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  1. Age: 17   Country: Qatar   Steam Profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071069393/   On average, how many hours are you on our server(s) a week?: 32 hours   From what times are you usually on? (Please include time zone): 16 hours a day GMT +3   Are you an Admin for any other servers/games? If so, which?:  none   Do you own & use a mic?: YES!   Source-mod Experience?: none   What other multi-player PC games do you play?: Left 4 Dead 2, Day of Defeat Source, Dino D-Day, Dota 2, Counter Strike Source, CS:GO, CS Condition Zero, CS 1.6   What would make you a good Janitor?: I would like to improve the server... and besides... the timings that i'm online i don't see any other janitors online except for Corporal R. Prime_ . so if i become a janitor i can help lose some burden on him... 2 janitors are better than one.    You are now a Janitor and someone is being verbally abusive over voice chat to a community member, how do you handle it?: i will first warn him... if he doesnt listen to me.. i will type in as an admin... still doesnt listen mute him.. anything else... warn again, then kick.   Bonus Question - You have the opportunity to speak to Gaben, what do you say?: i will tell him... YOU ROCK!
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