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  1. cya later friends life has consumed me


    ~rip Kerbs ~rip Dr.autism 

  2. What's on your Mind?

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    2. Rubberband


      I have a mine on my mind while I rhyme with a chime when it's time to find a new lenny bind.

    3. Ryuke


      I seem to find that it's hard to bind while standing in or on a mine, where pressure and gravity combined make a man hard to find.

    4. Hatrix


      I got my mind on money and money on my mind.

  3. I think the server needs a dueling plugin that allows you to challenge people to a duel and tracks your wins
  4. http://imgur.com/rJRPyqZ
  5. hatris on his way to work at subway
  6. wut everyone looks like in me mind maties
  7. Never tell your password to anyone. Başkan Reis: hi Başkan Reis: Unusual Carouser's Capotain (Bubbling) Başkan Reis: offer 8key kerbs: yep kerbs: no kerbs: ty Başkan Reis: change mind add me Başkan Reis: now by kerbs: ? Başkan Reis is now Offline. english much?
  8. lookie what we found 8/8/2014
  9. welcome to tryhardmingle.com we have been finding tryhards there perfect match since now feeling lonely just post your profile her and let the proposals rollllllllll iiiiinnnnnn
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