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    The 6.79 patch buffed all my heroes, so don't you speak a cross word about it. Then again, I was successful with those heroes before the patch, so I guess you could maybe argue that the buffs weren't warranted. Either way, since drafting is a big part of games (besides All Pick), there are ways to limit the other team picking exceptional heroes. You make your own bed here, so to speak. Also: I hate you for making me say "OPness" out loud. ManlyBeast laughed at my expense.
  2. THIS close

    TBM Open #1

    Team Hug Break Gaming, standing by. Roster: RAT IS DEAD (Captain) THIS close Haru Don'tEvenBlink Dragoon Scythe Ziggro (alternate)
  3. I misread this thread for a moment, thinking it said "Rocket and Resin_," and almost popped a blood vessel.
  4. Fear not, THIS close has returned to the Black Market, with a new and improved server visitation rate of one hundred (100) points*!   Point conversion rate: 1 point = 40 tokens. 1 token = 12 vouchers. 1 voucher = .05 rubels. Points not redeemable in the Republic of Congo.
  5. oh my godddddddddddddddddddddd :DDDDDD
  6. Tomorrow: THIS close's triumphant return to trade_alley! Wait, THIS who?

  7. Also, I love that Resin_'s solution to the baseball problem is literally installing double-pane glass. Are we even in a video game anymore?
  8. I can see it now; heavy-medic combos holding hands while they cross the street, cheering scouts waiting in line for the latest soccer match, OfficerSweetBoy drowning his sorrows at Club Collapse, all illuminated under a beautifully-rendered night sky.
  9. That feeling you get when you get interrupted (or interrupt yourself) and then can't remember the clever and timely thing you were about to say. Then you spend a full minute fearfully pondering just how fleeting even memory can be, and the implications of an illusory sense of self.   I mean snakes.
  10. So I read this article, which caused me to make an embarrassing high-pitched noise of giddy anticipation when I heard about the tentative August launch date for the DayZ standalone. I hope soon to join you folks in getting spooked by gunshots and spending way too much time looking for vehicle parts in a game finally free from Arma II's constraints. Also, as mentioned in the article, the standalone will be first available for play at Cologne, Germany's Gamescom event, which may interest you European marketeers.   Anyone else as excited as I am? Quantify your excitement on a scale between Only-person-on-the-server and Bleeding-and-can't-find-a-bandage.
  11. Hello, I'm THIS close, and I've been filling one role or another in The Black Market for a while now. You might see me in Trade_Alley as a TF2 admin, or running around on the DayZ server. I don't trade much, but I am friendly and, if I can't answer your questions, I will follow through by asking around.   I like this fancy new forum! I will be spending a lot of time on it.  ^_^
  12. I am pleased by this turn of events.
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