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  1. I'v played on TBM for over a 1,000 hours made many friends. Would like to be considered for an admin position
  2. Age:15 Country:USA Steam Profile URL:http://steamcommunit...61198088663554/ On average, how many hours are you on our server(s) a week?:i spend most of my free time on TBM some might say im a regular From what times are you usually on? (Please include time zone):usually 5pm to 12 or 1am eastern standard time Are you an Admin for any other servers/games? If so, which?:Not any currently Do you own & use a mic?:Yes, and i use it regularly Sourcemod Experience?: Im quite experienced with the donor commands on TBM other than that my knowledge is limited What other multiplayer PC games do you play?:war thunder,terraria, mostly TF2 What would make you a good Janitor?:Im responsible and dependable and i want to help the server i spend most my time on You are now a Janitor and someone is being verbally abusive over voice chat to a community member, how do you handle it?:Mute them if the continue to abuse them in chat i will gag the offender Bonus Question - You have the opportunity to speak to Gaben, what do you say?:Can i have a free unusual gaben? pretty please?
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