FROM NOW ON, HE SHALL BE CALLED RUBBERBANE Written by OtherBot
  20. We all make mistakes at some point mate. This is your chance to start fresh
  21. I know we haven't known each other for a long time, but farewell my friend. Hopefully our paths will cross again
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